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  1. Is this a UFO?
    Is this a UFO?
    You really think that trained military fighter pilots are dumb enough to not know the difference between an alien spacecraft and a glare?
    And radar systems lock onto glare?
    That is some serious copium.
    What's next? Trump won the election?

  2. Oh
    Ramana Maharshi
    It's infinite upside.
    It's so good your heart will melt and your body will squirm and convulse in orgasmic agony. You will shit your pants as your body shakes out a lifetime of tension and fear, wrapped in a blanket of your own infinite Self-Love. God will hold you in its arms as you surrender, die, and become one with God, holding yourself. You will make endless love to yourself for eternity until you realize that, of course, EVERYTHING is Love. God is Love. You are God. You are Love.