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  1. Yes, nice. I'll wait for your post :). Thank you. Relationships are very important and I feel there are so few pointers to the possibilities we can consider when establishing boundaries and connecting to "others". I know, in the end, LOVE is the only answer, though.
  2. Thank you. Yes, I have a long way to go. There are still some parts of me I need to learn how to love. What I find challenging about marriage and dating are the attachment expectations that are created. Lately, I am figuring I can love and be loved, even in a deep and intimate way, but it doesn't look like the relationship models we learn out there. It's really free and fluid, profound and unnatached. As @integral said, without the "we are in a relationship" label things seem to go well. The moment there comes some implicit expectations the ego comes and the connections die out. Don't misunderstand me, I still long for an exclusive deep connection, but the way I am living now is in fact a really high standard. It's not disconnected or unloving.
  3. My mourning routine in not having a routine for the first 2 hours of the day. I just do what I feel like, it's been a self love practice for me. I noticed that each day we are different. I'm much more spontaneous.
  4. Exactly. The standards are so high that only we ourselves can meet them. ALL-ONE. ? I get you. @Ingit 2 months is just too early to trust blindly. Try to observe how this girl makes you feel. If she makes you feel insecure, you need too ask yourself some more questions. Try not to point fingers, just ask "why the situation?" and try to communicate with her honestly. Women do like that.
  5. I enjoyed reading ?. Totally mirrored my recent contemplations and insights about the place interpretatios have in relationships. Thank you?
  6. @Galyna True! I've experience totally different and opposing "realities" with the same person, as if there were two different people I related with. It's about clear seeing, interpretation and focus. Once we change that, the way we relate and our experience with others is totally different. Once I was insane trying to make sense of "the other", now I know what it's all about, specially when something is so challenging.
  7. @Razard86 How beautiful. Thank you??. That's it. Love.
  8. @gettoefl I totally understand when you say "there is no choice". We are caught in words here. It's a trap. But think about this...no choice is still a choice. The etimology of "choice" points to the words "taste" and "discern". So, we can be conscious of that which chooses, discerns and tastes, OR NOT=NO CHOICE. Reality is a mirror.
  9. I have. Change is the only constant in nature, all distinctions eventually dissolve. But love really doesn't have any opposite. The opposite of hate is total indifference, I think.
  10. Beautiful. I feel the same. We desire "being" in the unique presence of the reflection of "another". When we have seen enough, there is the desire for another expansion (another mirror, or the same mirror seen from a different perspective). Yes. We usually trancend our desires and it is beautiful. The more we understand this, less attached, less resistant and more open we are. Life flows. There are no silly desires, I think. It's a longing for self knowledge, a beautiful tool of God in this dream.
  11. @Razard86 none of what you've said contradicts what I said. Call it higher self, God, or whatever. We are one in multiple forms/appearances. Rules may change, as it already did so many times in this reality. Who would've thought we would be able to communicate? Internet...airplane, heart surgery, miracles....!I am open, not in control, not any star of any show, just open. Much Love:)
  12. @Razard86 thank you :). I get what you are saying. I can't control either my heart beat or my desires. Yes. From the ego's perspective, I have no control. I can become conscious of that. I am conscious I don’t want make my heart stop beating now. I don't believe in co-creation, I think either I am conscious of what I AM (GOD) creating or I am not. The difference is that in the first case I feel more joyful. I don’t talk from an egoic perspective. Co-creation is duality. Manifestation is just a word for what happens when we become fully conscious of the realization of our intentions and the dissolution of the concepts of time. We usually aren't. The irony is that when we release control, we do see we are more powerful than we think.
  13. Good question. I think when something seems easy, there is no conflict, no mind constructed limitations involved. In order to play like Chopin you would have to deconstruct a lot more. It is possible, but it might take an insistent refining of your imagination and destruction of your self imposed limitations.
  14. I agree 100%. I also did. The impression becomes a necessity. It is a fascinating subject. What lesson did you get from the things you've manifested?
  15. I'm also interested about that. I think manifestation is about immediacy, necessity. I feel we manifest what is necessary- that which can't be otherwise.
  16. I try not to make distinctions (level labels) between people anymore. When I sense a negativity around I just try to show even more love and affection towards the person, even when it is almost impossible. I ask questions and listen carefully. Miracles happen. Think this way...this person is bringing a precious lesson, a part of yourself that wants to be acknoledged. If I get hurt somehow I just say what I think and go away for good. But yes... lying, unconpromising, contradiction, sickness are all signs of feeling unconfortable with oneself.
  17. I just can't figure how can I expect more or anything slightly different from someone who has given so much asking nothing in return, like @Leo Gura
  18. All the ones about LOVE and TRUTH.