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  1. To no longer waste time on such considerations if you're frustrated elsewhere Even I, who often talk about nutrition, am chill and I don't lose too much energy unnecessarily, I even drink alcohol (sometimes).
  2. Maybe it's because I don't see myself from the outside, but I don't see how I could fit in there ahah. And you ? Yes, i'm agree, ofc.
  3. Not only immigration, unfortunately.
  4. Coherency and survival of the CNS is sometimes played at a quantic level, it would be death.
  5. There is nothing to learn, everyone is directly "cool" in the right physiological conditions.
  6. Women and everyone in general want a low stress men. Otherwise typically someone who is skinny but veiny with a good lean mass/fat ratio, and who is very dynamic and funny.
  7. It's a bit simplistic lol. I like give, not like "ohhh take all my money" like a big cuck, but listen (while it doesn't turn into hysteria), care well of myself to give it, make jokes to make her laugh, make her food, and all games related to jealousy/possession feeling, etcetc. Here I'm a little upset, because of the lack of sleep I look a little more bloated and "martial" (estrogenic?) and I liked that we took advantage of the chiseled face, and my energy, obviously. But it's not just women, it's just my way of interacting (angle of view) with others in general.
  8. @Michael569
  9. I must try space cake !
  10. Paleolithic was not famine, they easily ate over 3000 calories a day, and food of much, much higher quality than today.
  11. I meant you probably dont eat enough and : - You are chronically deficient in nutrients, particularly proteins, and you are “stuck” with systemic muscle inflammation. So when you stop eating a lot you find yourself with this inflammation to manage which requires too much energy, and you find yourself being lethargic. -You have lost your metabolism because of a chronic energy deficit, and you are more prone to torpor.
  12. mirrorception
  13. To give a little guidance, if you tend to feel in conflict with others, it means YOU ARE CONFLICTUAL. When you say "I love people, I want people to be well" you actually have to understand: "I suffer from my emptiness, I can't stand seeing emptiness in others so I tell them their 4 truths to guide them in the process (correcting my own problem in this case through the phalic position, by projecting it on "submissive" people), I obviously come into conflict with these egos and they are angry with me." He's an ordinary type of persona that you're playing, this is your theater role, there are a lot of people who will despise/hate you and others who will love it. That's it.
  14. Yo yo mirror n°98 293 It's your fault, stop trying to controlling others people, explaining life to them. You feel obliged to help people because of some psychological pattern and so your mirrors reflect back to you "what the fuck is this asshole bothering the world, I didn't ask him anything", or something like that. It's what you actually think unconsciously and what you provoke in matter.
  15. CBD oil, benzodiazepines, antihistamine, breathwork, meditation... But otherwise, you have to confront anxiety and pain in general, it's life, there is no systematically a solution to relieve it.
  16. An identification.
  17. Music is an another echo chamber.
  18. Because you dont eat enough in the first place, that's why you dont have gains.
  19. You could try fenclonine.
  20. Don't underestimate the tendency of people, even famous people and intellectuals, to want to flex in stupid things ahah.
  21. Sorry to bring this up, but if you're ruminating so much about having a girlfriend, you shouldn't even waste your energy on this kind of loop. We have to spend sexual energy like money, that is to say on the most important things. Good mental health is much, MUCH more important for preserving and repairing the body than an organic diet or not. Having sexual and romantic relationship, meditation, sport, go to a nightclub with friends, etcetc >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> your organic food (and even orthorexia ? btw ?) to reducing stress and allowing your body to recover. DONT LOSE YOUR SEXUAL POWER IN USELESS LOOPS. STOP BEING A GUY WHO HIDES BEHIND PHOTOSHOP GLASSES AND TALKS ABOUT ANXIOUS RANDOMS STUFF (SUPPLEMENTS, ORGANIC FOOD LOL) DO YOU HEAR MIRROR N°348429? NOW TAKE OFF THOSE GLASSES IN YOUR PROFILE PIC, AND SMOKE SOME BIG CIGARS WITH ME BEFORE YOU PICK UP.
  22. Mike is dumb here, organic is just a common misnomer to say that there are no pesticides/fungicide/insecticide and he “flex” by talking about carbon lol.
  23. That everything you see among the world and automatically others people is your mirror, and vice versa. If you’re really smart and are secure about that, you will never see « dumb » people anywhere. Even if i present you a dude with Down syndrome or something like that, you will find it maybe weird, goofy, simple, boring etc etc but « dumb » will NEVER (or almost) come to your mind. You’re favourite remarks, accusations : PROJECTIONS The qualities you see the most in others people : PROJECTIONS You explain spiritually to others people all the time : PROJECTION, you’re the most insecure guy on spirituality ! You explain nutrition to others people all the time : PROJECTION, you’re the most lost guy on nutrition ! You explain women, men, dating to others people all the time : PROJECTION, you’re the most lost guy on that to ! You explain mental health to people e : PROJECTION, you’re this guy who will ruminate in alcohol while wanting explode the building tonight. IT’S ONLY PROJECTION, EVERYWHERE.
  24. Talking about pee, i forgot constipation and the fact of not knowing if I’m actually burning myself in the shower