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  1. Thoughts on the work of Dan Winter with his Fractal Field theories? It's pretty non-dual, if you can say that, and the topics he covers are very advanced both metaphysically and historically with the history of humans and our ancient connections to non-human expressions of Consciousness.
  2. Then you might like Chris Lehto’s YouTube channel. He’s an ex navy pilot and very open to the woo. I’ve shared some connections between non duality (basically Ra material) and the phenomena on his discord and he agreed. I love how Truth unlocks previously “crazy” doors as far as the supernatural goes.
  3. Maybe no puppet-government, but what about a shadow government controlled by the same negative extra dimensional entities that were said to give the original Freemasons their knowledge (Sirius light beings)? Also, Leo, have you heard Terry Lovelace’s abduction story? https://audioboom.com/posts/7987570-devil-s-den-the-reckoning-part-1 What do you think about hypnotic regression? Cheers.
  4. Looking to have a discussion on the existence of extra terrestrial connections to humans and this planet. Concepts I find particularly intriguing (in light of The One) is the density model of consciousness popularized by the Ra Law of One material. I think it would also be likely that these higher dimensional groups still have some form of control over the people (debt slavery) considering the Freemasons themselves say to have gotten their knowledge from light beings from Sirius (hence Sirius xm) and have since used the knowledge (mainly of non dual Truth and our since-lost godly powers) to keep humanity asleep by encouraging egoic behaviors and unconscious politics. https://youtu.be/pA-rbMxRqgw
  5. Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form
  6. After watching this, I cried at the beauty and perfection of what I have created. Would love to hear some thoughts on this. Randall Carlson also gets into sacred geometry and ancient knowledge of the exact dimensions of the planet. His two hour lecture on After Skool led me to deeper stages of awakening, even though that's not his goal lol. Edit: Here is the lecture "Hidden Mathematics" I realize this can be a distraction from the real work, but its importance should be recognized nonetheless.