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  1. @Consept I don't know about younger generations behavior but I will develop myself until the end.
  2. He was into skateboarding and punk rock in the past.
  3. I would love if woman approach more everyday like men, but I don't expect that. I agree with you that woman approach implicitly @flowboy
  4. I'm reading a book called "The Alabaster Girl by Zan Perrion". (Thanks @WonderSeeker) There is a section of the book that is making me think about all my dating journey. I want you all guys to think deeply about that and feel your body. Do you love women with ALL your HEART?
  5. AGI?
  6. @Thought Art At the beginning I had the same perception. But after this meditation video I became a huge fan.
  7. @Thought Art Yeah, they shoot themselves on the foot.
  8. @meta_male I'm curious I want to understand your perspective about being less dogmatic about dating.
  9. @meta_male Dude, don't get me wrong. I'm not shaming you because you have fear. We all have fears. Approaching is not easy but you should give it a shot 😉
  10. Great stuff here
  11. @Raze Are you not expecting that stanford or some mainstream university do a study like that, right?
  12. @Raze Ok Huberman 😂 But do you approach?
  13. @meta_male Even if you like her physically or maybe you saw her with a book you like?
  14. Don't trust me, just go out and test for yourself.
  15. Competition is lower each year, no matter how painfully ugly you are. If you want to build a family, you'll need to figure out.
  16. @meta_male Yes. Why are you not approaching?
  17. Bryan Johnson is an entrepreneur who's trying to live FOREVER. He's the most measured man in human history. On the podcast, he speaks about how a protocol can literally reverse your biological age.
  18. Wow... So many insights. Don't forget about this one
  19. Great article here: