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  1. How do you know its not just another perception in the mind? Or a zap in the brain that disconnects the mind from some other aspect of you (you as in brain, body) How do you know its the ultimate truth? The only way to know that is when the mind dies. If mindfulness can change your brain then isn't it reasonable to think enlightenment is a big permanent change?
  2. What is an effective way to release emotions when the person that hurt you doesnt care. It helps a lot when someone that hurt you takes time to listen to how you feel its a permanent release. Writing things down doesn't help me, anything that involved feeling better in the moment helps for the moment but then it comes back. Is there any other effective way to vent that will ease my mind for good?
  3. Maybe this a strange thing to contemplate, I will try to explain .I was contemplating what a thought is, a thought is a sound created in the mind that has a meaning. Thought itself essentially has no meaning, the meaning is created in the mind . Random sounds are not thoughts because they have no meaning so a sound created in the mind of a person speaking one language can be considered a thought and to a another person, the same sound is actually nothing, just a phenomena in the mind. So what we see in the mind (images) and feelings are dependent on the meaning of that thought. The thought is a cause, the meaning produces the effect. One way to look at what meaning is that it is simply a connection in the brain like how a keyboard (thought) is connected (meaning) to a computer (effect- image or feeling) if you press a letter it shows up on on the screen (the mind). But I'm not really satisfied with that. I was trying to contemplate what meaning really is. I thought a meaning is something meaningful but the more I think about it, it looks like perhaps it is all mechanical Just like feelings are? We assign meanings to things for survival or to satisfy some need. Is that really all it is? Is there nothing more to it?
  4. In Kabbalah there is a concept of the ten worlds (perhaps the 10 dimensions? watch the videos on the insight section) and each one being hidden by a curtain that blocks the light from entering where you are. I'm not so familiar with this concept so don't take my word for it but I believe these curtains could be representations of the ego blocking out the light or love of god which resides on the higher dimensions (infinity). Its like a game of hide and seek they say. Perhaps that is the purpose? Well it's an interesting idea. I see that connection from various spiritual sources. The ego makes you forget, the more you reveal and shed layers of your ego, the more of God you can encounter. Maybe it's all a game
  5. @MissMiki Thank you for that! Now thinking about it I have a lot of interests myself I'm going to try and follow your footsteps because it sounds like fun. Perhaps I will comes up with something
  6. Haha that made me smile! I'm a multipotentialite too @ParanoidAndroid it's not practical, to really excel at it i would have had to start really early, master it and push hard to make a name for myself. Perhaps I can still do it on a smaller scale as a hoby or just for inspiration. This whole industry is mostly filled with either very successful artists who make a very good living and on the other hand people want it but get no where and are broke. @Nahm no one really I just don't believe it's practical for me at this time
  7. Did you watch Leos new video today? Are you usually this lucky?
  8. Thank you for this I enjoyed the read
  9. I've been avoiding trying to find my life purpose because that was a scary subject but I need to find a reason to look into the future and wake up every day. I can't afford Leos life purpose course right now but if anyone can recommend anything else for now I'd appreciate it. The reason its scary is because ever since I was a kid I had this dream and a love for music that was my purpose however because of how I grew up and circumstances didn't allow me to pursue and fully master that. I know that this is victims mentality and of course I also take responsibility for being lazy and not pushing hard enough. I'm not young enough to pursue that now and that is the only thing I could think of doing that would make me happy. It's been a major source of depression knowing that I can't actualize that dream. I had a few other ideas in the same field of art, music and such but I am so not interested in the business side of things, I just want to create however I don't see how I can make a living out of this now and I'm not sure which direction to look at. I'm hoping to find a secondary life purpose. All I do know is that I'd want to do, create something that I will enjoy the process of and will be an inspiration for people.
  10. @Anirban657 I tend to fall asleep with this one too, mostly when I meditate in the evening. The time of day can make a big difference, If you can do this during the day when you're very alert it will most likely be easier to stay awake. If you haven't read this yet check out the insight section about when to meditate (https://actualized.org/insights). If you like to keep your eyes open you can try playing with the lighting or setting to see if that helps with the headaches. If that doesn't help try lighting a candle and look at that instead of staring at the walls, that way you can also have your eyes half open and focus on the candle although I don't know if that is something you're supposed to do with the do nothing technique because that might change your focus point from your thoughts onto an object which is probably a different meditation in itself.
  11. @MissMiki I do now, thank you so much : )
  12. @Nahm I was in a situation that was draining me but i invested a lot of time and emotion into it. I had a solution but I didn't think that it would be seen in such a good light so I was willing to risk loosing it but it turned out very well. It doesn't sound that bad now but I didn't have the energy to start over if it wasn't going to work. Thank you for your kind words, I am a little better now and have some hope.
  13. Thanks I will look into it Thanks to everyone for the input, I understand that rushing it might be counter productive. But I also know that too little won't get me so far. I really just wanted to know what is the minimum work that needs to be done to attain enlightenment or at least diminishing the ego to a substantial degree in a short amount of time. A few years perhaps, I'm not deluding myself to think it can be done in a week.
  14. @Principium Nexus I know this intellectually however I'm just very impatient lately and would like to speed it up Best answer I swear
  15. Lifestyle wont be so hard I've just been backsliding but I can get back to it. I can find a few days straight for contemplation I never did that before. Thank you Leo.