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  1. If you want energy Just focus on keeping your body and mind healthy. Work on your sleep quality, lower stress, exercise, eat well, socialize. You don't need to look for some secret meditation technique to cultivate energy.
  2. Do you believe that other people do not exist? That is not true either.
  3. Everyone is only ever conscious of the present moment but they typically do believe that the past is real. Believing the past is real helps you understand what is happening now. What could happen that would allow someone to know with their direct experience that the past is real or not real? It seems there is no way to know it because they only are conscious of now. What would change in your life if the past was real vs the past never existing? If it is the same either way then maybe there is not much to be gained by believing one over the other. Develop your understanding without letting concepts like "the past is real" or "the past never existed" get in your way. If you do not know then realize you do not know and experience reality in different ways until you understand it coming from many perspectives.
  4. I agree the external world is indirectly related to happiness but so is consciousness. Happiness has to do with how you interpret what is happening in your experience and how it relates to you. If you interpret it overall as good, you become happy.
  5. Frog leg and chilis with chili hot sauce mixed with the tomato sauce with garlic dipping sauce. I want some.
  6. When you simplify your ideas they can become black and white thinking. Reality is in shakes of grey so there will be many contradictions the more you explain your simplified worldview. A worldview should be like a map that you use to navigate life. If you want to improve the map, you really should consider looking at what you are mapping more than what is on the map. Increase your consciousness of what life is directly. Not your model of it. Consider different worldviews, try living life through different lenses and see what leads to a good life. See what maps work in certain situations and will not work in others. Contemplate and test your theories in reality.
  7. That is actually a great desire you have to be loving because it is the right thing to do and not for egoic reasons. Consider contemplating what “the right thing to do” is directly in your experience.
  8. Although I should add that making a good moral choice depends on your environment. The right choice is often to be a bit more more selfish than you normally would if you are around selfish people and a harsh environment. If you are in a good environment with people that already act morally it makes being moral 100x easier.
  9. I think following moral rules is good when you are at a low level of consciousness to improve your life but I am not sure that it help you increase your consciousness that effectively for most people. If you meditate, contemplate, and get life experience surround yourself with higher consciousness people, it becomes the obvious choice to act in ways that other people will view as moral. it isn't that you should follow moral rules strictly to avoid going to hell after death, it is just that you act in a moral way based on what you see will give you a life with as much bliss and satisfaction as possible.
  10. If you go meta and take an observers point of view, does a human life seem better when it is selfish or generous? A selfish life creates a life of hell.
  11. I recommend you do everything you can to find a job where you work with people that make you feel appreciated. Even if you work more hours than you do now, if you are appreciated and you are doing something you think matters, it will not drain your energy in the same way it does now. I never considered myself to have any mental health problems but there was a time where I was working as a laborer and I would get this emotion in my heart where I really felt like it was torture going to work every day without being fairly compensated or appreciated for the effort I put in. I tried starting my own business that did ok at first but I got lazy and felt the same about doing the parts of the business I found boring. After that I found a job where I am paid more now and they do make a point to take care of their employees here. That emotion has not come back in the 3 years I have been working here. Keep searching, you can find a way to make your life worth living.
  12. Wow that interview really makes me want to realize I don't know anything without being directly conscious of it and contemplate for a few hours after work. Thanks for this.
  13. I have had some insights into time. I have tried to explain it to friends of mine and they say they understand but I am a bit skeptical because they couldn't really repeat back to me what I meant. I see time as more of a description of reality than something that actually exists. Change and movement happens and you use the story of time to conceive how quickly things are moving and changing. Yesterday is a story that helps you explain what is happening now but there is no time to observe. Nothing happened in the past. The experience now is constantly changing but it doesn't mean there is a separate thing called the past that exists as well where things happened. It all happened in the present. There is just the experience of now that changes but it doesn't change through time. Things like time can be imagined to help you make sense of what is going on now.
  14. 1. Mantra meditation 2. Dropping concepts that are overlaying reality as you stare at your hand 3. Contemplate the nature of happiness and satisfaction 4. Mindful driving, be aware of what flickers of possible future scenarios' show up in your mind's eye as you are driving. 5. Pay attention to people's body language and facial expressions and how they are feeling as you talk with them.
  15. Ohh she says your mother hatched from an egg. I didn't hear it the first bunch of times I listened to it. I had to come back to it after an hour and listen again. I don't really like the slow hypnotic way she speaks. It is kind of sexy but annoying to wait 2 minutes to hear 3 sentences. As for Leo being a trap, at least for me it is a bit laughable. I consumed a ton of free valuable content. I received a much higher value than he has received from me.