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  1. Fresh beets, spinach, and walnuts for brain health. Stoneyfield organic yogurt with blueberries, sliced strawberries, and a crushed oat bar makes a great parfait. Whole grain pasta with vegetables and ground beef. Water. Dave's Killer Bread "Epic Everything" is amazing!


    Finding a good diet is like getting a new pair of shoes. There isn't one shoe that fits all. You have to try them on and walk a bit to see if they work for you.

  2. Trump inherited an economy that was in very good shape and on the rise. His tax cuts, disproportionate to the rich, Shrunk the middle class and contributed to 2 trillion dollars of the national debt. His economy was unsustainable. That's like taking out a credit card, maxing it out, not making the payments and then leaving the debt for the next guy and pretending that you had a bunch of money to spend.

    Joe Biden inherited the worst scenario of any president in my lifetime, I'm 39. The median household income is now the highest it's ever been. Unemployment is the lowest it's been in my lifetime. Millions of jobs have been created. Our infrastructure isn't crumbling. Biden is actually looking toward the future. He's not a pump and dump like Trump.

  3. 5 hours ago, VictorB02 said:

    This is a f*cking fantastic take on the current state of the country / Bidens Admin. What Jordan says at the 8:36 mark to end is perfect for some of you to hear that so blindly and adamantly defend the radical left and this horrible administration we have:

    Maybe we need to ask ourselves why the Bidens are so sheltered from any criticism, investigation, and legitimate scrutiny - while Trump is indicted and persecuted at almost every turn, (which, may I add, only makes him go up in the polls, lol) and for what?

    "To keep our democracy safe from the existential threat that Donald Trump is!" 

    Yeah, I don't buy that BS. That's such a childish reframe to justify hatred and desire for control. You don't just get to oust someone because they piss you off. That's not how it works in our country. And Trump is definitely not perfect, but he can give a speech without fumbling words, remember where he is walking, and he sure as hell didn't fuel a foreign war and absolutely destroy our economy like the people in power are doing as we speak.

    The "Biden crime family" was actually looked into by Trump appointed investigators with no major evidence found. Biden is constantly scrutinized by multiple media sources everyday. And yes, Trump is indicted and persecuted with court evidence for all of the crimes that he has made. It's about damn time.

    There has been no concrete evidence to support that the election was stolen, so yes Trump is a threat to democracy. And actually I heard Trump say that he is going to retaliate if he becomes president and put his political opponents in jail that piss him off, so that's how it will work in this country if he regains dictatorship.

  4. It is normal to be spoiled and ungrateful. That's just how much of society is. But if you work hard to get and maintain what you have, I wouldn't consider that to be spoiled. 

    It sounds like you may be experiencing the hedonic treadmill. Try watching some videos on that.

    I too have experienced lack of gratefulness. I practice daily gratitude exercises and they work for me. They're not hard. 

    It sounds like there is a strong working part of you that can go too far sometimes. Finding balance can be hard. You should logically be able to cut back on work without losing everything. 

  5. President Biden is only 3 1/2 years older than Mr Trump, and when you factor in lifestyle, Biden may actually have more years ahead of him than Mr T.

    Mr Trump has also shown signs of significant cognitive decline recently. He confused Jeb Bush with George W. Bush for example and there have been many others.

    So, voting for Trump over Biden because of age has no logic if you ask me. Honestly, they should have both retired years ago, but I will admit that Biden has exceeded my expectations of him so far in his first term.