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  1. From what I can tell, the 'good' it does is short-term but the bad that it does is long-term. The thing is that 'money' is an illusion. But, goods and services are real. So, if you have too much money but not enough goods and services, the prices never stop going up. Issues with 'supply' and 'demand' sound equivalent, because we use them in one sentence, but they're not. If there's excess supply, things don't have to go to waste cuz the prices can go down. But, if there's excess demand and a scarcity of goods, the prices must go up.
  2. What, are you pro-inflation? Do you agree with his economics?
  3. @Leo Gura What's your forum-policy, by the way? What do you do with people spreading conspiracy-theories? Out of curiosity.
  4. @ZenAlex See, this is how you get away with spreading conspiracy-theories. It's always 'guilty until proven innocent'. And no amount of proof is 'enough' for you. It's enough for me to see the lengths that the docu-people will go to, to edit the scenes in order to make her look bad. And to take everything that they're saying and throw it into the trash-can, cuz they're bonafide bullshitters. Even they're spreading conspiracy-theories about her.
  5. Teal nails it yet again. @ZenAlex You're spreading conspiracy-theories about Teal. That's probably against forum-guidelines. She's proved her case.
  6. They're lying parasitic sacks of shit. I have no heart for them. If you have the audacity to be pro-inflation, in a world of 1% of millionaires and billionaires, I do not mourn your death. You will not be missed. Good riddance, in fact. Cockroaches.
  7. I can't believe we're mourning the loss of a politician. Shouldn't we be happy that another one bites the dust?! Most politicians are scumbags. The game of politics is to divide and rule people by emotionally manipulating them.
  8. I'd still argue that facebook has done more good than harm. Twitter - that's debatable. I like to call it the trash-bin of the internet. Facebook has been a huge tool for me to make friends and meet and connect with them offline in the future. You can reach people anywhere in the world using it.
  9. Was he trying to save Japan from the 'horrible fate of deflation'?! By printing tons and tons of money and by being pro-inflation?! If that was the case, then it makes sense why someone would shoot him. Just saying. A similar thing happened in Sri Lanka and their politicians met with a similar fate.
  10. Could you please elaborate? I can kinda understand, I have similar opinions of twitter. I just want to know your reason for totally stopping to use facebook. As far as I can tell, it's the least toxic, most milk-toast social-media.
  11. All of you who have problems with capitalism - what you need is a Life-Purpose. You see survival for its own sake as meaningless, which is what you're projecting onto all of capitalism. That's not necessarily the case!! Capitalism is not just this rat-race for money. It can also be a venue for great contribution to society. For example, Mark Zuckerberg. He created facebook, one of the most prolific social-media sites in the world. Yes, he is a reptilian lizard-guy who wants to make as much money as possible. But, facebook is a huge contribution to humanity! I mean, can you imagine your life without facebook?! If you're getting addicted to it, you're using it wrongly. Facebook can be used to really bring people together and connect with them.
  12. @JoeVolcano It's supposed to depict her helping separated souls integrating and connecting and becoming One. I have tremendous respect for her work. And I would strongly suggest that all of you here learn what she has to teach instead of focusing too much on the struggles of her personal life. And, as far as the issue of 'cult' goes - you should worry about that only if what she explicitly teaches doesn't resemble reality and it's actual deception and delusion. Check for that for yourself instead of believing paid shills.
  13. She really does deserve her own SD stage. She is a different level of conscious. I mean, to really come up with solutions to the problem of loneliness and to create a community is an incredible achievement in and of itself. Something that a lot of us aspire to, quite frankly. Yes, there will be some moron docu-people trying to slander her, but that is the media. That is the job of the media, to elevate the most brutal, barbaric, unconscious people and to slander the most conscious people. And the stuff they chose to attack her on, is just laughable. I have a question for all the docu-people (who are essentially haters) - if you have such an issue with the way she's doing this, why don't you come up with a better solution?! Yall just come across as a bunch of whiny losers who have nothing better to do with your lives than to attack a decent person who never hurt you. In fact, you come across as standing for separation, not Oneness.
  14. I have a theory for this one. Masculine individuals can do this but feminine individuals can't. They need someone to ground them. Long-term. In practice, all humans have masculine and feminine in them. So, if a woman (who is a biological manifestation of femininity) decides to invoke her masculinity and ground herself, she can. However, it'll be very hard for her to keep doing that long-term. And it doesn't come naturally to a woman who is inclined towards femininity. And, a lot of feminine power comes from connecting with others and healing oneself and others. Whereas masculine power comes from grounding and leading oneself and others. Both have their significance but they need the right context to shine. A fish can't fly and a bird can't swim underwater. I think you're being biased here because you're a masculine man and you're unconsciously projecting that onto everyone, including women.