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  1. Textbook Textbook
    Hi everyone  
    I am excited to announce a little project I've been working on for the past couple of months.
    The Textbook!
    I have assembled a document of summaries of foundational videos based on the "Start Here" section of the website. In addition, there are some extra video summaries at the end.
    A lot of these summaries were written by me but I would also like to acknowledge that a very major part of the work came from the video summary thread and also some YouTube comments. I would like to thank @Juan Cruz Giusto, @TimStr, @Huz, @Nic, @Hello from Russia, @AleksM, and @Dan Arnautu from this forum for their significant and very helpful contributions. 
    I have tried as best I can to standardise the format, but doing this perfectly would take a massive amount of time. So please do note that the summaries are written by different authors with different stylistic preferences, some with English as a second language. Secondly, there are still small mistakes and probably some typos that I haven't picked up.
    This document is best suited for:
    -People who have seen the videos and want brief notes
    -People who are up to speed with the latest videos and have followed for a while, understanding the conceptual frameworks within spirituality
    For complete newbies, or people who have recently joined, the summaries may confuse you a little so I recommend you watch the original videos. A lot of the nuance and subtlety is lost in text.
    This is version 1.0 and I have linked word and pdf attachments to this post. 
    You are free to download them and modify them as you see fit. However, if you wish to update this version (i.e. fixing mistakes or adding in more fundamental videos) for the community, please keep a couple of things in mind:
    - There is a changelog on the 2nd page, so please insert changes made and also update the version number (i.e 1.1 from small fixes or 2.0 when a significant amount of content is added)
    - Also, please consider that when content is added, page numbers may not sync up so you will have to update them.
    Think of this as the textbook for the undergraduate course.
    - Watching the video is like going to class
    - The textbook is like all your classes in one place in note form.
    - To get a good grasp and to orientate yourself you will need a massive theory base at the beginning (i.e an 3-4 year undergrad degree)
    - Taking action and watching the advanced videos will be like post-graduate study
    - Doing this work seriously and taking massive amounts of action, and going off on your own is like doing a PhD
    You need to get the basic theory down BUT YOU MUST NOT GET LOST IN THEORY AND CONCEPTS. Orientate yourself, and go take action (a Masters/PhD candidate does experiments in the lab, he doesn't just sit in lecture theatres) 
    My main reason for assembling this is I see a lot of wasted time on the forum (myself included) of theorising and arguing and advanced people not communicating at the newbie level to newbies. Don't get me wrong, the forum is a great place and many people have helped me here (thank you!)
    This is my parting gift to the community. I saw that I avoided doing the work by visiting the forum too much so I will be leaving to do the work for the next 5-10 years. My main focus is embodying and fully integrating stage orange, green, and yellow, as well as doing the spiritual practices and planning for psychedelic retreats.
    Finally, @Leo Gura, I'm so sick of hearing your voice. I've probably listened to 20 of your videos in the last 3 days  I only now have caught a tiny glimpse of how much work has been put in by you over the past 5 years. Thank you for what you do! I'll still be sticking around for the advanced stuff  
    Actualized Textbook.docx
    Actualized Textbook.pdf

  2. Leo's video summaries Video Summaries!
    Hey guys! I'm gonna upload all the video summaries I have at the moment and will be uploading more of them as I watch them! Needless to say that is a summaries made by me and not transcripts nor Leo's summaries. Probably you will find some of my comments and ideas in them; I enjoy feedback of any type so feel free to comment

  3. Spirit Guides
    My first time doing Datura(Wrightii 1 seed)