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  1. I am starting to aprecciate the difficulty of Leo´s work. First people here are going trough various malignant emotinal problems, they see Leo´s videos and interact in the forum, then trough misunderstanding people start to take things personally, like seeing Leo´s videos and then applying things incorrectly with bad results or like misunderstanding things said in the forum that hurt their egos. This people then become totally obnoxious, instead to see a friend that is helping them they see an opponent that is hurting intentionaly. So here is when it is shown the inner love that a person have, like Leo sharing free videos, perhaphs if the content was paid then people would start aprecciating the work Leo is doing. That´s it, I don´t want to enlarge my speech. My recommendation guys, please don´t take things personally, cease to be children and be serious
  2. @Preety_India I'm not bothered I'm just trying to show you the bigger picture, I'm your friend , they are important to you but they have no any importance, for example, if you have pain you don't want to have it but your pain has no importance
  3. First, I say to be more openminded for your personal benefit, I have no problem with your worldview, here we are talking about a relative truth, you are just one woman of billions of women, your preferences aren't important girl
  4. Just be more openminded, your preferences have no importance, calling it rapey you are giving a negative significance, when it isn't positive nor negative
  5. This post has no any sense @Michael Jackson
  6. Looking down on you? In condescending way? Okey sorry, nothing personal
  7. @Preety_IndiaIt wasn't a insult in any way, perhaps calling people nerdy yes it is an insult
  8. @Preety_IndiaYou are missing the bigger picture, then sex also It's rapey
  9. @Preety_IndiaYou are projecting your nerdiness, here we are doing serious work and contemplation
  10. It can't be unless you create your own electricity by solar panels, etc, someone has to pay the energy
  11. Yes, the G point is in the anus, but you need the openmindedness to explore new experience, most people won't go trough that exploration in their lifes
  12. @Preety_IndiaCafeinne is a very powerful natural substance excelent for some prupouses in adecuate dosis
  13. @itachiNo, Elon Musk is a very serious man