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  1. @AerisVahnEphelia You need to be more precise when making statements like "psychedelic use is bad long term" because this is absolutely not true imo. Which psychedelics?? I want names, be more specific. I think the problem is you put every psychedelics in the same bag and even call it "drugs" while this is not the case.. A drug is a substance you want to take again and again after you've done it and when you stop doing it, you get into some sort of withdrawal symptoms, here's a few drugs : Ketamine, weed, alcohol, opiate, tobacco, cocaine etc.. Now psychedelics is something entirely different because they are often anti-addictive substance, they are in the opposite end of the spectrum. You are just biaised into thinking "People have withdrawal symptoms when they stop smoking weed or stop drinking alcohol so that should be the same for psychedelics" or "Everything is always a trade off in life, something in exchange for something else" and your brain just cannot accept that you can have truly benificial medicine without giving something in exchange beside you getting to search and let this medicine enter your life.. People have been using these substances without problems for literally thousands of years in shamanic tribes and still do to this day, Maria Sabina used to take mushrooms 3 times a week for 35 years of her life without any injury, people in the amazon take part in Ayahuasca ceremony once a week or every two weeks for the major part of their life, same goes for San Pedro in the Andes and when you look at the elders of these people, they look absolutely healthy! Way more than our elders in the western civilisation so the problem is not wether it's dangerous or not to take it multiple times a years but rather how you use it and with what Intention behind it. Listening to oneself is key with psychedelics but I reckon this is not a path for everyone
  2. "Someone is having a panic attack! Quick, give him your 5meoDMT pen!"
  3. Well, I'll try to explain my perspective a bit more, I've been in touch with someone who liked to mix everything together, he would start with a little bit of mdma, then pop 1 tab of acid later, drink some alcohol, light up a joint, then later on a little bump of K etc.. you get the idea.. This doesn't lead to an awakening of some sort, trust me. If you approach psychedelic this way, you're just doing drugs. Doing drugs and having fun is cool sometimes, I get it but this is different than doing a proper spiritual work and get something usefull out of these experiences. 2 different Intent here.. But yeah, if you want to try mixing up stuff you sure can, what's valid for me might not be the same for you, just try and see for yourself, I just expose my experience here, I tried mixing up stuff and didn't get much out of it except a good headeache the next day, what works for me though is taking one psych at a time and letting some time in between session to let the experience mature, to get the message as they say.
  4. I personnally don't think it's great to mix that much substance, you miss what they have to offer individually and end up just being high af. This behavior comes from the culture of doing more for the sake of doing more (often seen in the rave party community), If what you're looking for is showing your Ego as being the one that can take that many drugs to brag about it afterward then sure go for it, you can even add some meth in top of it because why not, you can handle that, uh? But if you are a person doing spiritual work for the sake of exploring consciousness with due respect to your body and mind, you don't need to take all of that, it's just not necessary. If you want to take 5meoDMT, sure go ahead, you can take a lot if you want but please take only that, Next time if you want to try salvia, sure go ahead, go to the deep end of it even and explore this portion of your consciousness but no need to mix it with anything else or else you'll end up having mixed signals, just more confusion added to the experience imo. There's nuance to what I just said, mixing 2 different substances can be beneficial if you know what you are doing, but each substance you add is another layer of complexity added to your experience and potentially more confusion so you gotta weight the pros and cons and listen to your intuition.
  5. I guess the lesson is clear here, it's usually a bad idea to redose acid.. Next time just take one tab, if you feel like it's weak you just wait for the next time (at least 2 week is advised between trips) and you take 1 and a half or even 2 if you feel like you'll be good but redosing the same day is often a bad idea first because of tolerance and second it extend the trip too much, are you ready to extend your trip by another 12 hours and not being able to sleep that night? These are the questions you want to ask before dropping acid
  6. Damn guys malt is INCREDIBLE. So much healing in one session this is nuts. I tried only 5mg snorted to dip my toes and Oh boy was it great! I thought about me as a child and I started crying and crying.. I felt being taken care of, like an invisible Loving mother entity or something like that. It could take any form and it even became sexual at one point damn, I was all giggling like a worm in my bed, it was a really enjoyable experience
  7. Ahah okay got you, churned up ground doesn't lie indeed I said that because there are certain hallucinogen or deliriant like Datura that can induce very real hallucination where you can't distinguish from real life but anyway, I find that when I take magic mushroom out in nature it tends to produce encounter with wild animals more often, I could theorize it creates some kind of field around us that attracts animals or something like that, difficult to put it into words but that's something I definitely noticed a lot during my outdoor trips..
  8. Okay I'll ask the question everybody wants to know, Are you sure it was real? I explain, one day I took a little dose of magic mushroom outside in a tiny forest around the city, the mushroom told me to climb a little montain so I go there and slowly climb it to the top. When I got there as I watched the beautifull landscape, I saw a godamn deer in front of me. I tried to grab my phone to record it but he ran away and impossible for me to find it back.. The funny fact about this story is that I was maybe 2km away from a big city, it was a little montain and all around it was the city so to this very day I still wonder if what I saw was real or an ultra realistic hallucination. I believe magic mushrooms can do this so maybe it's a possibility you hallucinated these bison who knows..
  9. Iboga in microdose works absolute wonder, -No comedown -Enhanced vibe -Give you energy -Not out of your mind and spaced out but present here now with a strong presence -Last a good amount of time But negative side: -Open you up to the spirit world and energies around you (good and bad) -Don't drink alcohol with that -Don't ever take too much (!) As always DYOR if you're planning to use it because Iboga is no joke -
  10. @OBEler Well, I'd rather go for a high dose of 5meo than a high dose of LSD but that's just me I guess The space is opened for much longer with LSD, a peak from a high dose would last for hours whereas for 5meo no matter how much you take you'll be right back in 45min - 1 hour no matter what.. I've heard high dose LSD trip during more than 16hours sometimes, that's why when I want to go real deep I prefer the short acting substances like nnDMT or 5meo-DMT but again that's just me
  11. @OBEler Saying 5meoDMT is more powerfull than LSD is absolutely wrong. You need around 10mg of 5meo for a breakthrough, if you where to take 10mg of LSD (which is 10 000ug) you would be terribly gone. Way way more than 10mg 5meo imo.. In fact I would say 1000ug is more than enough for a breakthrough with LSD depending on your tolerance but yeah, comparing substance is not usefull anyway, it's just an ego trip..
  12. @Salvijus My guess is that if you are an Hinduist then God will take a form you like and appear as an Indian God, if you are a Catholic you might see Christ etc... That's why this Sadhu has seen it as Shiva, It's all about your belief system, God is formless and will take any form you prefer (if you ever get to see it and not only experience yourself as "it")
  13. I do a whole ceremony, I first prepare the space with incense and purify myself with it while thinking about my intentions (even if it's just to have a good time) then eat the mushrooms. I then proceed to turn off the light and sit down in complete silent darkness with an unlit candle ready to be lit later. I greet the mushrooms then let them show me what I need to see / understand. When I feel it's time a few hours later, I go lit the candle. It changes the whole atmosphere, a truly magical moment. Then later in trip, around 3-4h in I used to light a joint of hash to bring more insights from the trip and make sense of the visions I had or eventually discuss it with a friend around if I am not alone but now that I don't smoke anymore I think I would skip this part.
  14. I use the GVG too and it works fine, however if it's burning your throat that means you're heating it too much, you need a proper technique to make it work: -Take the ceramic pad out of the pipe then turn it face up, you want the black ceramic facing up -Heat it for 2-3 sec so that it becomes hot but not too much then put your weighed dose up here, it will stick to the hot ceramic pad -Put it back up on the pipe as it's supposed to be then you are ready to go -Use a torch lighter and start with the flame touching the ceramic pad for a second then gradually moves it away, -Don't let the flame touch the ceramic pad too much or else it will burn, majority of the time should be spent at a great distance from the pad so that it's with the right temperature, try it a couple of time and you'll get it, It's easier with a low flame though. -
  15. The malevolent presence has nothing to do with Iboga, it was already there before. In fact, a friend of me that is really sensitive to energies around her felt something wrong in my room months ago. I discarded what she said but with Iboga I understood, now I need to make sense of it, that's not the first time I encounter spirit like this and these bad energies often makes bad stuff happen in your life, really not pleasant but damn, now I can't wait to try out what a real dose of Iboga is like see the real thing but gotta wait for a while now