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  1. Leo, you can do better. 3/10
  2. 1. Me 2. My ego 3. My ego again 4. My ego again 5. Me and my ego while we are meditating
  3. Women hatred has many sophisticated forms.
  4. This is what I found- For many people these cars were a barrier between them and Osho. They could not see past the cars. It is said that Sufi masters create disguises so that they may go about their business unrecognized and do not have to waste time with people who are not seekers. “There was no need for ninety-six Rolls Royces. I could not use ninety-six Rolls Royces simultaneously – the same model, the same car. But I wanted to make it clear to you that you would be ready to drop all your desires for truth, for love, for spiritual growth to have a Rolls Royce. I was knowingly creating a situation in which you would feel jealous.” “The function of a master is very strange. He has to help you come to an understanding of your inner structure of consciousness: it is full of jealousy.” “…Those cars fulfilled their purpose. They created jealousy in the whole of America, in all the super-rich people. If they were intelligent enough, then rather than being my enemies they would have come to me to find a way to get rid of their jealousy, because it is their problem. Jealousy is a fire that burns you, and burns you badly.” (Beyond Psychology) “Everything that I have done in my life has a purpose. It is a device to bring out something in you of which you are not aware.” …Osho
  5. @Etherial Cat I google it and it's a movie about two gay cowboys right? There's literally movies about everything Lol Straight men's exaggerated antigonism against gayness, is an indictor of repressed attraction to men. @RazeI read about it a bit and there were some matriarchal cultures, some of them still exists. Some of them do repressing men, some of them equal, in others, men aren't allowed to exist at all.
  6. So many young people... Millennials... maybe also gen z. It's really sad. It's a mirror for the extreme sickness of our society and the sick form of capitalism those days.
  7. I got vaccinated on April and since then my period changed: I have much more pain, extreme pain that I never had. Usually my periods are light but after I got vaccinated it got heavier. On the 3-4 first days of my period I can't focus on anything or do anything even yoga or meditation, my mind feels weak and my body feels heavy and is aching. I take strong pills but even those aren't that effective. I smoked weed and this was more effective but it's too expensive for me. Before I took the vaccine I had light period, pain and disfunction on the first day only. But this is not the only thing I'm worried about. I started to bleed between the periods and experience massive womb/legs/head pain. Also problems with my focus and tiredness. I read that it may be cancer or something, not so dangerous one but it's an option. I have an appointment with the gynecologistc on the end of this month and I'll see. I know I should have to do it earlier... I procrastinated it. But better later than never. Is someone had the same experience? Or any other menstruation changes after she got vaccinated?
  8. At first, abandon the idea that you are a problem solver, and abandon the idea that you are better than your mother because you are so called rational practical man and all the bullshit you're telling yourself about yourself. Learn to listen, to be present. Surrender to the present. When you talk to people your goal is to BE in the conversation. Do not make a mathematical problem out of it. It also would help you with women in general.
  9. @LastThursday If the definition to pure authenticy is the first thought you come with (and other instincts that biology programmed us with) or the first action you take, then I can say that impulsiveness is pure authenticity. But I think that authenticity is some higher true, beyond our animal's first instincts. Maybe combined with them but isn't them absolutely. So I would say that impulsiveness has some rough true but not a pure form of authenticity. @gettoefl Yes, I think you brought good examples.
  10. @hamedsf I shared my sincere thoughts, there's nothing to be triggered about
  11. @Nahm Then you got a good example
  12. @Nahm There's no need, I have myself
  13. @Preety_India I didn't say it fits high conscious matriarchal society. There's many matriarchal structures that can be applied depends on people's needs and level of conscious
  14. @Etherial Cat I don't know but it's a good question, I also wondered about it.
  15. @hamedsf No, generally speaking, it seems like some men are more attracted to cowboys than women attracted to cowboys