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  1. @Razard86 And about physical suffering, the other day I injured my fingernail and it hurts a lot. But it's interesting that when you harm yourself or get harmed, there are many thoughts going on in your mind, thoughts like: what if I lose the nail? What if it permanently fucks the growth process of it? And some flash images of gore / blood / destruction / loss. Those thoughts make the pain 1000x worse than it actually is.
  2. 'I kept this secret for myself and finally, I found the courage to enlighten you guys' How can you take this seriously?
  3. He's right in this particular post. Israelis here need some shock treatment against hypocrisy / double standards.
  4. @Razard86 I agree with that. But also, genuine awakening which completely blows your mind away can happen.
  5. Explain why these guys say things like "I don't care about money", "I don't have hidden agendas" and charge $100 for 30 minutes of their fucking time? They all seem like hypocrites taking advantage of people and getting lost in the guru pedestal. Another example is Fred Davis, charging $250 for 1 hour talk.
  6. He said 'equally important'. Which it is, and as import as an ant's life too, but to human selfishness the ant doesn't matter.
  7. @Razard86 And the actuality of this potentiality is God's highest will, so ego can only fear or wish for a certain future out of this infinite potentiality right? From God's point of view, there's a curiosity to experience more and more out of this pool of infinity as finite.
  8. @Jowblob Did you quoted me by accident? I'll watch those videos anyway haha
  9. Do you guys know that saint and mystic David Blaine? He's great at materializing things too.
  10. It reminded me of this
  11. Still I'm deeply hurt to see many parts of God, and I wish one day I can accept it all with appreciation and nobility. Like a child who wants something and cries for it, the father would not give whatever the child wants. Still breaks your heart to see someone not getting what they want.
  12. Thank God I'm finally starting to see that...
  13. Exactly man! I discovered that when I pretended to be dead and suddenly was not breathing anymore.
  14. Yes! All talk and nothing real. Thousands of hours listening to these motherfuckers and nothing has really changed. I still don`t understand what the hell is going on here.
  15. I don't know much about their past but Julien seems to have changed and I find good things in his new teachings.
  16. Lula president of Brazil on the genocide of the Palestinian people. "The humanitarian tragedy in Gaza requires all of us to be able to say enough is enough to the collective punishment that the Israeli government is imposing on the Palestinian people. People are dying in the queue for food and the indifference of the international community is shocking. I would like to take advantage of the presence of our dear fellow UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to propose a Celac motion for an immediate end to this genocide. The Secretary General can invoke Article 99 of the UN Charter to bring to the attention of the Council an issue that threatens international peace and security. I would also like to ask the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to put aside their differences and put an end to this slaughter. The carnage must stop in the name of the survival of humanity, which needs a lot of humanism." It's beautiful to see someone with integrity speaking up about this shit. Lula has earned even more of my respect.
  17. I saw that the physical world outside my awareness are thoughts, I saw that the 'hard stuff' right now is inside/is my Head/Mind but I don't understand how the hard stuff are thoughts also. Leo said once that the present moment with all the hard stuff is imaginary, but a different kind of imaginary. What do you mean by 'everything is a thought'?
  18. I rate all of us half awake. The moment we become fully awake, there'll be no we.
  19. @Someone here I thought you had admitted you're not awake either
  20. @Princess Arabia You can download a pdf of the book and open it in this app for android, it will read it out loud for you.