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  1. Pretty sure he very clearly did on the video you yourself posted.
  2. He says he could have convinced slave holders to end slavery without war and Hitler not to commit the holocaust. Seems delusional, self-absorbed with a level of naivety distant from yellow.
  3. Or should whatever autocratic power in those societies simply be pressured to lay some foundations for stage orange so the society can at a later time become a democracy?
  4. Spiritual concepts that seemed to me hot air sober I came to experience and accept in a deep way on psychedelics. Even people in my day to day life have noticed changes. I would say there are some people who are naturally prone to be spiritual so might not need psychedelics, but for some of us psychedelics can break down some real barriers between heart, head and soul
  5. He redirected a question to prevent nationalistic attack against another country and to speak out against the persecution of people based on caste. I'm not sure how you managed to view this video and conclude he is a bad person. As for his support for the ideology -- maybe he can use the power of the ideology while also reframing it in a way that is not hostile to others which he appears to be doing.
  6. Deng Xiaoping was high consciousness, or at least approaching it. Yea, he opposed democracy but was China ready for democracy? The unfortunate thing is he appears to have strengthened China for a real brute to take over. https://www.wsj.com/articles/xi-jinping-deng-xiaoping-dictatorship-ant-didi-economy-communist-party-beijing-authoritarian-11628885076
  7. My mom only took the vaccine when our neighbor, a lady she liked, took it. If vaccines aren't being taken in some parts of the country, we should identify who is well liked in that part and get them to take it publicly.
  8. Many of the most enjoyable things in life - to read and write, meditate, drink wine and laugh with a good friend, enjoy the bliss of mother earth - you can have without being Barack Obama. Obama doesn't have anything over you except perhaps a nicer bed (and even that you can buy), more sycophants around, and many history books written about him (many of them negative). He also needs to stop for a damn selfie everywhere he goes. Do you really want to be Obama?
  9. I took three tabs of acid. First, I was afraid. And I felt like I was going to throw up, the paper I could feel it in my stomach. But then I eased into the trip and it was beautiful. I mean, the intial part was a little unsettling. I watched Leo's video on how we're all chimps, living a chimp life. And I was unsettled by how true it was. The desire for constant sex, the fixation on salt and sugar. Strutting on other chimps. Wow -- how true. Then something in my trip led me to a video on mindfulness and Jon Kabat-Zinn and I felt this man speaking to my soul. Dharma was a concept I never knew of before, but now it is the source of my deepest curiosity. My biggest gain from my trip is that this moment, right now, is the most precious, the most important. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. This moment. Love you all.
  10. This video is actually hilarious. Clear example of red
  11. I thought he would govern in an overly cautious way, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how bold he is willing to be on domestic issues e.g. expanding the social welfare net. Joe I think responds very well to public opinion so I think he’s reflecting the energy of the democratic base and his aides. The pullout from Afghanistan was a disaster with extremely bad optics, but I don’t care that much. If anything, it should humble the moronic Washington establishment and end America’s unhelpful, often destructive, attempts at state-building. My only regret is for the Afghans who are ready for freedom and can’t have it because most of “their people” are not.
  12. You made me reconsider on the "good" part, and I agree with you healthy blue can be good - at least to their in-group - but isn't systematic thinking a tier of wisdom? Systemic thinking, from my limited understanding, is the understanding of how everything is interconnected and influences each other and thinking along those terms seems to be a key element of being a wise person.
  13. What is intelligence? It comes in so many different forms. If you refer to the one sought out in college admission tests, then no. Stage yellow requires you to be wise and good.
  14. Whatever those UFOs hovering around the nuclear weapon sites decide. Strange how this story totally dropped from mainstream media and even the feeds of twitter personalities like Sam Harris and Eric Weinstein who were pushing for disclosure.
  15. It doesn't matter what she believes. Just because she's an academic at Stanford doesn't mean she knows it all. Actually, she probably only knows the small sliver of knowledge she's a specialist in, and even then, does not challenge orthodoxies. This is how modern academia operates. "Science progresses one funeral at a time."
  16. I've noticed this. I think so many of these types are so committed to getting an ego boost by feeling morally superior to others, they can't stop flaunting green. Also, it's not just a "white" issue. I've had a green Ethiopian-American woman attack me for "respectability politics" when I told some inner city youths at a job training program they should be able to dress however they like, but they would not get a job if they came into an interview sagging. Meanwhile, she herself was dressed to middle class norms.
  17. https://www.newstatesman.com/world/north-america/2021/08/democrats-risk-being-out-power-next-decade-david-shor-how-his-party-must
  18. You should have said "ex honey, the virus didn't originate from the U.S but U.S government funding helped create it."
  19. @KennedyCarter - Work 80 hour weeks. You will kill it. Make every day memorable by doing hard things.
  20. LORD bless this holy gathering of clowns, sycophants, would be authoritarians, and worst of all, Candace Owens. Amen.
  21. Have you considered how your status as foreigner from well developed country might have influenced the behavior toward you in those countries? Do you believe people from all countries are treated with similar hospitality? Furthermore, should outward displays of warmth and friendliness be given much weight when we know places such as the southern United States very much display those behaviors while being discriminatory toward minority groups?
  22. You're not going around labeling people low consciousness to get a little hit of superiority heroin
  23. INTP. And after reading dozens of MBTI books, I've come to the conclusion we are essentially clones of each other. We can also take over the world if we weren't lazy af and more interested in understanding the world than changing the world.
  24. If the U.S was led by competent people, and not morons who win elections simply by looking the part, then the government would run effective propaganda like "If the Prophet Muhammad's own wife Khadija bint Khuwaylid was a successful and independent business woman, why is the taliban refusing to let women out of the house to do their work. Does the taliban have a problem with the example of the blessed prophet?"
  25. Pretty much that. America is (or was, this is changing) a high-wage high-consumption society that valorized an "American Lifecycle" of a large suburban home, car and obedience to capital as long as capital enabled this lifecyle.