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  1. OMG LOOOOL, i literally look for leo comments to read deep insights and wisdom but i mostly get random jokes lol
  2. well its kinda the same as how stage bellow modernism view modernism, but for sure the limitation are important to study
  3. @Thought Art can i find long lectures of his ? and where ?
  4. @Salvijus i do try to avoid it but, well am not really wrong, i never really try to attack a group by calling it a cult, i do love osho btw an fascinated, but shela some what narcissistic leadership and the uni dress and many things made osho comune more of a cult, but at the core the idea and the mission was fascinating, and i do love the fact that people used to site naked there sometime LOL
  5. I always face severe degree of insomnia, i struggle with sleep a lot i have to do sleep routine i have to stay away from white light exercise at night have crazy life style just to get a well night sleep lol
  6. *

    Don't judge your self too harshly when you are on feeling low, we all can feel this way and we should feel what we are feeling, treat your self with love i dont mind to support, if i can am just not sure how i can
  7. its honestly too crazy that they went for a whole city LOL
  8. after watching wild wild country am actually amazed not terrified of osho (am still half way throw) well osho was more culty sort of but the community or city he build it out of this world, it has some extreme dynamic meditation practices LOL, some of it seem satanic, but i don't know i feel like if osho where to come again he will be a lot more accepted and if he can manage the community and make it less centered about him and may be include multiple spiritual teachers, i dont know its so beautiful and crazy i wanna experience something like that, well with no violence But polyamory, communism, creativity, spirituality, love in one community sounds really cool I think the biggest hurdle to osho was the backlash from the traditionally minded people also the way they scaled was insane its unbelievable for me that someone like that existed if there was no footage probably wouldn't have believed it what your thoughts on osho, and any other interesting books/documentary on him ?
  9. you need to do what it feels right for you but please be super careful if you decided to do so do your research and consult expert, i wait wait till am 20 if i were you ego is you, or the sense of you learn to trust your self and do what your self tells you to be right Good luck with your life
  10. I start to understand what do you mean by that i noticed that spiral dynamics mostly map the mind also doesn't really map the emotional body or any other aspect of a human being Well you can have red purple blue orange and green in you at higher stages for sure and yellow literally think of success not as a way to make his net worth bigger but to solve systemic problem and create bushiness in alignment with the environment sadhguru have a saying we need a marriage between ecology and economy that is tier 2 thinking you can have business on all the stages starting from red probably it wont be long lasting i assume, business at stage yellow could be vastly better than at stage orange its goal wont be making as much money as possible tho well at tier 2 instead doing business in the dysfunctional manner that exist with things like fight or flight response, it could manifest in a way that is in alignment with earth the universe the environments other countries win win win win situation
  11. when you say there is no evil too LOL
  12. how do i answer stage blue if he ask me what do you mean by manifestation, universe/god, you are god, alchemy, yoga i kinda given up lol on talking to such people, its so obvious for me that they are constructing their reality, but they look at me like some-sort of a crazy idiot/ heretic loool the crazy part that i was so stuck there when i was young
  13. what are the syriac sources ? can you link me to somthing is there a book ?
  14. its not like that its like from nothing matter to what actually matter to you i focus on my passion and the people that i really love and care about i think with the `nothing matters! ` mentality you will always be depressed i would assume dont tell your self `nothing matters! tell it x matter to me or x matter more than y or x is the most meaningful thing for me there is a billion aspect to life that you can explore