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  1. https://thedebrief.org/intelligence-officials-say-u-s-has-retrieved-non-human-craft/ The guy used to prepare intelligence briefings for the president. more info:
  2. It's not a great theory, but I struggle to understand what else explains it. How can beings so advanced their craft defy the known laws of physics unintentionally crash? Maybe they are from another dimension and something about entering our dimension causes accidents.
  3. My guess is they’re crashing for the same reason they’re allowing us to pick them up through radar and other instruments. They want to expose themselves to us, their technologies and their biologies (at least assumed biology).
  4. NyMag picks up the story: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2023/06/ex-intel-official-government-hiding-alien-tech.html
  5. Gary Nolan, a highly respected Stanford professor, often talks about the practical usefulness of knowing they are real and also with us on our planet. He mentions how the discovery of silicon transformed human civilization, serving as everything from a useful building material to the backbone of modern electronics and advanced computers and artificial intelligence softwares such as ChatGPT. if we, through reverse engineering, can even understand even a spec of the technologies used in these crafts we could potentially unleash incredible benefits for our species. This is not lost on governments. The article I linked to alleges their has been a secret Cold War between the U.S and peer advanced counties to recover and study these crafts.
  6. @Blackhawk the evidence is currently in the hands of elements of the U.S government who have concealed it from Congress and have done so for many years. right now the only evidence available to the public is this news and strong hints by many other senior officials, but the overton window on this topic is shifting quickly and we might have something more substantial available to us soon
  7. @Danioover9000 Reports of UFO sightings are not new. They’ve been going on for decades, if not centuries. What’s new is public acknowledgement of them starting in 2017 by elements of the U.S government, and now explicit acknowledgement they are non-human by a senior intelligence official. I have no idea what’s prompted this shift if they’ve been covering this up for this long.
  8. Is it worth buying this course? I bought the book recommendation list and it was just whatever. Nothing I couldn't find on Goodreads myself and seemed more like Leo's personal taste in books at the moment rather than anything life changing.
  9. See if you want to get into futures trading. I'd recommend "The Day Trader next door" on YouTube. Just type that in. There's also another guy on youtube whose name I forget who sometimes does futures. Type in something like "futures trading with 1k account" and you should find him. Younger guy out in California. Not a phony or trying to sell you some sort of discord server membership. You can start with any amount and futures trading is basically 24 hours.
  10. War is part of the great balance of the universe. Until we become Gods, and God-like in goodness, we will always need war. But war doesn't need to mean WW1 style trench warfare or nuclear bombs. We can also do social war and that works too.
  11. Biden aint shit unless he does something house. As a working millennial, I can't afford a house in places I want to live i.e. places with good jobs.
  12. When Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, reality became a joke for me. Anyone else feel the same way?
  13. Used to support now not against yet but disturbed by reports of people in Canadian hospitals being reminded repeatedly and without solicitation of their option to die by doctor if their medical care is costly.
  14. Used it this morning at work when drafting a pretty extensive message on new product features. What would have taken me about 40 minutes (with editing) took 15 and the notes were really good. It can also write usable code and even re-create a form of the internet (see twitter). Add on top of it its ability to make poetry, speak about some complicated financial and science topics with nuance mind-blowing even some experts...this is pretty extraordinary. What's even more shocking is that an even more powerful version will be released in the next few months according to OpenAI.
  15. Is this unique to red? I feel this is common across all humans yellow and below.
  16. People who don't mind immigrants don't make internet posts mentioning immigrants who are "casually dressed" who speak English "so terrible" that makes you think why on earth they are here while admitting you do hold "a personal grudge." One thinks of a Trump supporter in Trump regalia at a literal Trump rally saying "I'm not racist or nothing but..."
  17. Ok. You are definitely European. There's something snotty I sense here. Americans only: do you think our country would be greater if we had a "snotty" attitude toward immigrants?
  18. I can accept stealing as somehow related to red. Although I notice they typical won't blantly steal from friends. Maybe a weak punk or those they want to dominate, but there's also an honor culture on the street. Blatant stealing is not red. As for emotional immaturity, you need to go further an define that more. I find that many stage red people are broadly aware of the ethics of their community and won't go against that. They don't spend hours on personal introspection and reflecting on their emotions, but is that the same as emotional immaturity? Personally I think a lot of stage yellow people can also fall into the category of emotional immaturity. This ugly stereotype of red as a feeling less brute who impulsively does violence is not helpful to this enlightening model.
  19. Stealing from others, drinking alcohol and using drugs, and the other things you describe are not defining of stage red. This could very easily be state orange. Red is violent, and impressed by displays of power and desires power over others it deems weaker. You can have someone at that stage who never drinks easily. I know many stage red Muslims for instance.
  20. This comes across as a dumb, non-empathetic, at minimum classist and borderline racist post. But we will assume the best and think because of your non-native command of English you are unaware of the offense you cause. America has immigrants for multiple reasons. Partly it's because our country has always defined itself as an immigrant country and even its iconic statute of liberty has a famous poem that reads "Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,...The wretched refuse of your teeming shore." This idealistic aspect of America is real. But at the same time, there are plenty of non-idealistic reasons America accepts so many relatively poor/uneducated immigrants. The American economy is huge and has an insatiable appetite for labor. Those cows won't slaughter themselves, those old retired boomers won't wipe their own ass in the nursing homes after all.
  21. Assuming in this situation the criminal is guilty without doubt.
  22. UFOs are real and significant. Everything suggests they are not man-made (man made here meaning humans from this planet in this dimension in this time period). Greer is a phony with a profit motivation. He is known to charge large fees to stage UFO sightings that turn up to be drones followed by smoke shows.
  23. There is a spectrum on how directly people rely on the government. People living in public housing and receiving food stamps and Medicare are one end of the spectrum, while survivalists living in the Montana mountains eating deer and self-healing using herbs found in the wild are on the other side. Most Americans fall in the middle. The government isn't as direct and obvious presence in their lives as people in public housing, but the hidden hand of government supports them in many aspects --- many private industries rely on some form of government subsidy, many employer provided benefits take advantage of government tax breaks, many lucrative companies use technologies originally developed by the government using public tax dollars. The conservative in [insert flyover red state here] lives in a McMansion in the suburbs, drives to their 9-5 job and thinks they're self-made while neglecting the fact that their state receives more in federal subsidies than it pays in taxes and their employer likely relies on some form of government contracts, or government-created legal structures that benefit the existence of their industry.
  24. People need to take personal responsibility, yes, but the government should use its immense resources to create opportunity as well. If the government isn't there to help create opportunity, what are they good for? just some police and courts?
  25. Delighted to have started a controversy. Learning alot here.