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  1. @savingmylove @savingmylove I totally understand how you are feeling but the key is growing your list and this Digital world
  2. By the world social status, 2% percent of men cheat vs 13 % of women. The biggest thing for a woman I think is worrying about if a man truly values her presence and some instincts are natural because of what woman or man wants to be valued in a relationship. Having a relationship is to grow in self and as well grow in friendship to be able to communicate and understand how the other feels. I don't believe that the man is looking for a variety of women they have a problem committing to just one person at a time in their life. A lot of us jump into relationships verse trying to find who we really are vs understanding the opposite sex. I really believe people can grow on you and some people just become convenient because of the things they might accept. It is a difference between a girl to a woman and a boy to a man. Do you really know what love is to want to be loved by someone Love is unconditional you take the good with the bad you build on both sides it's having God at the beginning of the relationship? I don't believe everyone you come in contact with is designed to be in a relationship. You can say it setting high values for yourself or you can say I don't want to repeat the same cycle. You have to be able to love yourself before you can love someone. Sometimes it takes you to lose what was good to end up with shit to understand what you had. A lot of us mimic what we see verse changing what we see in our life for instincts, Some women meet men and men meet women having a fear of being alone and not really taking the time to get to know the individual to see if you have the same goals in life. Sometimes we move right with living with each not knowing if we are compatible in spirit but outstanding at sex This brings on the spirit of Lust like who they are in bed but can really be committed to that one person because your intentions were never right from the beginning. Every woman knows what she wants in a man and a man knows what type of woman he wants. I really believe that a man finds a good woman he will come just work on you while God is working on him so he will know how to love you. And when God sends him to you you will know because the way he loves God he will love you, in the same manner, he would do nothing to hurt you. But also like reading his secret obsession it very interesting
  3. Sometimes we all want to quit. sometimes we all stop at a point in our life to find out once we have to stop nothing is happening but that is normal we are human. This is a thing of emotions and feelings, learn how to control them by not letting them control you. Understand why the feeling and emotions are happening what is causing the disillusion of emotions or feelings .taking the time to focus on self and what answer are you really trying to find is within self God said no man can live on bread but by the word of god can a man live Meditation is good to strengthen the mind when you are weak I may have something you would like to check
  4. @Thought Art Do you know how many times people have failed before they get it right. Sometimes 7 times or more or less depending on the individual. I believe God to be Alpha and Omega Beginning and End I believe God is more than just love, he is a friend when there is no one there, he is a healer, and many more, because things don't go as plan in your life, does that cause you to be mad at God and Why? Take your Natural parents or your protector in your physical life they tell you the do's and the don't. Right, it's up to you to heed to their saying. Now here is God And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Your time is not God time being patient and waiting on God and trusting and believing in his word is a start. God does not lie. Sometimes we don't understand his process but the beginning is trusting his process God can be protecting you in many ways that he know the thing will destroy you mentally or physically he know when you are ready to move to the next level in your life because he knew you before you were born. Wait for Gods' time continue working in what you believe in and rebuke the devil from entering your mind. Be blessed Thought Art
  5. When you think about your life really what do you see? Are you focusing on others around you and what they have and how they achieved it you are on the outside looking in and that is the wrong thing to do because you never know the pain and the thoughts of others unto you have spoken with them. The bible says to trust no man I was at a point in my life where things didn't go right everything I touched I felt like I was a big failure but when I began to put my trust in Jesus and understand who I was in him everything else fell in place. Speak life into your situation sometimes it's hard but you have to go through it to bring someone else out. How could you help someone when you never experienced the pain now that is mundane. You cant look at what is in front of you but look at what you are walking into. This morning I got up and I meditate on Jesus and his plans for my life. Not my plans but his and his plans are for me to live and not die and the same for you find your purpose in God and everything else will line up we all are destined to be great in Jesus.
  6. There are tiers 1 through 4 with any business to grow your business to the most powerful levels of business there is. This is the capital the business currently holds. and depending on which levels the colors are presented for tiers 1 and 2 you will better understand the tiers 1 Tier is the beginning of the business is the structure of the business and how it going to work what would be the supply and demand 2 Tier is the next level of the business helping you grow the capital in the business ( you need the capital to be qualified ) you need the investments in the company and the right product to succeed When you think of growing or starting a business what is it that you need that divides you from the beginners to advanced money capital Think of this economy and all the shareholders and the people that are invested in the economy; the majority of them receive a percentage of their money back because of what they have invested. Banks are considered to be business and they have 4 Tiers in finances Thinking of the bank and how it works this is the economy we need money to live to pay bills and so on but also for that bank to thrive, they need the funds so they have different sources of supply and demand in the economic system Think of all the people in the world and the opportunities that present themselves to the bank to create products for the people.
  7. We as individuals tend to take jobs that are not pleasing to us put causes a high deal of stress and an unproductive lifestyle the most important thing is to find out if you want to work for someone or work for yourself on your own time. There are two types of workers one that makes things happen and the other is one that does what others need on the time they are allotted. Ask yourself this question? What makes you happy what do you like doing fine the inner peace in yourself and work on was to make your work productive; without the stress of a boss Here are some options if you want to work for yourself But you have to understand things don't happen without working at them. You have to believe in what your working for You have to see the dream to achieve the dream
  8. You can't be aware if you don't know yourself, To simply be aware of self is to know self. finding out who you really are and the desires that would simply make you glow in personally mentally and physically. Knowing what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Your moral being in life. There is self it's just knowing the self to be aware of the things that are placed in your life or can say what you accept. This would then bring self-awareness. There are two types of energy positive and negative and how you define that energy will help with self. You can use it as a stepping stone to better self or you can complain and be lost.