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  1. @amanen I grew up with people saying..."wake up, the world does not spin around you". Now I know from experience it does! What a trick I can play with myself! Nice post, thanks!
  2. You are the manifestor yourself. Thank you for your kind response???
  3. You are totally right about that. Let me explain this way... What I didn’t get, my ego wanted, but the capital I did not. So, it didn’t happen. Our minds are tricky. There is no proof of what I said but I really actualized it. You can't always prove what's true for you, it's embodied.
  4. @Jowblob I do get your subjectivity and find it precious when people share personal experiences instead of theorizing, judging or claiming to be superior by any means. It was valuable to me. Thank you.
  5. Nice! I have the same impression. The only reason we don't get what we "want" is because we didn’t really want it in the first place.
  6. Yes. Sometimes thoughts and actions become pure unbiased INFORMATION.
  7. @RedLineexactly. Everything is in the present moment also applies to your feelings, desires, imagination.
  8. Yes. I see. When we have this kind of presence there is this perception that things are moving and taking shape by itself, the hands, the feet, the smile, the words are just happening, right?
  9. Yes. That was beautiful. I cried a lot. But for me it was about an instant realization of how much Love was missing in my childhood and how challenging it is for me to be myself (love) with all its potential. A big channel had opened up for me. Thank you, Leo. It's so hard to admit how we were loved so poorly and how we love so poorly when we really see the deeper layers in front of us.
  10. Is awakening/enlightenment a science by any definition? Can science lead to truth?
  11. @SpermDonor I really enjoyed reading your post. I had some crazy experiences too. This state of superconsciousness seems to be available whenever we have a strong intention and a total complete attention to what is happening in the present moment. Attention is an incredible super power. Usually people have no idea what they want (lack of intention) and are super distracted even by a bug or anything. I have these experiences when I am making sales pitch. I know which clients I want and those I don't want and why, because I can read people intuitively. And when I do want a deal, I just get them to consent by saying the exact words they want to hear. I have an open script. When I don't have the intention to close the deal for some reason it doesn't happen. I can also forsee exactly what I need to do to get what I want. I always "use someone to talk to" to get answers for myself, as if I was really talking to myself. And I do get the answers. Then, I am left with my own decision: am I willing to do what it takes to get what I want? It happened to me once that I was listening to a song abd thinking about soneone and then I got a message from this person: "I am inside a White car 500 meters from you. I knew you would be here. Get inside." Totally crazy stuff. For me, that's when lifr feels real and surreaaaal! Thank you for sharing so many details of your experience. I appreciate that.
  12. @Preety_India there is no rush for anything. We are lovable just exactly how we are. We are Love: I am the truth, the way and the life.
  13. The question contains the underling assumption that there is "something out there to be discovered". Anything we can imagine/invent/discover/create is consciousness. Patent laws can make this distinction, though, since it is useful somehow.
  14. @gettoefl beautiful! “The admission price to hear the lofty minstrels speak of love is affordable only to those who have not exhausted themselves dividing God all day and thus need rest.” “The earth would die if the sun stopped kissing her.” -Hafiz.
  15. @PedroCedro For me it's trying new experiences and contemplating about them to integrate the lessons in real life. My life is really an experiment. Whatever you wanna try, go for it wholeheartedly, no dogma. All your fears will show up. And as Leo mentioned in his lastest video, behind the fears the treasures are found.
  16. @Razard86 I see. There is no separation. But if others are my imagination within my dream and I am locked within my dream reality I could imagine a relationship with another at will. They are not imagining me im this case. I would be sovereign. Maybe my question is wrong. But from my perspective from watching Leo's video he had encountered a being who was totally outside of his dream reality, although he emphasized that would still have to sit in his consciousness, or imagination. I guess we are able to imagine our connections with others in the way we chose. They are my dream. They would not be imagining me, if they were, it would still be my own imagination of them creating me.
  17. @Razard86 maybe you can help me with this question: what part does relationships play in all that? I know we are all related ultimately, but when we have closer relationships, like Leo described having, does it mean we are in a shared "dream"? One has its own dream and I have mine and we meet somehow. Or am I alone dreaming others' existance and "creating" them? I know it's imaginary anyway, but it is intriguing. From Leo's video and from my own experience I can only imagine a meaningful relationship when two autonomous beings that are awakened within their own dream really meet. I know it's a question that can't be answered in an absolute sense, but I am just curious to know what you think about that.
  18. @Someone here Christ is the representation of a higher level consciousness. GOD is one. When you reach higher levels you become one with God, and Christ serves as a reflection of that. To "follow" Christ is to aim at such realization.
  19. I think there is an actual problem distinguishing reality from imagination. The example of the lion and the knife are useless because they weren't actuality imagined to be real, they are supposed to be only an example within the dream. But...take something you believe could be "real" in your "real"/"dream" life and keep imagining it. The lines will blurrr. I talk from experience. The veil is so thin, if there is any. If you imagine it is "real", so it will, if you imagine it is not, it will not. Sometimes even a very naive act of imagination can become tastable, "real" or "stable".
  20. Maybe the problem is not suffering itself, it's trying to avoid it, to deny it, to demonize it, to falsify it and to anihilate its possibility. If you investigate deeply you will see that suffering can be an impulse to awakening. There is beauty in the end of suffering. It's a mechanism for rebirth. It always ends if you don’t resist it. No way to avoid the storm.