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  1. Oh no, people love all the drama, don't worry Seriously though, it's your journal and it's not that important what others thing about it. Personally, I think it's very artistic and elegant.
  2. @Sine can you tell her? Cause I think she won't believe me.
  3. @Judy2 I don't think there is a single person on this forum who thinks this way about your journal.
  4. No, the topic would have been treated the same, were it created by any user. Sorry, this was a dumb thing to say
  5. @Michael569 this thread has started out as a practical advise request and has now turned into a total shitshow. Most of the people who are "against" veganism here only comment because they want to inflame and create debates and disagreements on the forum. Schizophonia has openly admitted a few times that the only reason he engages in the discussion here is because he enjoys trolling. I do apologize for the strong language but I am honestly not sure why this thread still hasn't been closed for comments as there is nothing good coming out of it. Is that because it was created by a moderator?
  6. @Lila9 why are you still arguing with all those mentally challenged people? Have some respect for yourself. P.S. their arguments involving god and spirituality do crack me up though. Bulshitting on an online forum - a hallmark of spiritual development, lol.
  7. @Rishabh R you weren't bullied by "boys" or "girls". You were bullied by very specific retards who have names and surnames. Don't let this shitty past experience make you develop limiting beliefs towards the whole gender in general. Notice how for each girl that has bullied you, there are 100s who didn't do anything to you, or treated you okay, or nicely.
  8. @Leo Gura wow, that's interesting. Here in Poland it's so common. Would you though?
  9. Seriously, when you people create retarded misogynistic threads like that I wonder if you had no mom and were born in a test tube and raised by aliens. Then dropped on earth...
  10. @Mesopotamian why does it bother you so much? okay, we got it, women are awful, irrational, corrupt creature, who are a burden to you. So why don't you just cut all contact with them then? Just stop engaging with women, talaking about women, making posts about women. Who is stopping you? Go unburden yourself. From the way I see it: no woman in the world gives a damn about your existance, you are the one who is obsessed with them.
  11. @Schizophonia the same with me saying that you are ideological. I've never claimed that that you are ideological because you eat meat yourself. My point is that you are clearly ideological about this topic because you feel the need to shit on vegan diet at every opportunity that you get. Why are you guys so bothered by other people eating differently from you? Why do you feel this urge to create threads criticizing veganism or visit threads about optimising a vegan diet and post your stuff there? How come me or Lila (supposedly ideological SJWs) are able to refrain ourselves from doing that and you are not?
  12. You advised this "solution" to a guy who clearly stated that his sister is vegan and asked how they can deal with low iron deficiency without eating meat. You are unable to emphasize with a person's issue, get into their shoes, and suggest a solution that will actually work for them. Instead you just keep blindly pushing your agenda without being asked for it, and then you claim that you are not ideological, lol. That's what makes your advise unintelligent, it is out of place and not useful, it is not about whether it's technically effective or not. It's like me coming to a gun owner's forum, finding a thread asking about how to store your guns safely in a house with children, and then saying: "just stop being a gun nerd and throw them all away" while unironically thinking that I've said something smart. Just like I don't bomb people's threads asking questions about the carnivore diet on here with "stop eating meat" advise, you shouldn't do this with threads asking for advise about vegan diet, it's that simple.
  13. @integral why be skeptikal and worry if you can simply take a supplement for a month then take another test to know for sure if it worked or not? Alternatively, why not go to an actual dietician and make adjustments to your diet + take supplements that they recommend? As opposed to getting advise on a forum where "bruh, just eat a bloody stake and reverse you anemia in 2 hours" is considered a normal and intelligent response...
  14. Says a guy who bombs every thread he doesn't agree with to push his own ideology, lol. No ideology here You are safe from that one, don't worry.
  15. Your science is just as bad as your grammar. "Pear" and "body bound" lol.
  16. @ChrisZoZo I use fluoride toothpaste to clean my teeth in the morning and evening + fluoride free toothpaste and mouthwash to clean them throughout the day, if I need to. I also floss and have an electric toothbrush. @Michael569 do you think I am taking a big risk by not going to a stomatologist at 23 years old? My budget is kind of tight right now,
  17. @Leo Gura yeah, but they are still using swastikas, do nazi salutes, and other shit like that.
  18. @Leo Gura I wonder what his understanding of nazism was. What did he think it stood for? Did he not realize that he would have probably spent his life in a labour camp under nazism?
  19. This is gold
  20. @Leo Gura I actually have a girl at work who is in a relationship with a firefighter. Sure, he is not making tonns of money, lives a regular life, has a mortgage (which they are paying off together), but so what? They still seem to have a nice relationship and he sounds like a pretty masculine guy who has got his "shit" together. And I think it's ridiculous to say that she is is only with him because she has no self-respect or something like that. I actually think that what you are saying is about materialism and you living in America which tends to be very "money" oriented like that. "Coincidetally", she grew up in a small town outside of the city. With both of her parents working regular "9 to 5" jobs in addition to a side hustle of having a small fruit farm to make a living. So it makes sense that she would be much less money focused than you are, and it has nothing to do with her self-esteem, and more so with values and worldviews that she got while growing up. And who is to say that her views on relationships are worse than yours?
  21. What if they are a firefighter or a teacher? Do they not deserve to have a partner? You can have your shit together without making much money.
  22. @Ayham ❤️
  23. It is always a certain type of dude who hates on things like barefoot shoes. Fragile masculinity type of guy who is so manly, that he is too afraid of even the possibility of people thinking that he looks ridiculous.
  24. @StarStruck damn, how could I have known what your comment is going to be without even looking at it Anyway, you do realize that there are thousands of different barefoot shoes models, right? And then there thousands of different styles of clothes you can combine them with to pull of a nice look. And then every person looks different so the same shoe will look different on them. Just look at all those ugly ass "Bilbo Bagginses": Btw, hobbits didn't wear any shoes at all...