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  1. What makes Mozart: Hours of daily practice at playing piano and composing & arrangement as well as being counseled from a very young age from his father who also was a composer. Talent is overrated is a good book if you want to dive deep in this topic.
  2. Usually their spin on it is that they focus on how bad trans fats are and then they suggest you to eat canola oil, sunflower oil etc. instead as the "healthier" option. They also recommend diary with reduced fat which most vegan doctors would agree is just toxic. Products like fat reduced yoghurt, only filled with sugar for example. They don't like animal fats because they look at saturated fats as something purely bad. They don't acknowledge it has pros and cons.
  3. I frankly don't know enough about MBTI to be able to tell whether it's accurate or not myself. But just like with spirituality there could be many reasons for why it's difficult to prove it's validity with the modern scientific model. Maybe MBTI relies more on skillful subjective interpretation to be useful, where as it's easier to objectively observe the traits of big 5. But it wasn't long ago meditation was frowned upon as woo woo in western countries. Yet it had been around for a very long time, it was nothing new. So from a certain perspective it could be regarded as an outdated method, the spiritual ideas surrounding it as outdated models? Outdated is only outdated because you don't believe it works. The fact that it's older than big 5 really is irrelevant isn't it?
  4. Keep in mind they also recommend canola oil and soy bean oil. Not saying everything they say is false but I don't find them to be a credible source, personally.
  5. 300 years ago we had Mozart, today we have Cardi B My point is just that there would be no science without pseudo science so clearly pseudo science has more potential than it is given credit for?
  6. While not really disagreeing with you, what do you think about the fact that most of the science that's ever been done would be classed as pseudo science today. The literal "founder" of science, Aristotle is a pseudo scientist by todays standards, yet still referred to as the founder of science (atleast in Swedish universities).
  7. Maybe instead of taking notes try highlighting/underlining/circling in the parts you find extra interesting and write the page number at the inside of the book cover. This way you can easily return to the parts you found the most interesting whenever you want and draw new conclusions every time. Other than that, did the books you read seem relevant to you? If the book you read is really relevant to where you're at in life it will spark ideas for which action you should be taking or give you an increased understanding of something you're going through/went through. Some books are not so relevant to us where we're at in life and then it will just give you more shallow knowledge that is not as useful right now. But nevertheless reading will still train your mind and expand your vocabulary and reading skills. Keep reading different stuff and you will stumble upon some book that gives you more value than all the others you've read combined sooner or later. For me The Power of Now gave me greater value than 10 other books combined. When a book is really valuable to you you will naturally start to reflect deeper on it and realize ways to positively change your life with the insights or techniques you got from the book that suited who you are as a person and your life situation well.
  8. Did you get in trouble with police or did they just seize it and say nothing?
  9. Looks like some sort of synchronicity to me. The 33 posts... That's wild . I'm not sure of the meaning, but you might want to look into manifestation deeply. Could it be that you noticed this pattern as a synchronicity at first, then thought about it and therefore started manifesting more of this pattern into your reality, becoming conscious of a pattern that is always there but that you're usually not conscious of?
  10. So I've been fooling around with manifestation myself lately. It started a month ago when I had a synchronicity that opened my mind to the possibility of manifestation being real, thread below: Since then I had a few cool manifestations/synchronicities. 1. I was out in the countryside with a few friends and I thought it would be really cool to see a snake during our visit(I don't even know why I was thinking this, so random ). Later the same day my friend who's walking ahead of us through the forest shouts back at us "look, a snake!". Lo and behold, a black snake was crawling through the forest, we all got a good look at it before it vanished into the bushes. 2. A friend of mine told me he had opened his window and gotten jump scared by a wasp that was sleeping inside the window which woke up and got mad when he opened the window, luckily the wasp was stuck in the window so it didn't attack him, but it scared him. I imagined the scenario in my head and how my friend got scared and chuckled to myself. A week and a half later I wake up to head to the countryside with my friends and I heard a buzzing sound, sounds like a wasp. I immediately jump out of bed because it sounds like it's inside of my apartment. Guess what? A wasp is stuck inside of my window. It has never happened to me before and now it happens all of a sudden. 3. I was waiting on a package that was going to be delivered to my house. The postman pretty much always comes by within a 1 hour window here. He didn't arrive on this day. I said to myself "Please God make the postman still come today, show me a sign" and repeated this in my head a few times and entered a meditative state. I was imagining the postman just being late. It has happened once before that the postman was late with a delivery here but of course, now it happened again. 4. I was talking to my friends at the countryside about manifestation and synchronicities. When I get home a few days later one of the friends sends me a screenshot with the text "synchronicity?!". The screenshot was of a guy we both know who had sent a message in a bigger discord server we're all members of. The message was about how he had been using manifestation to improve his gaming skills(the guy is a really really good gamer). I had never spoken to this guy before about manifestation and had no idea he had used it to improve his gaming skills. This got me inspired to see if I could use manifestation to improve my piano playing skills. So now I've been trying to use manifestation to help with my piano skills. But this has not been successful as of yet. Instead I think I might have even gotten a bit worse for some reason. I am still playing and practicing as per usual. I have also been trying to use manifestation to meet a girlfriend material girl. This has not been successful as of yet either. I realize I'm not going to be able to just sit in my room and have a hot goth gf come knocking at my door or be able to play a difficult Chopin piece without practice. But I will keep trying to manifest these things and give it more time and pursue these things with my actions as well. But WHY is it this way? Why are the things I listed above(the snake, the wasp etc.) so seemingly easy for me to manifest for some reason while something like better piano skills or a girlfriend is not so easy to manifest? Why is it not possible to manifest the ability to be able to play a Chopin piece into existence without months or years of practice? Why can I make a snake appear in the forest when I'm there but not change my brain to be able to play better piano? Why does changing my brain take so much time while making a snake appear does not? Is it because the latter two manifestation attempts are coming from the ego and hence not working while the other ones are coming from my deeper self simply because they're so innocent and useless? Hmm..
  11. Be careful with veganism is all I have to say. It seems to work for some people but not so well for others. I was vegan for 4 1/2 years and it worked well until the last 1-2 years or so where my health started declining(worsened vision, floaters, eczema on my arm getting worse, fatigue, horrible workout recovery to the point of getting ill after working out). You can be relatively well educated in nutrition and still miss out on nutrients with a vegan diet. I supplemented with B12, D3 and algae oil but was still not getting enough of some vital nutrients that didn't cross my mind at the time(vitamin A and creatine to name a couple). You don't see many vegans talking about these nutrients yet not much vegan foods contain these nutrients and missing them will impact mental function, immune function, workout recovery, eye health, skin health, and more. Sv3rige is correct in this even though he is a crazy person(he was a famous Runescape player and tried stabbing people at his school when he was younger if you want some crazy Sv3rige trivia). Many vegans will tell you B12 and D3 supplements is all you need but it's an oversimplification of nutrition. The OG Vegan researchers like T. Colin Campbell recognized this, he even wrote a book on the subject called "Whole" that's about how you can't simplify nutrition to single nutrients like vitamin A, D3 and so forth. That's why he promotes a whole foods plant based diet, because it's more likely to keep you safe from deficiencies. But, not only is it still easy to miss vital nutrients that are more commonly found in animal products if you eat a vegan diet(whole food plant based) but it is also difficult to get in enough calories in for an active lifestyle, which I suspect is one of the reasons for my inability to recover from exercise. Eating too low calories will impact energy and testosterone levels. I dropped heavily in weight over the years from 75 kg at 185 cm tall to 59 kg. I looked a bit anorexic and I did not even eat whole food plant based all the time. It's not a coincidence some MMA fighters use whole food plant based diet to cut weight. And I suspect it can be very useful to help diabetes type 2 patients because it will help them drastically with their overweight, which is the main cause of diabetes type 2. But if I can't exercise without getting ill, what's the point of eating 'healthy' if I'm not overweight? If being vegan was really optimal for your health you would see a lot more vegan athletes out there. In my opinion it's difficult to be optimally healthy without regular exercise because your body will become weaker and weaker and it will start to affect your mind. Keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of vegan doctors, nutritionists and influencers you will find online are doing it for ethical reasons. And they will use all of their knowledge in a biased way because they are not mainly thinking about your health, but about the animals.
  12. Would be so fun, but sadly I can't go this year. Maybe next year! And I think an actualized camp would be epic . Hope you have a fun time!
  13. Weed is such a different beast depending on the dose, it's crazy (I guess the same goes for all psychedelics). If you want a little taste of ego death that is not so difficult to attain you could try weed + nitrous combo. The nitrous will take the high up to the next fking level as if you've smoked a lot more weed than you have, but only for a very short time and then you go back to your previous weed high. I used to test "how would getting even higher than this feel" like that. But it can be super intense still, on the verge of traumatizing if you push it. It dissociates you though which forces you to let go very quickly, you can get some profound insight and W O W experiences while you're 'there' but it's mega difficult to bring anything back because you're so out of it. That's why I now prefer LSD because it has gotten me ego death but while still having clarity and remembering more what it was like, while on nitrous weed it's like getting knocked out with a baseball bat, difficult to remember much. I also like that at least for me LSD has more clarity, it's not as confusing and scary to me as mushrooms. I've yet to try 5MeO as I'm too scared. But I want to one day.
  14. Didn't know you were into jazz fusion, awesome! As far as guitar goes I think Alan Holdsworth is perhaps the most alien player ever. Personally I prefer players that are more like Guthrie though, I think the conventional stuff offers a nice context for the more out there stuff while Holdsworth is more out there all the time. With that being said Holdsworth is a monster. I would say Cory Henry of Snarky Puppy(whom I've seen live). Check out Lingus for a killer solo. He's a keyboard/organ player. Absolutely insane player. There are so many insane solos from him on YouTube. Another one that comes to mind is John Coltrane (his solos in A Love Supreme.. they just get better and better, are super innovative and unconventional). Saxophone master. Honourable mention for me is Jeff Beck, guitarist with very unique style(solo 2:56): But as far as guitar goes Scott Henderson(whom I've also seen live with his trio) is my candidate(solo starts 4:30, amps up 5:27), he has his own unique style:
  15. Do the things you want consciously as you said, and do them a lot, so that it becomes shallow/boring/the meaninglessness of the cravings are felt, like you would get bored of your favourite song if you listened to it too much. Then lie in bed for a few days and do not much at all, just sleep and rest there a lot, and allow yourself to be very lazy and unproductive for a couple of days. You will become bored sooner or later and then you can decide okay, now it's time to get back on track again. You go out for a run or do some yoga or workout or take a walk, something that energizes you. Then you start pursuing the meaningful things in your life again. The contrast of first doing the meaninglessness things and being bored and tired in bed compared to the energy you will get from the excercise and the fulfillment/meaningfulness you will get from getting back on your path will create a gravitational pull towards the things you should be doing and you will not be much interested in the more shallow cravings anymore. This is how I like to do it, a reset. It's maybe not the quickest but it is a lot quicker than trying to surpress cravings and then getting stuck in a loop of evergrowing cravings that sooner or later take you over and keep you stuck for even longer.
  16. Cute bird. I hope he's doing well these days. I love birds
  17. Ok, I will try this the coming days and see what happens :)!
  18. Just straight from the phone when you're sleeping or do you use in ear or headphones?
  19. Perhaps not a problem for everybody. But for me thinking was a problem and I relied too much on it as you said, which made me overlook connecting with my feelings, which caused anxiety because I was not letting myself feel but instead always escaping into my thoughts and theories. I have many thinker friends who have obvious stress and health issues, I think it can be a common issue for thinkers although not for everyone of course. Even if I don't use thinking as much these days I still use it, but it's not a problem anymore because I let go of it when I don't need it instead of getting stuck in it. It's easy to become so obsessed with your thoughts that you discard your health because you lose your connection to your feelings and stop listening to what their body is telling you, everything just goes through the rational mind. I'm not saying this is every thinker but I was this way myself and the biggest personal development progress I've made to date was to stop projecting my negative thoughts onto the world by letting go of them and connecting more to my feelings. The change is so big that I think it could be called a change in personality type, that's why I don't believe personality type is formed and then can't be changed. You could argue that I was always a feeler rather than thinker type and that I had overthinking and anxiety problems and went from unhealthy INFP to healthy INFP, yes I can see a certain validity in that perspective. But you could just as well argue that I went from INTP to INFP, just two different ways of looking at the same change in reality? Likewise. I always enjoy reading your posts and the positivity and perspective you bring to the forum ! I am not sure if I have had an experience with kundalini myself or just a very intense prana experience but one time when I got really really high on cannabis from bong smoking and I became aware of an intense energy in my body and was able to feel my entire spine getting uncomfortably warm and I had uncontrollable shaking in my legs and back for a couple of hours and was forced to sit in a cross legged meditation position because lying down made my body shake like crazy. The only thing that made it endurable was to feel into it and let go of thoughts and become the observer and be aware of my breath and the intense energy in my body. A couple of hours later it stopped and I returned to a more normal state of consciousness but the whole following week I was feeling a lot of joy and love, like I had been freed from some emotional baggage. How did you receive the message to let go of thoughts more and get in touch with the feelings from your kundalini awakening? Is it that the feeling itself was so intense that it "forced" you to direct your attention into your body and then you realize you're free from thought or how did it tell you this lesson?
  20. Since we're moving towards a more attention centered world with the internet, social media, celebrities etc. the world is catering more and more toward extroverts. Introverted scientists were cool back in the day. But today the people in science who are known are not the best scientists(who are strong introverts most of the time) but people like Elon Musk who has an extroverted persona online on Twitter etc. Look at the music industry as another example, back in the day it was composers that sat for thousands of hours practicing their instruments alone or writing music who were the big stars. Look at the big stars today, Doja Cat does not strike me as an introvert. And even if she is, her stage persona certainly isn't. Extroverts are better at grabbing our attention which generates more clicks and views, which generates more money. Also most artists today make most of their living playing live gigs. Many introverted artists like for example Avicii(RIP) suffered from this because they were forced to be on tour being exposed to large crowds of people all the time to stay relevant. The big stars of today are mostly extroverts and if they're not, they're pretending to be in public because that's what's needed to get peoples attention today. Movie stars, artists, politicians(think Donald Trump, extrovert deluxe), reality stars, influencers. These are the big stars of today and they're all extroverted or pretending to be. Not to say there isn't some introverted programmer sitting in his basement making millions of dollars. But he is not publicly known apart from a few exceptions. Yes and no. Extroverts are better suited for certain leadership positions while introverts are better suited for other leadership positions. Extroverts tend to voice their ideas more often, not giving introverts much chance to voice their own opinions on things. This can be good and bad. It can give a group a certain direction and there will less uncertainty about what should be done and more executing of tasks, more productivity. But introverted people often have good ideas because they spend more of their time investigating thoughts and ideas by themselves, the ideas will be less mainstream and more out there, more creative. An extroverted leader of a band for example could be disastrous because in a band it's important to get the most creative power out of everyone in the band, everyone needs to have their ideas heard. And if everyone's not getting their ideas heard because they have an extroverted leader who is taking up a lot of space, a lot of good ideas will be lost and the introverted people will be too shy to voice their ideas even if their ideas are a lot better. However maybe for a fast food place for example, it's better to have an extroverted leader. Because there's not much creative ideas needed but rather getting everyone to follow orders and to do the work required is what's most important in this case. An introverted leader could be a problem because they will not be as assertive towards others as is needed and they will leave more up to the group in terms of how to do things. This does not work with an immature group and will result is disorder and cutting corners. I have experience of this myself when i worked as a substitute teacher in elementary school. As an introvert myself I had a hard time not just letting the kids do what they wanted to do, which of course always ended with some sort of disaster . Some extroverted teachers are too assertive though and don't let the kids have any say in anything. Balance is a good thing. Kids can learn from their mistakes.
  21. I think psychedelics changed my personality type. I was more of a rationalist and was thinking a lot in my teens, very into science etc. But brain structure is changeable to some extent. Psychedelics made me realize I had built my understanding of the world on a castle of sand and as time passed I managed to connect more and more to my feelings and become more like I was when I was a child, less of a thinker. Now I experience the world more as a piece of art rather than a problem to be solved. And some of the overflowing joy I had in my childhood has been finding it's way back when I stopped thinking so much about everything, it reconnected me to my feelings and changed my personality. I'm not quite sure what my personality type was when I was younger but I think it might have been INTP or INTJ and now it's INFP.
  22. Have you tried Lion's mane mushroom? It's a supplement that can help with memory and cognitive function.
  23. @Loba This hits close to home. Damn
  24. My best friend is ESTJ and I'm an INFP. So exceptions are possible. Although he doesn't really understand spirituality and is more focused on material goals. He is very goal oriented and driven, works hard and gets what he wants. However, I was probably more of an INTP when we learned to know eachother. I used to be an INFP when I was a child and now last couple of years I've become INFP again. I think our strong loyalty to eachother has kept us together.