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  1. @PedroCedro your ideology is toxic
  2. People with serious inheritable disabilities should not be allowed to reproduce. agree or disagree? and why? interested in hearing what you guys think...
  3. I'm not necessarily for it but Surew raise a good point, why bring a baby into the world when it will most likely suffer and die before they reach the age of 13. your questions say nothing, obviously there's a choice but its a matter of subjective morality "do you want your child to suffer their whole life and die early? not only would this take from your own life but how would anyone benefit from such a situation?
  4. @Sempiternity relax i got the question while taking a poll on i personally disagree with the take, simply wanted to know what people on this forum would go for. I see any life regardless of the pain as a step forward for God, the more experience the better.
  5. notice how your project your mind valuing system. Goats don't care how plump another pussy is, their goal is to reproduce. + "we can say most men find Megan fox attractive attractive" this is probably true, But this does not mean All men or even all women do, hence her beauty is not universal therefore her attractiveness is subjective. Value is personal and depends on your current position. your perspective is extremely limited, try stepping out of your strict human view. All love. @Leo Gura correct me if I'm wrong please
  7. is a great spot for summarised books ^ most deep learning comes from emotional insertion via Storytelling, when you invest your attention into a book there's more to extract. You may be different but summaries don't tell the whole story. best of luck!
  8. filter out and extract all the golden nuggets from your last journal and keep only the valuable information compacted by category. Leo has done a few videos on journals and commonplace books. OneNote does the job for me, be sure to abuse the meta meta categories they offer to group and sort information. also use Tags (great for searching)
  9. @Leo Gura you may have mentioned this but referring to the awakening you talked about on your latest vid, where you on psychedelics?
  10. this ^^ the burden of proof rests with you to prove that beauty is absolute, not everyone finds Megan fox as beautiful. Not everyone finds gold as beautiful.
  11. watch Leos videos on emotion, maybe its an unconscious trauma that you've faced leading you to bottle up emotions rather then letting them out. Emotions stem from Reacting to stimulus, if you lack opinion go out and experience new things, maybe that can give you larger perspective also watch out for what your eating, certain foods numb you emotionally.
  12. luckily enough there are almost 8 billion people on this planet and a good percentage has and had the same problem as you my friend, go and watch people who've already gone through this process and know all the dead ends, traps, and answers. YouTube " Mike Thurston's or fousey tubes hair journey" there are many others but these two are two solid sources who had been through it all. Good luck
  13. Sounds interesting, ive found relaxing every muscle in my body one by one to help.
  14. @Leo Gura Would this pertain to only US members? How would you separate the members who live where it is illegal?
  15. watch Leos video on "Going Meta", the only reason you forget Love is because we get lost in content. Also leave notes for yourself reminding you of love.
  16. interested to hear what people have found valuable to work towards in life. list anything you've found fruitful. - Thankyou in advance
  17. from my experience its been well worth the research. simply starting will teach you to spend wisely. not sure of your financial situation but having options to invest when you have extra money is always a better option then wasting it on the small unnecessary purchases...
  18. @thisintegrated any areas worth mentioning? any underrated topics worth studying?
  19. Thankyou Kory
  20. @thisintegrated i get that but im interested to here what has worked for other people, what was worth pursuing in your life?
  21. the point isnt to find meaning but to create it for yourself.