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  1. Hello, My Name is Drew and I have not post much on here. I am looking to see how many other people may be going through this same thing I am. The best way I can describe it is a life halt. I literally am feeling as though I don't have any energy, motivation, passion or feelings of any kind. It feels robotic. I have been feeling as though I am just living and nothing more. It's not like depression or anything. It's as if my life is almost just going. I still do things and feel as though I need to do things for my family and to better myself but its almost like I am detached from everything while still being attached to everything. If anyone who may have had prior experience to any of these things could lend me a hand in what exactly is going on that would be great. Thank you. Also if this posted should be posted in a different sub feel free to remove.
  2. I have had these experiences before as well while being conscious at work. It felt very exclusive to a psychedelic trip. It was like being completely aware of everything around me and how I just felt euphoria. Come to think of it I had an experience kind of similar in feeling like I was engulfed in a sexual experience with the Universe.
  3. You should check out Owen Cook or Aaron Doughty and see if they would do an interview or talk with you!!