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  1. @asifarahim you're going to be in the grunt of the physical world. If the area you're policing is especially hectic, you will definitely be opening up your root chakra, to say the least. Everything has spirituality in it.
  2. Yeah, why not just cut the Kratom? Why start the test? What the fuck. Here's an interesting network though. You see, More Plates More Dates is hardcore scientific materialist. He's very good at it and very smart, but very hardcore orange nevertheless. He's better at it than a lot of doctors are it seems. But hardcore orange nevertheless. PsychedSubstance seems like he's in green and floats between orange and yellow and green, perhaps maybe he will go up or down because he doesn't really have a strong opinion. What is one of the things reinforcing Derek's orange opinions, maybe? Anti "woowoo". And why is that? Well, it seems to be his opinion on the things that Connor Murphy has said. He talks frequently about Connor Murphy "going off the deep end and being very strange based on some of the things he's been listening to". What are some of the things that Connor Murphy has been listening to and taking the wrong way? Stuff from the YouTube channel. So it could be because of Connor Murphy's antics, Derek has convinced PyshcedSubstance that the type of stuff that has on its channel is bad. So any type of holistic body approaches might go over the head of PsychedSubstance, if the main resource on the internet that spells out how holistic health makes sense is and it's being shat on by Derek because "Look what happened to Connor Murphy".
  3. @SQAAD I cannot say that any psychological or physiological differences are or are not related to my T level gains. I also have yet to get my most recent bloodwork back. They may have dropped again. But I do not know. Also my FSH went extremely low, way below the recommended levels, of which I have been taking horny goat weed. I guess the moral of the story is that it's possible to get your levels up without taking injections and you might not even realize the effects.
  4. I agree, spiral dynamics stage coral should have a video. There's plenty of resources about it at this point. Tier 3 is a totally different landscape though. I haven't heard anything about that. I have heard everything in Tier 2 that goes Yellow, Turquoise, Coral, Teal, Aubergine, Clear. And in clear it's like you have the consciousness of somebody who is dead. So what would come after that!? Tier 3, of course, but.... I don't think it's impractical to think about stage coral. Especially thinking about the limitations of turquoise: of course you could say they need to integrate lower stages. But, I can't imagine the turquoise vMemes are the highest stages of consciousness. It's Tier 2 purple, remember. And Coral is Tier 2 red. What might come from more coral people in society? Death hippies? WIll it be something that comes from AI? Does anarchy happen at this stage?
  5. Great Value has a cauliflower pizza that is great. 700 calories per the entire pizza, something like that.
  6. @Joel3102 yet if practice is the only solution, then reality is a caste system of those who have experience and those who do not. Will you stand for that? I will not. And it seems that it isn't reality anyway, because conversations are so subjective. You can really mastermind them.
  7. @RoerAmit Does what Leo said make sense to you phenomenologically? I remember when I went to a bar and tried that. I was drunk, of course. It was a very weird experience. I went up to these ladies and I literally started saying stream of consciousness stuff. It was very random. Lots of random imagery, stuff like farmers riding on the tops of trains, lots of big words, I remember at one point I said "a jestful occurence is a jestful occurence". They were scowling at me and such and getting angry. I might have said to one of them "you're nothing but a rhinoceros!" and then started talking to somebody else, which also felt like a fight, and then a middle aged woman came up to me and said "ooo baby" and stroked my chest and then went back dancing with the guy she was with and he looked at me frustratedly. An interesting experience that I haven't repeated, but I don't think it would get anywhere if I did it again. Which is why I would say do the podcast transcription thing and then channel your stream of consciousness with actual coherent verbage.
  8. @Nobody_Here I don't think life is a zero sum game in all respects. I mean I think this is partially an aspect of our society is that some things such as water are not zero sum. But many other things, perhaps such as romantic relationships or YouTube audience are more or less zero sum. I think. What I should say, is that I don't know that they aren't. People are brick walls and enemies not necessarily because they couldn't be bridges and friends. But I do know that I probably do not know how to interact with most of them. I have my own journey in getting better at this that is unrelated to my post. Why does my success necessarily mean others fail? Well, that's a very complicated question that doesn't relate directly to this post with concrete example. I'd prefer to use concrete examples, whether actual or hypothetical, rather than abstract ones, for now. Why does dating mean taking a woman away from another man. Well, is it perhaps the case that 80% of the women generally look for 20% of the men or something like that? I want those numbers to start getting more equalized. I don't know for sure what can be done. If 50% of the women started looking for 50% of the men that would be cool in the next 1,000 years. I don't think I'd be able to directly facilitate any of that. Why would creating a new business take away people from an old business? well, building something new, regardless of what it is or is not in competition with, is still driving attention away from something else and towards it, isn't it? Why does making myself happy mean that other people are unhappy. Well, I am privileged in the sense that I am able to make myself happy, and other people are not privileged in the sense that they cannot do so for themselves. No, you're not a bad person, you are helping me. At least I think. Let's see what happens from here on out, eh? On one hand I think you're not completely understanding my points. It seems like you're trying to drive the conversation towards the idea that happiness needs to come from within. I see this as something that people simply say without giving details as to exactly what it is or how to exactly sense it for yourself. And I do not believe that happiness fully comes from within. There are always physical requirements. Maslow's hierarchy does not exist without the bottom of the pyramid.
  9. I haven't embarked on this process yet, but it's the next step in my journey. One of the things you want to be able to do is always come up with things to say, and never allow silence to fall dead. Always be able to come up with something to say. What I would reccommend is listening to a lot of podcasts and transcribing them. Look for lots of different types of conversations between people of very differing personalities. There are services you can pay to do this for you that are somewhat reasonable in price. Then upon those transcriptions, try to think about what the exact thought processes were behind what those people said and write it down in the margins. Look for repeating patterns. Of course they will not be the exact thought patterns that the people were actually using. You're interpreting it your own way. Because at the end of the day, the best tool you have is your own interpretation. So you will always be able to come up with things to say based upon your own interpretation of language and such. Look for all the patterns you can find, and memorize them. Make them very abstract and flexible, such as "reporting to someone the details of what happened and how my perspective was before the event, how it changed during the event, and how it was different after the event as opposed to what it was before the event". That is something that people talk about all the time and they don't even realize it. But you will. Look for hundreds of these abstract, complex, flexible things, and write them down and memorize them. Then, in any situation, you will never run out of things to say. Make sure that it is as foolproof as possible and is able to work in as many situations as possible. This will have to be done with your own discretion. But you must remember that it is going off of your interpretation of a situation that you are in, and that is fine, because your interpretation of it is what counts. What is a self but an interpretation anyway?
  10. Being a cop is more of a stage blue career. Maybe it isn't actually right for you, but I'm sure you can transfer your skills you learned at the police academy into something different. It also isn't to say that you can't have more conscious policing. We're always going to need cops, and not all cops are bad cops. Maybe you want to be a zoologist or something, might take a similar amount of physical endurance to wrangle animals and tranquilize them and transport them and such. Just an idea. There is probably some sort of abstract connection you could make between the police training you have and something else. Maybe you want to be a sports referee. Think of the attachments you had to being a police officer, and what those feelings are. What innate characteristics of you are connected to those attachments, and how else can you express them?
  11. I managed to get my T levels from 380 to 620 in a matter of months just by exercising and taking Beta Ecdysterone. Usually More Plates More Dates will reccommend that people try to raise their T without getting injections first. I've watched a lot of his videos and he is extremely knowledgeable about endocrinology. I think it's possible that there may be more to the story of Psyched Substance going on TRT besides his Kratom use that he doesn't want to share, but I do think that a lot of people are going on TRT very quickly without considering how else they can raise their levels. I also think it's a valid concern to want to have your T levels in the 600+ range at least as a man. There's many reasons as to why you might want that and what it might mean. Personally, I didn't feel that much of a psychological difference going from 380 to 620, but there could be background effects that I'm not aware of that are driving my improvements since.
  12. I've had a life purpose before finding Knew what I wanted to do, didn't have an idea as to how to get it. Granted, I should tell you that I'm the type of guy to see other people as either brick walls or enemies. Sometimes that veil is pierced by me successfully and other times it isn't. So I'll start with that. But it's crazy, because the same people who I would potentially see as either brick walls or enemies, a lot of the times I procrastinate in pursuing my journey because I feel that it's a zero sum game that I'm pushing people away from. The same people who I would see as either brick walls or enemies, well, they're looking at me the same way but with their own sentimentalities and things that make them happy just like me. And I can't just not care about them, because then they won't care about me. I can't just say oh fuck them, because then they can say the same to me. Now, with the 20 bonuses of "dream killers" I didn't see this one mentioned: the idea that I don't want to pursue success because I don't want to take things away from other people. I don't want to take business scape away from other people. I don't want to take women away from other men. I don't want to do these things. Our society isn't structured so that as many people as possible can be happy. I'm a bad person for making myself happy because it's at the expense of other people. Anybody else who does this is a bad person as well. What are your counterarguments?