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  1. LSD makes me feel ALIVE and energetic while still making me conscious of reality. Mushrooms do the same thing but on a much calmer wave length. Basically I can go to a rave on LSD but I wouldn't want to on mushrooms.
  2. The only thing I've experienced and have consistently experienced since it happened last year is the realization of being the singularity from which each and everything is derived. There is only one thing. And the finite mind forgets this in order to continue existing in its current form. The problem (or you could argue it's not a problem) is that I will forget what infinite feels like very soon after and it becomes more and more difficult as time passes to describe it or understand it. This is by design.
  3. Bruh no one should believe most of the shit on here. Everyone's experiences are going to be very personal and specific to them and you'll see some cross over when you encounter people who've can share something similar. But almost none of this is scientific or testable. Proceed at your own risk
  4. Yeah shrooms basically make you feel like shit for the first 1-2 hours and you're asking yourself why you even did them, and then once you've worked through the tough part the euphoria and bliss kicks in. Not every time though. But when it does I'm like why the hell do I bother with MDMA?! This shit works and feels better and I can grow it in my house
  5. I had a similar experience on mushrooms last year. Shook to me to my core. Basically I experienced the infiniteness of reality and it scared my ego to death. I kept trying to convince myself afterwards it was not true and just my preconceived thoughts forming this interpretation of it. But it kept happening over and over. But guess what? Now when I trip I've become accustomed to that experience and it doesn't scare me anymore. I accepted that it's just one aspect of infinite and there is more to discover. Now when I experience that part of infinite I use it as a tool to improve and upgrade my finite self. So long as I remember it. Lol.
  6. MDMA on its own is still fun, but yeah it gets a bit predictable after a while. These days I will take a small dose of mushrooms and then a smaller than usual dose of MDMA. Usually some nitrous too. Allows me to control the intensity of the trip a lot better rather than taking massive doses and being stuck for the ride for several hours
  7. This tells me you're most likely just experiencing anxiety. Give it time and your body+mind will recover. Stop any use of substances in the mean time
  8. Yes it's stop being terrifying. You learn to be comfortable in whatever part of infinite you're experiencing. But as Leo says there are always levels you can go that you've never experienced before and then you're back to square one. Never get cocky and think you've figured it all out.
  9. Taking other people's experiences of life and applying them to your own without really knowing if it's true. It's a trap I've seen tons of people here fall into including myself.
  10. I mostly agree with OP. Many people here are fucking their minds and lives up without even realizing it.
  11. Mushrooms did the same thing to me. Hard to come to terms with it but overall I realized holding this notion that “I” am alone in the universe is disingenuous. It’s not my ego that is alone. But it feels that way because you can’t stay in that state of god consciousness forever. You have to come back to the localized being which which will corrupt oneness. I still struggle with it at times but overall I live a normal life. I stopped doing heavy trips though. I don’t need to know anymore. At least not for many many years.
  12. Your experience of reality under 5-MeO is no more true than anything else. It's all the same and all true
  13. I’ve had one girl who I met in my building tell me she wanted to fuck the first day we met. Not drunk. She was a self admitted slut though. I passed on that real quick
  14. ...The red pill stuff has started going mainstream BECAUSE of stats like this. Not the other way around. Young men were getting frustrated at the lack of attention from the opposite sex and found something that they felt understood and explained what they were going through (it doesn't actually help though...some of the RP stuff is true but it won't help these kids get any better with women sadly) To me it comes mostly down to social media/dating apps and also that it has become more difficult to live independently. Guys in their 20's are living at home longer and because most of them won't stand out on a dating app it has become increasingly difficult to find partners. A dating app profile is very similar to a job resume these days. The older guys have better resumes and are seen as more desirable. Guys who are 30+ who keep themselves in good shape and have a nice job have access to these 20-27 year old girls now when in the past they probably wouldn't have without going out to a night club. It has made it much harder for the younger guys to compete as a result.
  15. Can you go back on Charlie's podcast from Charisma on Command for round 2 if you feel like there is more to say? I feel like he's one of the few people who somewhat gets it
  16. Too many of you are delusional and confuse that with God-realization. It's one of the negatives of Leo's channel. Is has fucked up some of your minds and you don't even realize it.
  17. How many trips did it take before you got to that point consistently?
  18. My criticism of Leo would be that I would like to see him completely give up using substances for the next 2-3 years entirely and then see where he lands
  19. Are you sure about that? I have thought the same in the past but my brother and two best friends have found cute wholesome girls that they are now in long term relationships/married with through online dating. If I were to say what you said out loud in front of them it would be incredibly offensive and demeaning to their girls. It makes me think I'm just making excuses that I can't find a high quality girl online when they were able to do it.
  20. This happens when you are losing your grounding with reality. I did the same thing with mushrooms and nitrous. I got cocky and kept wanting to “go deeper”. Eventually it kicked my ass and made me realize it was time to put the substances down and start developing myself without them. Be careful. It’s all fun, love and games until it’s not. If you want to maintain a normal existence it’s very difficult to do while ingesting these substances on a regular basis.