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  1. @Leo Gura interesting to see you spouting the same nonsense you were spouting a year ago. At what point do you just admit that you don't know what you're talking about? You were brainwashed, along with many other Americans, regarding the effectiveness of these products and again, are saying the same thing because you were brainwashed. Data doesn't make sense to you people. You react based off of emotion and get mad when someone says something contrary to what you think is the truth. What is your background in health? How much do you actually KNOW about the things that you are talking about? Man, you were super brainwashed and by the looks of it still are. Are you willing to concede that you were brainwashed? What would it take for you to be able to make this concession? Is it possible for you to make this concession? If this is not possible, you have spiritual work that you still need to go through. Being able to admit you're wrong is a big part of spiritual development because as you and I know, we are extremely limited in our understanding of things as human beings. This is a complicated topic and to see you respond the way that you do, with such affirmation and close mindedness, is pretty appalling to see from a so called spiritual guru. You need to take it easy on these kinds of opinions, I highly doubt you know as much as you think you know. I am attaching a graph, this is data from the CDC that you can verify if you want, that plots mortality from Covid-19 vs. Time. You can see when vaccination came into play and you can see that the slope of the line remains unchanged. This is very clear, nothing to dissect. This is as straightforward as it gets. If the vaccines were actually effective, that slope would drop. The fact that it doesn't means that the products didn't work in the long run. So stop with the slandering of unvaccinated individuals, you don't know any better.
  2. @sholomar you are correct. I muscle test and have dealt with bodily reversal of answers, egoic interference of answers , and I believe there can be satanic influence of answers as well. There is not really a guide book on this as far as I know, regarding all of the nuances of muscle testing. It's something I've kind of had to figure out through experience and trial and error but you don't know how much my life changed because of muscle testing and connection with the divine. It saved my life.
  3. I am a vegan but not everyone can thrive on a vegan diet. And this has nothing to do with macros, protein, iron, vitamins, I think it's something more nuanced than that that we quite don't understand yet. Some people feel like crap on a vegan diet, and they put their best effort to do it the "right" way. That being said I think if it works for one's body, one should be vegan because it's just the right thing to do. OP you are correct, it's ego that makes us think we're so special, we are not superior everything has its role and place here. If for whatever reason a vegan diet didn't work for my body, I would at least do research on the meats I was buying to ensure it came from a farm that treats its animals with dignity and respect. That means allowing them to be animals, not stuffing them in cages. I think cultured meat will be the best outcome imo. People get to eat freely and do what's best for their bodies while not having to take the life of another being in order to survive. It's just cultured stem cells, it's not some fake meat, quality should improve too with more controlled laboratory environments.
  4. Before people trash Desantis, he was one of the only governors pushing for monoclonal anti-body treatments for Covid-19. While the federal government was actively thwarting the distribution of monoclonal anti-bodies to states, Gov. Desantis called them out and sought ways to get monoclonal anti-bodies for his citizens. Gov. Desantis also said that it was inappropriate to mandate Covid-19 vaccines (he's right, it's unethical to mandate something that has literally killed people) and that it should be up to a parent on whether or not their child should receive a Covid-19 vaccine (parent should 100% have a say on what goes into their child's bodies). So basically the guy stood for early treatment, bodily autonomy, and parental choice. What a horrible horrible man.
  5. I think everyone can agree that hate speech has no place on any platform. This one is very clear and obvious. In the same way that pushing an elderly person leisurely walking on the sidewalk to the ground is wrong and unacceptable, so is hate speech. Conflating the want for free speech with the want to hate speech is missing the point. Hate speech enthusiasts would not be surprised or create resistance against a platform deciding to remove their hate speech. And it's because they know very well that what they are propagating is not socially accepted. Now, what aspects beyond hate speech are so antagonizing to the anti-free speech crowd ? You dislike that people are able to say that the Earth is flat ? Why do you care ? There are always going to be people saying nonsense, how is censoring them solving anything ? If anything it attracts more attention to the things that are being censored. And who exactly is the authority that gets to be deemed worthy to censor things ? I'm sorry but no such authority exists, beyond God himself. Truth will find its way out no matter how hard you try to censor. Let people be able to navigate the truth for themselves.
  6. The point here is being missed. The point here is that information backed up by DATA should be permissible and needs to be permissible in a topic about science. Science is changing, science is evolving, conclusions change, data appears, again, science is an evolving topic. I see a lot of people here posting things that they really shouldn't be posting. Like the user saying that mRNA vaccines were in development for 30 years and for that reason, virologists and vaccinologists need to be trusted with what they're doing and saying. To this user I would ask, do you even know how an mRNA vaccine works ? An mRNA vaccine contains genetic coding to get your body to produce whatever it is you want it to produce. In this case the mRNA vaccines produce the spike protein of the virus. Was the spike protein of this novel virus being studied for 30 years ? No, because it is a novel virus and novel protein, therefore you don't know what you are talking about. There is now a plethora of studies showing that the spike protein is an extremely toxic protein. I think if you are using appeal to authority as your argument for anything, you really shouldn't be posting anything at all. I see people in the "pro-vax" camp posting crap from google that I know very well they don't understand. And I've also seen people in the "anti-vax" camp posting stuff that probably isn't that helpful to people either. That being said, I do not think censorship is the answer because this is an evolving topic, and there is a lot of science that supports things on "both sides". I can say that the vaccines have most likely saved many lives, but also say at the same time that their effectiveness is not very long lasting and that there are some safety issues with the products (based off of DATA, of which there is plenty if you actually dive into it and not just resort to appeal to authority). Admitting that is NOT grounds for censorship. Censoring such information is harmful. I often don't like developing camps, "anti-vax", "pro-vax". I think developing such camps is a slap in the face to science. Science is not religion, it is evolving and not often black and white. How does censorship of things that promote "vaccine hesitancy" help a vaccinated person that ends up getting Covid because they didn't realize their antibodies waned over time ? I have mentioned that there are treatment options for Covid, which is backed up by copious amount of data, but that makes me an anti-vaxer and dangerous. But what was more harmful in the end, that information being available and widely known, or the vaccinated person that now has Covid that has no idea what to do because they weren't informed of such information ? We need to stop acting like science is black and white, because it isn't. Please, data driven discussions are a MUST. Saying that something is impermissible because the CDC said so is NOT science.
  7. My one complaint is about "anti-vax" topics. What makes Leo an authority to decide what is permissible in regards to vaccines ? The term itself is stupid and ignorant. No one is against the concept of injecting something inert into your body that will create an immune response to ward off a potentially dangerous pathogen in the future. People are against products that have safety issues, whether it be a vaccine, a medication, or what have you. Why is discussion about issues, based off of data, not allowed in regards to this topic ?
  8. I understand that the bill is to prevent sexual talk up to 3rd grade. And my response to that is, why the hell is sexual talk necessary for kids that age ? Let kids be kids, 3rd graders just want to be kids. If they see adults kissing each other and get confused about themselves, so what ? They're 3rd graders. In what circumstance is a teacher out of all people supposed to educate about such topics ? For such a relatively new topic (trans-sexuality), I think everyone is learning here. I don't think the onus should be on teachers to have to deal with these topics, especially at such a young age. Let the parents figure out how to navigate such topics. Hopefully they are conscious enough to be able to do so, but they may not be. But either way I feel like it definitely shouldn't be the teachers job to have to deal with this.
  9. I loved the interview. In particular I loved how Joe kept pressing him on the specifics of how to put a traumatized 30 year old on the right path. It's something I like about Joe. He's really not afraid to speak his mind and really push to get an answer. I think it was like 3 attempts to get Sadghuru to answer the question I think they even started changing topics one time and he went back to it. And the aliens part was particularly fascinating to me. Not so much for what Sadghuru said, which in itself was really interesting, but the fact that you could tell Sadghuru was kind of uncomfortable with the topic. I think he really contemplated at one point whether he should really answer the question or not. I'm sure what was going through him mind was not wanting to come across as a psycho since he knew his experiences could easily be chastised. I've never seen Sadghuru like that, he typically always seems in control and well prepared for any answers. This was a curveball and I loved seeing it. And Joe, with his endless persistence, was able to obtain an answer from Sadghuru. Props to Sadghuru for saying what he said and props to Joe for being chill about it. I love love love that Sadghuru was on his podcast. The world absolutely needs this. Joe Rogan has such a huge platform, its so great that such consciousness can be transmitted to so many people. It's so important that Joe is interested in such topics. It really bodes well for the world
  10. I'm vegan, but I think we're really making a mistake assuming that all humans can just switch on over to a vegan diet with no issues. Veganism serves a good cause, factory farming is a horrendous/barbaric practice that needs to end, but at the expense of your own health ? I believe that some people simply cannot thrive on a vegan diet. Biologically speaking, some people and their ancestors have been on carnivorous diets for quite some time, and probably wouldn't do well switching to a vegan diet. I think it's kind of disrespectful for vegans to shame meat-eaters as if this were purely an ideological topic and not a biological one as well. I too have heard of people trying to go vegan or vegetarian, and that suffered because of it. In my opinion the solution to all of this is simply cultured/stem-cell meat. No suffering of animals, and no suffering of humans either. Just like transitioning from fossil fuels to cleaner energy, we need to transition to cultured meat imo.
  11. I watched this documentary the other day, as well as the one about oil. Clearly this is an existential problem that needs to be taken seriously. The issue here is that as long as we continue to operate in a system where people and corporations can essentially buy whatever they want, I seriously don't see much changing until rock bottom is literally hit. And when I mean rock bottom, I mean all these billionaires literally seeing the threat of facing water scarcity themselves. These people will milk the cow as long as they can. As long as someone can get away with what they're doing, why not ? Accountability is non existent these days. I think both parties are a joke to be honest. The whole system needs to be ripped apart if we are wanting to survive as a species. The World needs conscious leadership asap.
  12. I haven't cross checked the numbers, I'm not sure how a Ben Shapiro rating came about when David Hawkins himself died in 2012. Anyways, it's not really the point. From my understanding David cross checked his answers with large groups of people. He ensured that all people muscle tested the same answer before jotting a conclusion. And regarding muscle testing, it is necessary to understand why it works and how it needs to be used. When you muscle test you are connecting to the divine which is then providing the answers to you. You need to specify the source of who you are asking. Moreover, there are ethical boundaries one can not cross. I cannot ask what the lotto numbers tomorrow will be, and that's because it's simply not an ethical question. I can't ask how someone else is feeling right now, it's not ethical. When I muscle test and think a question might be in the grey area, I always ask before whether it's even ethical to ask such question. Sometimes I get a yes, sometimes a no. If it's a no, I don't ask, because it's pointless to. And also, some commenters above said that a muscle test could be influenced by your subconscious. This is true. Even if you think you are detached, you very well may not be, which could then influence your answers. I've actually gotten into some trouble for acting on an answer I thought I was neutral on when I really wasn't. Before I test for an answer I always ask for neutrality from the divine before doing so. This was in consequence to that realization of mine. So yes, muscle testing works, but there are rules that one must follow when doing it, otherwise answers might be completely pointless. Muscle fatigue is another one, being thirsty is another one, having to go pee is another one, being really tired is another one, not asking a specific enough question is another one. One must be balanced. And if muscle testing doesn't work for someone, they could try pendulum dowsing. It's the same concept. I started out with pendulum dowsing before doing muscle testing. And for the record, muscle testing has completely changed my life. I'm able to get answers to urging questions I always had, either about the universe or my life in general. Severe health issues I had were resolved through muscle testing. The muscle testing pinpointed the root cause of my issues which were then resolved. With muscle testing I just have an ongoing guidance on everything I do, I literally use it all the time. I couldn't imagine my life without it, my life has become so much easier with the guidance I receive through muscle test answers. No more guessing, no more figuring out what to do or not to do, no more confusion over what's true or what's not, it's just made my life easier.
  13. I think it's also important to take trauma into account. Perhaps some of your limiting beliefs are resultant of trauma you have experienced in your life. I'll give you an example: "I am not worthy" You may have such a limiting belief due to a parent that was hard on you. And in that case, you would need to go back to that time, have the memory/experience present again, and ask the divine to release that for you. In this case you may have experienced the feeling of unworthiness which then developed into the limiting belief "I am not worthy". That was just an example, but traumas can lead to limiting beliefs like this. I had tons, worked with a body code/emotion code practitioner (revolutionary technique), and had a bunch of this stuff released for me. The thing is, like you said, a lot of this stuff may be unconscious so how could you consciously know which beliefs are there and which are not ? The body code/emotion code goes straight to the point, it's actually a divine process, but basically the practitioner would be able to know exactly what needs to be released for you. I suggest that otherwise you may waste a lot of time and not get to the meat of what really needs to be tackled for you. If you want to learn a little more, there's a book called "The Emotion Code" by Dr. Bradley Nelson. What that man developed completely changed my life. I had massive stage fright, tremors in my body, severe stomach issues for years, anxiety, social anxiety, intolerance to toxins, all healed (tremors about halfway there but the root cause was eliminated), in a matter of weeks. Totally flipped my life around, healing trauma is essential and I had loads of it.
  14. A lot of assumptions in your post. "Flagrantly irresponsible way" "Lasting harm to other people" "Misinformation about Covid" What exactly are you basing these things off of ? Is it data, or your beliefs ? I'm sorry but this is a scientific topic. In science disagreement is very common and part of the scientific process. It's inevitable in the pursuit of truth. Why are you comparing this to fascist propaganda and hate crimes ? Have you actually looked at any of the information the two docs were citing ? Again, these are two highly credentialed individuals that are supporting what they're saying with data and peer reviewed literature. Is that really such a crime ? Shouldn't people be given full uncensored information and the opportunity to make decisions for themselves ? Why advocate for anything other than that and get angry when things are said that don't align with your belief systems ? This isn't religion. It's science, it's constantly evolving as new things are learnt.
  15. No one is taking Joe Rogan super seriously. Thats not his job. His job is to interview people and ask questions. Then it's up to the viewer to decide what to think, like anything else in life. The only reason Joe Rogan's news right now is because he invited two people on his show, one being the most published cardiologist in the HISTORY OF MEDICINE, and the other being the inventor of the technology used in the current mRNA vaccines. Two highly credentialed men, that continuously supported what they were saying with peer reviewed studies and data. Are they perfect ? No, they're not, but they're pretty intelligent dudes that are trying to disseminate information to the public in a time of mass censorship. The media doesn't like this (who controls the media ?) and in turn people lose their shit because because they listen to the media. Censorship has NO PLACE in a healthy society. Zero. People get shit wrong ALL THE TIME, it's part of the beauty of science and discovery. Things are missed, mistakes are made, but it's ok because that's what science is, it's a process to learn a little more about the workings of the universe. The media tries to have one believe that the government is the sole beholder of truth and that everything outside of that is nonsense. It's a slap in the face to science and a slap in the face to good meaning intelligent independent people that don't conform to bureaucratic BS. All voices need to be heard, we're not going to advance as a society if people aren't able to talk and share their ideas.