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  1. I think this is very interesting. I have experienced how on multiple occasions in my own life my own development was accelerated shortly after experiencing an intense event such as having a conflict with my parents and crying, or during some death anxiety that surfaced during my recent problems with chest pain. Thinking back on traumatic events years later can be insightful but the fresher the experience is, the easier it seems to be to access insight that translates into life transformation, wether that is by making progress in the material realm or by changing the outlook on life itself, or both.
  2. Why do you think he's an ISFP? I can sort of see it but I would like to hear your thought process behind it. I find him funny as hell for some reason, something about him is just funny to me, I'm not sure what.
  3. Yes, Unbreakable really took me by surprise lol. An unexpectedly deep movie!! If there were spoiler tags on this forum I could write some more of my thoughts about it but there doesn't seem to be any..? Would highly recommend Cinema Paradiso, a heartfelt and personal movie about love that keeps popping up in my mind from time to time. Absolutely beautiful art. They are very different movies though, it's not similar whatsoever to Unbreakable. But they are both great in their own way.
  4. I would say Lions Mane is very overrated. I tried it and at first I got hyped because it definitely has a sort of stimulating feel to it/made everything feel a bit sharper. I would almost compare it to not being sober. A sober mind is much more effective and if you need an occasional productivity boost coffee is better. Perhaps lions mane has its uses for people with brain damage or something like this. I think you should try it out if you're interested though, some people report it working well for them. And I can't deny it has a sort of unique feel to it that could be beneficial to experience at some point. But I didn't really find the way it made me feel helpful and it didn't really increase my productivity, mostly it just made me feel a bit weird/off. But eating more healthy, more greens, wholefoods, more protein, workout, yoga, fix ur sleep schedule are all going to make you feel much better and optimize your brain better than these quick fix mushrooms are.
  5. Lmao this ludicrous thing make me laugh out loud.
  6. Weed helped me get on the spiritual path and helped me connect with myself and life itself in many ways. I have consumed huge amounts of it and I'm still sane and healthy, It's not dangerous for all people. But it can make you less productive, especially when using it regularly. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but at some point a break is warranted to make any substantial life progress in the material dimension.
  7. I think unhealthy ESTP can be really really annoying lol.
  8. How about you add yoga or working out to your mix? If you want to get out of your head you could try getting into your body, those are great ways because they give you strong body sensations that are easy to focus on. with time this will give you increased body awarness and it will help quiet your mind. Yoga and working out has been more helpful for me as an overthinker than meditation has been. Although, meditation has been helpful as well, especially for getting me started with getting into my body. Since you already read a lot you could read Eckhart's The Power of Now. He gives practical advice in the book on different simple meditation techniques you can test out for yourself to help letting go of thought. He struggled with intrusive thoughts that made him suicidal in his early life so he has solid experience overcoming a severe degree of this problem.
  9. The beauty is in the eye of the observer, if you read fiction it can be a waste of time if you don't read between the lines and draw deeper conclusions from what you're reading and connect what you're reading with your own life experience, using it as an oppertunity to explore and reflect over your own life. Reading fiction can be like ingesting a seed for contemplation and introspection that will take you down paths of thought you might otherwise have overlooked. But of course, the fiction has to be good as well. Right now I'm reading 'Flowers for Algernon' which I would recommend. Every other page makes me reflect on something in my own life or invites me to reconsider things from a different perspective. But even a waste of time might not be too bad if it's a way for someone to wind down at the end of the day, Reading is going to come with health benefits even if no lessons are learned. It trains your ability to focus and is a good alternative to watching blue light screens before bedtime. But if you prefer reading non-fiction, that's great too.
  10. I'm happy most of the time. Some days I have a lot of disorienting feelings which makes navigating everyday life more challenging. But I've learned to better accept those days and just go with the flow. After those more challenging days I usually have very good productive days where I feel energized and ready to take on the world. Although I do have some particularly tough days where I would prefer to not do anything at all. These days can be caused by both external factors such as health trouble or internal feelings or lack of energy after spending too much time with other people. If I spend most of my time alone with sprinkles of meeting other people here and there I am at peace, even if I'm working through tough feelings. However, when I'm forced to deal with a lot of people at the same time that I'm going through challenging feelings I often have some sort of backlash when I finally get to be with myself again, where I'm forced to work through my feelings for a couple of days to feel better. Overall I'm content and happy with life and understand that life will always pose challenges or else happiness loses its body and becomes hollow.
  11. I have not properly tripped sleep deprived like that but I've microdosed LSD while sleep deprived and I would not really recommend it. The sleep deprivation will make you have a harder time focusing and will likely result in a more intense and confusing experience. Probability of negative side effects will probably increase, or atleast many of the positive effects might be diminished. However I'm not sure how malt feels. LSD would make you feel perfectly awake and aware at first but you would be completely done with it on the comedown, most likely. It might sound like a fun idea now that you feel zen but that feeling isn't guaranteed to last forever. At some point you will be exhausted and want to sleep, I'm guessing. If you're already feeling zen, maybe just do nothing and see where that takes you? There'll be better opportunities to trip.
  12. I'm from Sweden and was close to getting robbed one year ago. Also I've heard 2 bomb explosions the past 2 weeks so I can confirm crime has gone up here.
  13. I would invest it in music gear, improving upon my home studio. I would use it to cover living costs for the coming couple of years as well as investing into a nice house to live in, close to nature. I would go on a holiday with friends and pay for everything on the trip.
  14. Leo Gura if he didn't turn his health around Fish eye view of a dog in an isolation chamber in space
  15. Why are you getting banned?
  16. Yeah, I usually drink 1-2 cups but that day I was tired as heck and we were doing a movie marathon late at night so I went for way more than I usually do.
  17. I'm not sure where to post this thread or if its even allowed but I am in a state of desperation. Remove thread if you want. Three days ago I drank 5 cups of coffee and stayed up late at a friends place watching movies. All fine until I got home and started experiencing chest pains where my heart is located in the ribcage. I didn't think much of it until it didn't go away and I got a bit spooked. I figured I'd fall asleep and it'd be gone by the time I woke up. Annoyingly enough, the following day the pain was still there. One second long dull aches, sometimes minutes apart and sometimes multiple ones with only seconds apart. My problem solving survival brain kicked into action, I figured it could be gastritis or some other stomach issue and so I went to the store and got antacids, but they offered no relief. Then I figured maybe I sprained my chest muscles on the workout a couple of days prior. But I did a pushup, no pain. Weirdly enough the pain seemed to become less frequent when I was up and walking, and the worst when I lay down. I prayed to god it would be gone after I went to sleep again. Then yesterday morning I woke up, pain still present. So I pulled the trigger and went to the ER. They performed some tests on me like EKG scan, checked my blood pressure, breathing, pulse, oxygen %, touched the area of the chest where I'm having pain so see if I'm sensitive there, which I'm not. Everything came back good. But they didn't have blood tests available there though, which I found a bit strange. I got recommend to take anti-inflammatory painkillers and wait 5 days. If it doesn't get better within 5 days I'm supposed to go back there. But I've now had almost constant pain that feels like it's coming from my heart and I started researching online about EKG and it seems it's far from heart attack proof. Now I'm kind of annoyed they could not take a blood test because that seems to be more reliable. Cardiac issues run in my family, my dad almost died to a blood clot in his lungs. Now I'm having trouble sleeping, daydreaming about horrific scenarios this could end up in, with me dead or paralyzed by a stroke. After contemplating possible outcomes my left arm started stinging and radiating pain occasionally. Could this be Kundalini or is that wishfull thinking? Should I follow the advice I was given and wait 5 days? I really have an uneasy feeling about this, like they missed something at the ER. Should I dial 911 or am I overreacting to the situation and should just wait? I know all of you are not medically licensed professionals but I'm not sure what to do and scared of the outcome.
  18. Thank you so much for your reply Doc. My symptoms are nearly gone for now so I've calmed down, but your post helped make me even calmer. Have a great day!
  19. Interesting, maybe that could be why the pain goes away when I get moving, because the movement is helping regulate the blood pressure? I'm going to look into this further, tomorrow I'm going to go on a hunt for a blood pressure and oxygen saturation tester. My blood pressure tested at 140/90 at the ER but they didn't react to that at all but according to that link that's considered as hypertension. Edit: I would like to add that I've been a regular cannabis user on and off for a couple of years, and lately I've introduced more coffee into my diet to help increase my productivity at work. It seems both these things spike blood pressure which could be unhelpful if I already have high blood pressure to begin with. Also I started drinking a sugar free soda this summer that I now realize contains high sodium, which would impact blood pressure. I am physically active but the last 1 1/2 months I had to take a break from exercise because of a hand injury. So there are definitely some things that could cause increased blood pressure and I'm guessing the stress of thinking I'm having a potential heart condition would also increase the blood pressure further.
  20. Thanks for your reply. Luckily my symptoms seems to have improved slightly today so I didn't feel the need to dial 911 as of yet. But I don't exclude that as an option if it gets worse again. If it really was the coffee that fked me up I find it astonishing that a few cups of coffee could have this impact..
  21. Yeah.. Let's just say I'm not going to be drinking coffee in the near future.. nor taking any other stimulants for that matter. This gave me a proper scare. I guess it could be related to anxiety. But my pulse and breathing is normal even when the pains occur so if it is anxiety it's at such a deep level that I can't tell. Being that it starts off with a physical pain sensation and me being calm for 5 hours until it finally starts to get to me. I felt more anxious at the ER than at home but the symptoms didn't appear at the ER. Hmm.. I tried antacids and they seemed to offer no relief Costochondritis is certainly a possibility, being that I worked out pretty hard for the first time in a while a couple of days prior. But I felt no pain or discomfort 3 days following the workout. Maybe the coffee "OD" could have made it worse somehow..? But, I seem to have no painful regions of the chest when I'm applying pressure to it. Also I can do a pushup with no pain. Also the pain seems to come and go unrelated to the breath, I can take a deep breath in with no symptoms, the pain comes and goes seemingly randomly. I guess my biggest fear is that it is just that, some sort of blood clot. Since that's what my dad had in his lungs. But he had it when he was 50+ years old and I'm 26 years old so statistically I'm in the green..