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  1. @Leo Gura You could sell your video for like 5 bucks, it’s not expansive and in the case 10k persons buy it you would make 50 000$. Not only new videos but also former ones, now you have a solid group of followers it would be very profitable.
  2. You’re a recurrent consumer ?
  3. It’s me, but even worst
  4. Volcano is super expensive.
  5. I didn’t want divert the topic lol. Whatever.
  6. Unfortunately i’ve still not seen her breast. ☹️
  7. Lol, there is no game here. I just try to explain something to someone on an only forum, independently of of what i’ve said is wrong or true. Ditto Don’t know how to taking it.
  8. Why do you see that in my post ? I wrote that because i would have a such idea of topic if i was on weed or something like that lol. I was just joking.
  9. Lol, are you high ?
  10. Not agree at all. The more responsibilities you have, the more you’re stressed and the more you’re closed and authoritarian.
  11. You’re tacitly asking for our authorisation lol. You do what you want of your life, if you want avoid toxicity of cigarettes just donc smoke or keep smoking for special events. There are also better brands of cigarettes, some added products can drastically prevent the lungs of absorbing combustions products, and the accumulation increases toxicity a lot, obviously. Unless you reach a certain level of consumption, the majority of carbon monoxide and fine particles come from food or environmental pollution. Health is an very holistic thing, very very holistic.
  12. I understand how it could become a drug.
  13. @Sugarcoat It is clear enough this time long legs princess? 👉👈 I should do a quote every time I popularize stuff like that, I should be rich
  14. humm😬🤨… Ok, imagine you have a box. A box is an neutral object, (it’s the symbolic). Do you will have fantasies of any kind about this box? No because you don’t have an opinion (an affect) on it. It can’t be an hardcore thing nor a cool thing or whatever, because for now it’s just a box. 📦 🤷‍♂️ Now imagine this box contain chocolates 🍫 You discover that and now you associate this affect (yummy!) to this symbolic, this and others affects create an representation. The box (representation) = 6 faces, can be open (symbolic) + « hummm, yum yum 😋 » (affect). Because of this affect you will naturally tend to think about this but and wanting here and there having fun with all this chocolate 🤫 So, normally you take chocolates here and there from the box and elsewhere, so the affect is relatively benign or even reversed by the "lack of lack" ("yuck, I'm sick of chocolate🤢"), there is always an affect but instead of wanting to eat chocolate, you want to play football with it to make sure it is elsewhere. That why women (or even certain men) want being sexually dominated, they have hypertrophied ego because of their neuroendocrine balance and want reject on the outside the weight of controle. Men are lazy and less anxious anyway so contrôle is less stressful and on the contrary playing ego games (so submit) is less bearable, so it’s more the submition which is projected on the outside. Let’s return to our box 📦 🍫 If eating chocolate is forbidden for some reasons (eating disorder, culture) it will reinforce the negative affect (« chocolate is bad 👺 ») BUT Keeping this affect is stressful, not only because you’re depriving yourself of chocolate (or rather the positive affect btw (« yummy! »)) but because you’re brain is stuck with this positive injonction to deal with. How do you calm this stress ? This obsession toward the « bad chocolate » (👺) ». Ofc by broking the affect which supposedly cause the tyrannical appeals of this representation (the lake of lake of what i talked before). So even if you actually don’t like chocolate, the simple fact of eating chocolate and say « Humm chocolate is good » will trigger and relieve you 🫠. That’s why people with binge eating disorder do that even if they don’t appreciate, that’s why people with paraphilia doesn’t even appreciate so much there fantasies. The goal is to relieve a lake of lake of an affect who is essentially « overclocked » by a twisted management of libidinal tendencies.
  15. You don’t know anything what’s going on in his consciousness.
  16. All of this is symbolic, they are random phenomenon in the 3D field. What really counts is the representation, in other words the attribution of an affect to the symbolic. (Judgment by the brain, and by extension identification). So if something is « hardcore », it’s because you attribute to that phenomenon an affect, and death drive push to live this affect to become whole again. How ? By calling the attributed symbolic! Yes, exactly 👉
  17. But what does « Hardcore » mean ? 🤔 Preoccupation, issu, challenge…
  18. I actually have a memory of fantasize about rolling myself in paint from my early childrenhood lol. Probably during learning of concepts of cleanliness, obedience etc (anal sadic stage)
  19. Yes, this. Yes you’re right, but escalating towards what ? It must have an hole to have an escalade. You probably don’t sexually fantasies about you roll in the paint even after having watch tons of porn, because there is no subject here.
  20. I meant that the main difference between men and women is physical anxiety, any kind of curiosity is basically driven by of anxiety and spirituality is the epitome of this phenomenon. Men are more « whole », have a higher ability and tendancy to avoid ego hypertrophy and therefore will be less interested into these subjects.