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  1. It has been very clear to me many of limitation of that mentioned in the video, But the truth is this channel is a literal gold mine an i consider my self incredibly lucky to have discovered it and invested time watching so many video epically the epistemological one, Its like each video with practice unlocking cheat code like in game cheats lol its crazy good, i dont thing its perfect but its perfectly unique, And i think leo is truly exceptional in his epistemological structure to his mind like we should be grateful everyday that leo exist and he helped us free our mind or freeing since its a consent process of detecting self depictions so practically we always gonna do the work, Tho i been mainly focusing on success and life purpose and i dont wanna really waste any time else where i genuinely wanna say thank you to leo for having your content no need to focus on the mistakes or limitation of on this post but to express that the amount of beauty and light coming from leo is insane the amount of love coming from the channel is just insane my life is 10X or more better after discovering the channel people think am crazy for telling them how fucking happy am in my life and blessed and i dont thing that would have happened the way it is without leo, Like when i tell someone how happy am he things am fucking crazy Truly thank you leo from my whole heart, Even if you tarted us like your little bitch LOL" looking down on u to teach us higher concepts or so s or what you mentioned" i saw between the line the love the authenticity the generosity and care, I come to genuinely appreciate your own in your teaching i could say ruthlessness in your teaching cutting throw all the shit i think that style helped me a lot develop my self and personality, again thank you It impossible for me to see a gold mind like your content and not consume it even tho i mostly listen to audiobook now, Am so grateful that the channel exist
  2. But Leo Is there gonna be a torrent link loool not sure who else would find my joke funny
  3. Thanks for tagging me, Good you are with a trip sitter, Very cool trip am glad you was safe and responsible, you crazy little girl tho i love to see people like me too adventures, Remind me of the mystical "not sure what to call it" experience i had of a 2 dimensional time space reality it was so weird to love in a 2D world coming from a 3D one
  4. is awakening infinite with its facets and types ? does each human experience awakening or god differently ? is there anything higher then the 12th dimension ? what is implied thinking and can you give me an example ? how many types of thinking you have experienced i mean each in their own paradigm if we experience reality in the 4th dimension are we above time ? how would you define spirituality now ? Edit: can you imagine dimension higher than the 3rd one ?
  5. i saw him in my dream, it was cool meeting him he was tall and really white and we had a conversation
  6. we all bought into the narrative that china is promoting good education but it seem the problem of inferencer as the dream job is not just in the US but also in CHINA am curious to hear leo view on this it seem like china is not a head of the us in that regard but maybe they will regulate it faster This is the original
  7. AI will definitely have an impact, but i think the much grater cause the economy , am in touch with so many professional in my field, most of them think ai is a joke now dont get me wrong ai can be use in many things and can effect many jobs but having a solid career i dont think you will be effected on the long term, also ai been banned by steam and may companies decided to train their own version instead of using what is on the market before they jump in, in other job people are using it as a complementary tool like in my case i use it to push my art or write some code, but the over all point am making the sheer complicity of our jobs cant actually be done by current ai here is a cactus system i made : there is few sub networks too dont forget that AI companies have a great incentive to market that their tool is much better than it is, and people might buy on that for the short term billions of dollars on the line "and getting real data from jobs wont be as easy or accurate in the first period too i assume" so we need to , also AI saves me tons of time already with programming and automation it was net positive for me mostly i really hope future artist and designer focus on them self work really hard on their skills instead of worrying about AI
  8. i do game art my self, but am also a tech artist, you can be a tech artist an environment artist, a character artists you can pick any of that but what most people dont realize wanna make it in the entertainment industry as an artist that the skill required is way up there and their skill set is maybe 5-15% of what is required but they might see that they cant get a job because of AI, where in reality they are too lazy to learn a program like zbrush and maybe maya and also maybe nuke and having 6 software that they are good at in their resume + very good skill s in something witch is quite rare in this industry only the top actually secured a good job the rest are just scarping on small opportunity that is not even worth it for someone like me who does houdini AI doesn't have intuitive capacity AI can't create something that doesn't exist in its data in someway or another, also on the content level you might think AI can actually replace artist and programmers but on the structure level unless AI can literal do what 100% what we can do, it can't really replace, ai will effect indeed the lowest level artist and programmers but that should never happen to you if you are serious about your career and read tons of books and took courses and had tons of knowledge and practice, what everyone is doing is trying to take shortcuts and AI is praying on that too i just wanna add more point here the complexity of the environment artist job or a technical artist is not gonna be automated by AI anytime soon because it requires either the singularity (AI can do what humans can do basically AGI ) or insane data set that could cost literally billions of dollars, what used to be hard now much easier before even AI but now you need to know how to be efferent, you need to have the project well managed and you need optimization so you can actually be valuable in the market place so yeah that is another blind spot in artist that they can't see how complex an environment artist job actually or how much code there is in a game like lets say skyrim, and they only focus on very narrow thing like aesthetics, where as they maybe need to understand game designer more to make art that suits that or maybe they need to understand a bit of the code so they can make art that fit the game better even before AI i didn't really see a future to so many artist in the industry, because the industry requires a high level specialized skill set that takes sometime to build, and many artist dont understand that drawing is only maybe 10%-5% or maybe 20% if you are concept artist, you need communication skills and some networking, design skills computer skills, 3d skills , game engine skills, or maybe understanding how you fit in your pipeline then companies will pick you up but like most artist just draw and not even design and expect to have a job even if you wanna sell your drawing you need much much more than merely drawing so that is what most artist is blinded off we are going throw a global resection, that is probably the main reason why i see that all around me and in my life too and i dont think its AI fault lol
  9. What country you are from ? you need to learn about money saving tactics + money making online while you can travel a lot as a pilot or other occupation the best way and more realistic one is to build passive income stream you can't effectively travel, when you are working full time at your business but one you have some passive income you can start visiting Egypt bail Thailand that are not too expensive, and you need cut a lots of expensive and learn to be efferent to afford to travel full time unless you start making 200k-1m a year you can afford much more luxuries in travel, learning about finance can make the difference between a 150$ and 2k$ for visiting a place it did happen to someone here the trip that cost me fraction of the price costed him insane money, and learning to work online or be a successful travel YouTuber can give you so much flexibility and freedom tho everything in life has a price and being successful like that has a really high price you definitely need a lots of money if you wanna travel a lot but there is a difference between being able to cut cost and visit many places and being able to afford it and going broke because you spend way too much on a trip to india A van house would be amazing but am specking from my experience btw just to add traveling it not all rainbow and butterfly its really hard to travel sometime other time its really cool so dont set a positive expectation only and it can grow you a lot i should make a video tutorial how to shift your life from normal life into traveling style since a have a lots of experience traveling in egypt being born in a poor family in Syria being able to build my my financial freedome little by little i just come from a trip btw i do agree with leo travel youtube is the best way but it could take you several year before you make decent income from it it depend on your strategy, start saving money from now
  10. i love mango too we have a lots of common id just swap Tangerines with pineapple tho i like them and strawberries instead of Pomegranates, and Greengage instead of Oranges its so hard for me to pick one over the others too and yeah add apple there for sure it seem that conscious people love fruits
  11. When your personal robot stop taking your command
  12. "and qualitatively new kinds of Awakening. This is how I discovered Alien Awakening. At timestamp 1:10:02 Wolfram discusses the Rulial space of alien minds." i really feel like that we can have infinite types and kinds of awakening since consciousness is literally infinite so discovering what is possible with with consciousness can go on for ever tho the ultimate truth is really one, am not sure tho if me my self can access things like alien Awakening could it be that each person will access different types of awakenings ? reading trip reports is variety a lot from person to person what kind of adventures they had what do you think ?
  13. 25K for that shit wtf is that, people actually pay for that LOOOOOOL
  14. Jesus Christ i should create a business course as soon as my channel blow up
  15. Jesus Christ this young girl is quite adventures am really happy that your trip was a good experience well @Asia P please tag me if you posted that, and be super careful with psychedelics i was like you super adventures tho i still adventures am much more careful, tho i dont wanna take Salvia now but i might in my 50s well to clarify adventures comes with a lots of risk so take care of your self , you might have done it the right way but you are super young and we do so much dumb shit when we are young