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  1. @Leo Gura Yes....I recently took a 3-month hiatus from psychs after experimenting with them intentionally (or at all) on a limited basis and only in the past year; my first and limited experiences were earlier in life, amounting to two separate occasions. Recently, I took about 0.5-0.7 grams of some mushrooms I'd put very careful care into growing. This was my first experience of exclusively taking my own grow, in this case being Jedi Mind Fuck (JMF.) Roughly 0.5g of JMF paired with 10mg of indica edibles was my lot...with the expectation of falling asleep into any potential influence or slight "lift off." RESULT: Anything but subtle, and absolutely beautiful. It was late night, a blacked out room, total silence; I would have never imagined my experience resulting from what I've described. 95%-99% depends entirely on where you and your mind are at.
  2. @Leo Gura what of organic mushrooms vs. something like 4-aco?
  3. @SQAAD @Leo Gura some willingly choose to be ignorant... some don't know better... the process is called evolution... transcending evolution into higher consciousness is called enlightenment. We might all experience different degrees of enlightenment or incorporation of enlightenment into our lives... but this for sure arrives at a deep concern for the world at some point, particularly humans; perhaps because we are humans, or because we see the elevated level of consequence we impose upon the world and each other. Whatever it is, it arrives at a decision at some point, and it's quite simple. Not easy, but simple, and may arrive in a variety of degrees or forms: Be better, or not. Harbor hate and negativity, or not. Do what you can to improve the status quo and inspire others, or not. Etc.
  4. @Colin Williams nobody's perfect. Grow from what is offered how you can.
  5. My problem is precisely this.... I've been addicted to guitar, music, art, and helping others. All things I try to help suffer when I suffer. I hope you understand that I don't emphasize race in my thinking at all... but recognizing that race is real in this world, I felt reassured about being here after seeing how the company of those here dealt with a particularly racist thread. Nonetheless, I appreciate your words of encouragement, and I take them to heart. Thank you for being thoughtful.
  6. If there was a like button, I would have hit it. I kind of like the fact that there isn't a like button. That is all.
  7. Thank you so much
  8. Thank you
  9. I'm a male in his mid 30s.... only saying this to reassure to the extent possible that noone is responsible for any choices I make, nor what I take. I've done plenty of research, which is why I own what I do and nothing else. It's noones responsibility to tell me to take what or not take what. Let me be clear....I will try each in the end. Just curious about what others might call a decent starting point based on their own experience, and based on what I've shared.
  10. Hey All, So I've had a bunch of anxiety about coming back to this forum and reading responses to some recent posts. Not necessarily because I didn't mean them...I certainly meant them at the time and was cognizant if what I was saying. No excuses. I simply hate myself anytime in using a crutch, because I know it's not my purer self. I've been caring for my mother through some very difficult health battles, including some that left her in a psychotic state mostly due to lack of sleep and falling asleep in very dangerous positions/situations leading to head-trauma. This had lead to a couple of ER stays of the 7-to-10 day variety in the past few months alone. She's the most loving thing I've ever known, and it breaks my heart. Having confronted my relationship with alcohol in the past and having remained sober through many of her trials, I eventually caved-in one particularly bad night during one of her more challenging experiences. My alcohol use has managed to reestablish itself since then. This is very disappointing to me, and I'm worried that some past health issues that were indeed terrible experiences resulting from my alcohol use might come back and be worse if I continue down this path. Simply knowing this fact and having those bad experiences (however effective they might have once been as teachers) do not seem to serve the same purpose now as a distant memory. I found Actualized and psychedelics in my search to improve myself, and offer a clearer prism and version of myself that I know well and know is there from past experience. I'd also like to push beyond any past experiences and enter a new way of relating to my own consciousness, and to everything else (I see the irony there.) I have limited experience with mushrooms (3x-times), dpt (1x-time), and lsd (7x-times.) I'm currently in possession of mushrooms, 4-aco-dmt, 1p-lsd, eth-lad, dpt, 5-meo-malt, and should have some al-lad here tomorrow(ish.) My most intense experience so far include 4g of relatively potent mushrooms, and also one occasion where I combined 2g-mushrooms with 100ug-1p_lsd. My question is as the title suggest and that I'll ask as follows for anyone willing to offer insight: What is in anyone's opinion - understanding that everyone is different - as to how I might put my best foot forward into any kind of experience, given what I have at my disposal, and to addressing these concerns? I'll end by saying that I do appreciate the regular members here as I've come to read many of your comments regarding a variety of subjects. I was never more proud to have found myself here after seeing how you all handled a particularly racist thread recently. You all managed it beautifully and by offering great insight. I feel certain that your efforts will go on to offer positive consequences like a stone tossed in water creating concentric circles. I appreciate you all. @Leo Gura
  11. My ego doesn't want me to stop drinking. My ego has something to prove by being stubborn. Learning how to not listen to my ego will take work. I can't do my own work on someone else's watch.
  12. @DrugsBunny fair enough
  13. I'm beginning to believe that the only tax we pay is that which we seek in others. Nobody can truly help you in the end. You're on your own. Do what you already know you will do.... but simply do it to the best of your ability, and in the most responsible way you know how. There are no answers other than the ones you give yourself.
  14. Thanks. I don't understand either. Apparently I've been judged in my first attempts to participate. I'm sorry, if there's any other way to see it.
  15. To all I'm sorry if I asked a question that was answered multiple times. I'm sure it's true, and I'm sure I can find it. In the act of being shut down, tho... could someone simultaneously point me to the thread or video where my concerns might be addressed? To say it's been talked about, and then shut down the thread in such a way that I can't ask questions...I can't say I found it particularly helpful, especially in a time of need and sorrow. I came here in an attempt to better myself. I know I'm not perfect, but I sure as hell don't need further rejection. I have seen racist threads entertained to no end.... yet I'm rejected for asking whet I believe to be an innocent question, but without guidance to clarify that which I seek. @Leo Gura... this is a sovereign intelligence reaching out for help, reaching out for communion. Call me whatever god you want. Can anyone explain to me what was so painful of a greater variety than some of those thoughts that have been allowed to proliferate in these forums? I'm not looking for validation of my own laziness. I'm simply trying to understand why exactly I was shut down, while others were allowed to eat the pie off of your window sill with your approval, however ungrateful.