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  1. Or a vegan. Or wait, even a trans activist, right? Everyone is fighting to bring the world into an order which they think is good isn't it so? Everyone blind to their own blindspot.
  2. Yes, anyone who talks so confidently about something they have no direct experience of should not be trusted.
  3. You know you're aware and that's something you know beyond intellectual knowledge, just by being aware. But yeah I'm not sure that something such as whether the vaccine = safe/not safe can be proven since it's limited by the intellect and the intellect isn't omniscient. Who's an expert and not changes with time and therefore I don't base my beliefs simply based on the current consensus, or else I would have believed Jesus is our only savior when that was the mainstream. Science has always been wrong, every time, as far as I know. Even Newton physics are wrong, practically useful but not true(according to Einstein's relativity theory). But you're right I don't really know that the vaccine is not safe. Nor do I really believe that to be honest, but I see other problems with the way the covid situation was handled. A lot of money was made and that's not being talked about enough, in my opinion. Wherever there's big money being made there's potentially hidden motives that can make one question how things are being portrayed/the morality of the situation. Money was made by fear mongering. Certain laws are useful, I agree. But I'm skeptical about implementing new laws and restrictions without a very good reason. In my country you're not allowed to buy alcohol on Sundays. Would you think that's a good idea to implement that in your country because alcohol kills people? How do we know how much we should restrict peoples rights? Hitler tried to do good(probably). I don't think the government necessarily has bad intentions, I'm really not trying to assume the worst in anyone. But I don't think using fear to get the people to abide is the right thing to do. Even if their intentions are good and they believe they're doing the right thing the outcome could be bad. If people buy what's being advertised to them and don't make conscious food decisions because they're genetically inherited intelligence doesn't make them capable to realize the food they're buying is bad, and because they trust that the authority that advertises the food to them has good intentions. Is that the people killing themselves or does the advertiser have a responsibility here? In other words, if advertisements were so convincing that they made you buy unhealthy food, you believing it was healthy. Is it you killing yourself or you being manipulated to kill yourself by someone else for their capital gain? I don't view obesity as being simply the individuals fault because not everyone has the intelligence needed to understand what's healthy and not. Not everyone has the money to eat healthy or time/energy needed to research nutrition. Most people just buy what's most readily available. Also, the point could be made that food choices transmit just like a disease. If some people start buying McDonalds the company will grow and they will reach more people with their advertisements. Same with tobacco companies and smoking ads back in the days. We are impacted by the ads, the choices we are shown. if I didn't know coca cola existed and wasn't given it by adults when I was a child, maybe I wouldn't have grew so fond of it. Also, just like any other illness, if I feel sick I stay at home until I am no longer sick. If I don't know I'm sick, how is it my fault if I infect others? If I'm vaccinated I can still spread the disease to others. And I don't have covid I could spread the influenza or some other disease to some old person and kill them without intending to do so. I don't think mistakenly transmitting a disease to someone else is killing them, it's just a part of being human.
  4. Maybe the main harm isn't the vaccine in itself, but the way it was advocated for, by using fear, threatening to reduce freedom if you don't do as the government says(if you don't take the vaccine we won't let you travel, enter night clubs, festivals, go to the store). Maybe complying to such tactiques causes more harm than taking the vaccine prevents, especially if you're a young person that's not in any of the risk groups anyways. There are other things way more harmful for humanity than covid, such as obesity(lack for exercise, unhealthy food). In my country the biggest food delivery service "Foodora" has like 1000 types of candy, soft drinks, lottery tickets, snus(chewing tobacco), energy drinks, and other unhealthy food items for sale in contrast to like 20 or so healthy food items available in total. In addition to that, many of the healthy food items are of poor quality. During Covid this app skyrocketed in popularity. Why aren't things like this being adressed with the same urgency that Covid was? Pink Floyd - Money
  5. Rewrote your reply for u Do you realize people who believed the Christian God is the one true and only real god and all other religions are BS believed it with the same conviction that you believe vaccines are very safe? You can't know that's a fact, you believe it because you trust the authorities that are telling you it's a fact, just like people believed the Christian priests back in the days.
  6. A bird landed on my head 2 days ago for a brief moment! WTF
  7. What do you think of dry herb vaping? No e-liquid and less chemicals than smoking.
  8. Honestly, I thought the same thing. It sounds like she is repulsed by the male sex organ..? Confusing to say the least.
  9. Music is very meaningful to me. Just laying on my bed with my headphones on and listening to old favorites or exploring new music. It helps me make sense of my feelings and is a great way for me to unwind at the same time it feels very meaningful. It is very healing for me. Both connects me with my inner child as well as pushes me to expand myself into new terrain. I. LOVE. Music
  10. Being too hard on yourself when you make mistakes/fall back into old patterns of behavior
  11. What's your diet like? I think that could be a good place to start.
  12. My best friend had this problem a couple of years ago. I would be willing to guess you're the social glue that connects these two people together. They don't like playing as 2 because they both connect better with you than they do with eachother and you're a big reason why they're even friends in the first place. Just a guess though
  13. An autist that smoked DMT once together with Joe Rogan. jk It's the author of 'Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book' He seems a bit obsessed with telling people they're not at the highest stage while also telling everyone he's an Arhat. He has made a map that explains how he has reached the highest stages and others haven't. It might be true, I haven't read his book yet so I shouldn't be too hard on him. But he is quite annoying, in my opinion. But that might just be me projecting . Some people who has read his book seem to have had deep insights at the cost of becoming a bit crazy(Frank Yang, Connor Murphy).
  14. Sadghurus food advice is strange to me. I think that a person who eats a lot of processed and fried foods and cheeseburgers and drinks soda every meal would benefit from eating only fruit. But do I think someone who eats chicken salad with a rich variety of veggies and wild rice or potatoes would benefit from eating only fruit? No.. maybe eating only fruit for a month would make you feel different, lighter, and could help with spiritual work. But there's not much protein in fruit, you would drop a lot of weight if you did it for a long time. Not only in fat but you would lose a lot of muscle as well. Also, Sadghuru had another video recently where he talks about how fruit is ruined because of poor quality soil which makes fruit nutrient deficient. Which one is it? Fruit as a part of your diet is another matter, not comparable at all to eating candy. As mentioned by others here fruits have fiber and will not spike blood sugar like candy. And some fruit like strawberries don't have that much sugar anyways. And it's a good source of vitamin C and fiber. Fruit juice is a different matter, might spike blood sugar more than sugar water.
  15. I think you have a point in that if you believe something will be difficult it might become more difficult than it actually is. For example, a kid who learns a tricky piano piece by ear might learn it quicker compared to an adult who knows it as a 'tricky piece'. Because the kid doesn't know which piece is difficult and which is not. When the adult starts struggling with the piece it will confirm the thought "this is difficult" as true. This is a negative thought and will feed into negative emotions and result in a lot of negative emotion. Increasing the suffering endured during the time it takes to learn the piece. When you really get into the flow state of work you don't believe work is difficult, that thought is not present when you're really into doing something. Maybe there is a point of learning to cope with that negative emotion but it's unnecessary for learning that particular piece. Likewise I think believing healing will be difficult will make it more likely to be so. It will make it harder for you and the more it is confirmed by your experience, the firmer you will hold that belief and use it unconsciously to focus on the negative aspects of what you're doing. That might build a stronger person though rather than someone who goes through life believing it is easy and then one day gets struck by some true hardship and haven't dealt with much difficulty yet in life, so that person will be less prepared to hande that once it happens. But I still think you have a good point, if you want to heal, believing it is difficult will make it more likely to be so.
  16. Sounds like an awesome plan man. Even 10k will probably get you very far in Asia, but saving as much as you can before the trip is probably a good idea anyways. I haven't been to Asia myself but I want to go there too at some point. Just the high quality fruit available there makes going there worth in my opinion .. Swedish fruit can kiss my ass! I'm also looking into vipassana retreats, I was planning to go on a 10 day retreat here now in June but it was full booked for months so I'm waiting to end of summer/beginning of autumn to make it happen now. I think it's an important next step for me as well. Safe future travels!
  17. I agree. It's like trying to create music while always thinking about music theory instead of letting it happen naturally. The most beautiful things in life were not planned out in detail. They fell into place naturally.
  18. AMA

    When and how did you get into spirituality? What inspires you in life?
  19. I would say, don't invest it all into stocks/crypto. It will be very difficult to make a passive income you can live off of with a 100k investment. Only way to make a quick buck pretty much is trading, but it is more or less gambling. You are playing vs super skilled traders and trading bots. It's literally like trying to win as a noob vs challenger players on League of Legends. If you go into that sort of investing, only do it with small money first or it's likely you'll regret it. It is tempting to invest a lot of money because it seems like a quick way to financial freedom and a solution to a lot of problems. But it is not so easy, actually it's very fucking hard.. I think traveling is a really good idea, it won't cost you 100k and it will give you experiences that take you outside of your comfort zone and teaches you a lot about yourself. If you ever visit Europe I would recommend passing by The Budapest Bubble hostel in Budapest. It's a great hostel, best one I lived in during my travels through Europe(Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris). The owner is a super friendly girl named Anna. It has a very welcoming vibe and feels more like living at a friends place rather than a hostel. You can meet other travelers there, most people are pretty open and friendly. And you can get a lot of good tips on things to do in the city from the staff. One day I came home to the hostel in the middle of the night and was so drunk that I passed out vomiting on the toilet. I woke up on a bench with a pillow and a blanket covering me. Someone in the staff had picked me up and put me down in a comfortable sleeping position with a pillow under my head and a blanket over me. That's the vibe of that hostel . Budapest is also a ridiculously beautiful city with a lot of things to see and do. My favorite city I've ever visited together with Amsterdam. If you live in hostels in Europe and travel by train between the countries you could probably get away with 3k or so for 3 weeks of travel. Those 3k will be a well worth investment. After I came home from my 3 week Europe trip I took the big step and moved away from my parents home. A year later I had a career. I don't want to credit it all to the travels but the travels definitely helped me get out of my comfort zone and open myself up to life, I became a bit more yolo after that and just went for it. That energy didn't last forever but it lasted long enough to have a positive impact on my life. If you don't want to travel maybe you could buy a tent and some hiking gear and go on an occasional hike alone in nature. I haven't done that but I could imagine that would be a worthwhile investment too, and even cheaper than traveling.
  20. If listening to her makes you feel at peace, keep doing it. Maybe she's a good match for you but not for everyone else.
  21. If you don't practice for 10 000s of hours that will not make you special, even if you're born with more intelligence or what you call talent. And if you practice 10 000s of hours half assedly you will not get there either. You have to have a passion for music, live for it. Put in serious effort every time you practice and do it from a young age when your brain is the most malleable. A kid being exposed to music and encouraged to pursue it since a young age is the key for developing what you seem to think is born talent. A toddler can't tell A flat minor from A flat major, the difference is taught. The younger the child is when the difference is taught the more second nature it becomes. The more complex stuff the child is taught at an early age the easier learning music will become, because what others have to put down 1000s of hours to learn it can skip and go directly to more advanced stuff. But if the child doesn't keep practicing for 10s of thousands of hours deliberately even things like perfect pitch which some think is genetically gifted, is completely useless. But even perfect pitch is not something genetic but it's something that can be taught at a young age. Lookup Rick Beatos kid Dylan Beato for example. Rick teaches music theory and taught Dylan perfect pitch to an insane level when Dylan was very young. But he also taught his other children perfect pitch and they all managed to learn it to a very impressive degree. When I was in music school I was told perfect pitch was purely genetic, basically saying it's talent. But it turned out to not be true. When you look into it deeper there are many parents who have taught their kids perfect pitch from a young age by playing the piano for them and teaching them the notes. And everyone I met irl who has perfect pitch started learning their instruments at a very young age(around 5-6 years old, sometimes even younger). Talent is just an excuse to not put in the work you need to put in to get what you think you want. Because we don't want to admit to ourselves when we really don't want something. I don't really want to become Mozart but I might have thought that I did before I realized what that really meant. They have done studies on kids who tried to enter a famous music school(don't recall which one right now) where they found that deliberate practice was the most important factor for whether the kids got in or not. Even kids that learned music at a faster pace than others didn't get in if they didn't practice 1000s of hours.
  22. Did you put down 25 000 hours of practice while being mentored by a super skilled composer since childhood on a daily basis? Edit: I'm not coming from a political correctness angle. For example, in sports like bodybuilding or running genetics play a huge role in whether you can be successful or not. But there's no reason for evolution to make someone talented in writing fugues, which is a completely useless skill when you're living in a cave. The only talent that could be spoken of there is being genetically gifted with higher intelligence or higher work ethic or something like this. But you're not born with a talent for composing music, Stephen Hawking is very intelligent but he can't compose music for shit. It all comes down to deliberate practice(there's a difference between 10 000 hours and 10 000 hours, the effort and passion you put into it).
  23. What makes Mozart: Hours of daily practice at playing piano and composing & arrangement as well as being counseled from a very young age from his father who also was a composer. Talent is overrated is a good book if you want to dive deep in this topic.
  24. Usually their spin on it is that they focus on how bad trans fats are and then they suggest you to eat canola oil, sunflower oil etc. instead as the "healthier" option. They also recommend diary with reduced fat which most vegan doctors would agree is just toxic. Products like fat reduced yoghurt, only filled with sugar for example. They don't like animal fats because they look at saturated fats as something purely bad. They don't acknowledge it has pros and cons.