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  1. Lol, what's the problem ? Even if she's a transsexual she's just someone looking for love and/or sexual relationships. You yourself said that she was physically and intellectually attractive. If you're not interested in dating her because she's trans, because you have a blockage, you want kids or whatever, then you do what you want. Everyone has their own cross.
  2. @Nemra @Princess Arabia @Inliytened1 @Juan @Jannes @Davino @Bazooka Jesus This forum is quite unproductive, it's a lot of masturbation without much confrontation with reality. Even if you're addicted, you have to get things back on track. 14 Tuesday 2024 : Best Schizophonia topic in coming, biggest orange SD stage topic in history Actualized. 😎 Background music:
  3. How do you go from "nothingness" to reincarnation as a whole new individual? There must still be something above that decides what to create. It's logical, if you become nothing and despite yourself become something totally new, it's because you are not God.
  4. Because I'm intelligent 🤗
  5. I meant tacitly, everything to which humans could not have been regularly exposed during their evolution, and to a lesser extent before the industrial era in general. You can recognize and react to music in one way or another thanks to the evolutionary process, that doesn't mean that you evolved to put on airpods and regularly listen to loud music and that this won't have repercussions (usually negative) about your personal life. You have a palate to appreciate (and be attracted to) whole, natural foods like game, tubers, fruits, etc ; These foods require a lot of effort to find, are not accessible all day/every day, and have less rewarding (and more complex/strong) tastes. Automatically, that doesn't mean it's a good thing if it means you find yourself gorging yourself on a maxi best-of at McDiabete in Yerevan. yes As I always say, to the point where I think I'm going to put it in my signature, "the devil is in the details". There is a difference between: -Do not listen to/produce music (or singing) at all. -Listen to music regularly. -Listen exceptionally (like on weekends). -Listen to/produce music or tribal singing, or at least soft music, like classical music. -Listening to loud music typical of today, which allows the catharsis of a larger field of energies. -Listening to music in a group, at a festival. -Listen to music alone, with headphones. Etcetc The heart of what I'm saying is not not to do things that require modern tools. What I'm really trying to say in the end is to be careful not to consume excessively products that can particularly satisfy you. Opium is natural, simple Stone Age tools are enough to consume it, that doesn't mean it's good. The bicycle is a modern artificial tool, that doesn't mean that even cycling a lot is particularly bad. What is true, however, is that a certain number of modern products are capable of satisfying you in a way that is far too effective compared to what your nervous system has been programmed to do. This lifestyle will promote a whole bunch of problems including lack of motivation, submission and freezing of the CNS in general, because your neurotransmitter levels are simply out of whack. I didn't invented anything of all of this, not even the promoters of dopamine detox, personal development etc ; Just look at the Brahmacharya "school". Already answered, so
  6. Hi my Nemra. Maybe I wrote that once yes, but it wasn't a part of my motivation here.
  7. Too much demagogy here.
  8. Blah Blah Doesn't mean anything signifiant. Yes, the goal here is improving life experience at long term. Yes, you are a spectrum of energetic power relations, with a genetic and epigenetic bias. The whole point of music and the associated daydream is to disguise the field of reality to project and catharsis desires for emotional experience. Given that you are a lazy human, if you indulge in this you will limit your ability to evolve your "real" experience. You don't want to live in your imagination, because even if it's not really perceived it's both exhausting and overrated. Obviously, music enriches the ego. If you are in conflict with someone, you limit your ability to calm down, mature and adopt a less selfish and more nuanced paradigm if your reflex is to listen to angry music or whatever. Muslims are right on that Music is not therapeutic, it is demagoguery. It's like saying that alcohol is therapeutic because it can make a depressive feel euphoric and calm, and because the taste and smell are pleasant. It's a bad habit that was adopted for many reasons at some point. What's healing is letting go of those kinds of habits for something greater and rewarding in the long run, even if it's frustrating. There is no progress without frustration.
  9. I plugged 5 MeO once with this syringe. I understood that homosexuals were courageous people.
  10. Are you comparing bird songs here and there to putting on in-ear headphones to listen to pop music or whatever for several tens of minutes or even hours a day? Lol, it's like saying that it's okay to eat fast food 4 times a day because in nature "we ate some wild boar and tubers". Yes, like any excessively pleasant activity / practiced excessively. Do you know what you are talking about? Have you already tried or studied the question before launching your begging the question? @jacknine119 If you "want a genuine and nuanced answer", don't listen to people who talk without thinking, do not completely directly believe anyone in general. 1) There is a difference between making music and consuming it, there is yet another between making/consuming music and the extent of this phenomenon (type of music, frequency...), you make purposely not to include these level of nuances. Yes, listening to music that is too loud/regularly encourages a lot of daydreaming and lack of action in general. 2)It's like asking chefs what they think about food. Well, there are a lot of obese cooks, aren’t there? 3)That said you do what you want I don't care, it's your life, it's fantastic.
  11. Yes, music is not natural at all and doesn't exist in nature. This makes you more “submissive” and prevents you from having the strength to change your life.
  12. C’est pas grave, je t’aime quand même le Belgix.
  13. The problem in general when you are on the autism spectrum (asperger) is that you function as a person who identifies himself through objects of a severe but integrated deeply form of anxiety (therefore without significant resistance). So, you will be regularly obsessive and annoy people with your obsessive interests, have difficulty entering a state of "low stress" and therefore sharing, euphoria (or at least « neurotypical calm ») etc. I don't recommend drugs, but the best to help you (if you really want to experiment, Hummm...) will be the downers. In particular alcohol (toxic!), some GABAergic products (some benzodiazepines, Z Drugs, GHB/GBL), small doses of opioids (such as Kratom for example), antihypertensives (e.g. clonidine), according to people Cannabis, certain antidepressants (e.g. buspirone), atypical neuroleptics (e.g. Quetiapine/Seroquel), some antihistamines in particular anti-serotoninergic (e.g. cyproheptadine) MDMA will make your selfish autistic thoughts, OCD etc. worse. It will also give you a very sexual, sensual, non-serious vibe. From the outside you may seem really strange. It might be a cool experience lol, but not if the goal is to break away from neurotypicality for a while.
  14. I will become a superhuman and live 2000 years.
  15. It decreases significantly after puberty, but when I was in middle school I could fap 6 times a day and sometimes several times in a row. I remember sometimes having to walk at an angle like Steve in Minecraft (because I was as hard as the industrial steel plan of the GDR, in case that wasn't clear) because a cute girl in my class talked to me, even in high school. Anyway, I think you have your answer lol, and I'm not even very libidinal.
  16. 👌 I understand. He comments on an anecdote from a woman on a podcast where she explains that she wanted to have sex with her colleagues after trying her husband's testosterone cream. Men quickly want to have sex with all the girls they find at least palatable, unless they are homosexual or already in a relationship and don't have much libido. So very quickly the “ideas in the back of the head” abound.
  17. GMOD is the best game ever. At least best sandbox game in front of minecraft.
  18. Who are you talking about ? Me or Starstruck? For what ?
  19. A while ago, I was looking here and there on YouTube Short and I regularly came across imams. It was often basically "According to x hadith, if you turn three times quoting x recitation after the prayer you earn 10 hassanates!" It doesn't sound like something high-minded and intelligent in general, which is reason enough to be wary of typical Sunni Islamic orthodoxy. In other words, the Islam of most practitioners.
  20. In fact, you are a woman in a man's body.
  21. MDMA will make autism worse. I like you but please stop confusing people on this forum with your imaginary country. Funny joke that said. Also, if you are Flemish, ask your cousins to stop joining the "Germans" team to form an army of several tens of thousands of panzers mobilhome every summer with the only aim of invading the south of France. (without spending a single euro with local traders) Thank you in advance my friend
  22. Anyway, the real elite but tailor-made clothes made in an artisan
  23. They are not "intellectual geniuses", just randoms on a forum who smoke 5 MeO DMT, think between the toilets and the showers and throw out petitions of principles out of their ass****. None of these characters was capable of providing intellectual, logical, rigorous work. Even Léo gura, the bulk of his work is reactions to hot on his blog. He has never argued with anyone, is AFRAID of Cartesian people (will see them as arrogant or something like that, why do you have "pretentious Cartesians" as a mirror in your opinion? Not just Leo but all of you, including me. Joe Dispenza is not in conflict with these people because he does real work and does not hesitate to accept materialist and Cartesian explanations for his results HE WORKS A LOT AND IS CERTAIN OF WHAT HE SAYS.) THERE IS NO DISTURBING MIRROR THAT DOES NOT REFER TO OBVIOUS INSECURITIES No. I was just recommended the books of Saint Augustine, or Saint Thomas Aquain, I don't know anymore. It's not my priority to be interested in that. Yes. Exactly. Me too