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  1. So I have finally acknowledged that I am below average on many things according to my age in contrast with other people. (Height, weight, intelligence, strength, success etc.) Then I know a few things for a fact that will surprise the unexperienced: 1. There is life after bodily death. ( Have exited the body and all my senses were without separation. Seems like the individuated couscioussness is learning from the human body. My bodily vehicle looked very impersonal like a physical object I pass by everyday without noticing) 2. There is such thing as couscioussness that pervades everything in existence. ( Had a satori moment many years ago inwhich i saw this reality. Still am very slowly leaarning the aspects of it) 3. There is a abundant and intelligent lifeforms existing outside earth. (This is a difficult thing to explain at this point. Probably this will be the next big thing on the news someday in our lifetime. Some occultist acknowledge that every planet is meant to evolution biological/spiritual lifeforms. Thus some of them are way out ahead of humanity and others are still starting to know couscioussness.) Just posting things that I experienced and now know for a fact. I do not need to prove or give evidence to these claims, as I know someday you will know that this or some similar stuff is the truth. Maybe this should be on the spiritual side of the forum. Happy new year to you.
  2. Another regulair day passed by and it is the end of a kalender. When will this superstition end.
  3. A coworker of mine was happy that he got caught, now she hopes he gets a prison sentence. Just because she doesn't like him, she is already biased that the guy is guilty without proper investigation has yet been made on these suspicions. Public opinion is a cruel monster to witness.
  4. There is hopelessness, despair and misfortune even for them with normal to high IQ.
  5. We might view it as an overreaction. There was an article I read that stated that the Russian army were adviced to install peace keeping troops in the donbas region (through UN or something). That would have eliminated most of the problems that this invasion had caused and secured most of the goals that this invasion was started for (guarding the donbas people against the Ukrainian far right operations etc.). As their military was to greedy and power hungry. They decided to show of some muscle to world, as they were humiliated before by the west. Also the Russian Orthodox church wanted Kyiv for Russia and install it as capital of Orthodox Christianity. Basically many interest were involved thus this "overreaction" came to fruition.
  6. @Leo Gura If Ukraine banned these far right groups a long time ago, would there be an invasion? Is not the whole Russian propaganda show, that Russia tries to liberate Russian speaking Ukrainians against battalions like Azov.
  7. Usually the things that you should do are going to be effortless and in flow. Forcing oneself to do things that are not of interest will result in a burnout. Maybe take more rests, go to the gym and maybe find something else to do.
  8. Remember the time i was apolitical, it was the good time. The time that i focused on my life, science and sports. Now this political stuff showed me our depravity and brought more misery.
  9. I realized that I am a can of tuna, the Inflation rate this month and the dog turd you stepped on last year.
  10. Interesting as I did read this in a government owned news agency. However, it was published in a foreign language. The information wasn't posted on the 2 obligatary languages in the country. "Clairvoyant's Phase 2 Psilocybin Therapy Trial for Alcohol Use Disorder Obtains Regulatory Approval and Initiates 1st Clinical Site in Finland":
  11. Use what makes you comfortable. I remember i bought a smaller iphone cause of the compact size. I realized it was a misstaken after i used it for a month. Might be different for you. I know using OnePlus. One feature is Zen mode which can shut down the phone up to 2 hours. Also i like the fast charging. I would like one of the Samsung ultra phones with tele camera. As i like nature photography especially on animals.
  12. This Tate guy has become a trend out of nowhere. Wonder what the next trend will be.
  13. The inner voice is like your intuition that guides you daily, especially in certain decisions that you need to make. We were always guided by this voice in our lives but you are able be aware of it through meditation. Thinking voice is all the details you accumulated throughout your life from society,family and friends etc. Key here is to listen to the inner voice and to THINK (use thoughts from the almost never ending stream of "thinking"). To think is when your "inner voice" and yourself do not appear separate anymore. There is a difference between thinking, observing thoughts (meditation) and allowing thought stream to mindlessly in your head until you get I'll from them.
  14. We are all insane, it is just a matter of degree.
  15. Y'all think this Greer stuff is outlandish conspiracy then you better watch this: Need to mention, these people in the movies are not in cooperation anymore. They are either keeping distance, fighting over the internet or having lawsuits against each other. Some who were associated with this movement have been made fun of and videos been made to "expose them". But haven't yet found any good evidence to disprove or approve their claims. I'll will keep an open mind though, maybe the aliens will land some day.
  16. Love watching Greers message coming out. Unfortunately, there has yet been no evidence of his claims that majority of humanity could accept as fact. My excitement has already ran out and i am tired of waiting for anything that will change the world. If no evidence will be provided then the squares will forever call him a "conspiracy theorist". I do however believe something will come out later on but am more focused on my personal life than spending my time waiting/wasting on speculations.
  17. I remember when I glimpsed that Earth was round. Of course I knew intellectually that the earth was round but never knew it experientially until then. How did it feel? Is it awake as a human being (thinking, reasoning and deciding)? Beyond or above any human intellectual functioning? or hasn't any intellectual function at all and is just a huge collective bundle of plant and mineral intelligence in one etc.
  18. I hope they will nuke Finland into oblivion. Then the space cops will come and rescue the rest of us.
  19. Timothy Ferris wanted to market his book "4 hour chef" but the cost was to expensive. So he published the first section of his book on a torrent website.
  20. I am such a person that experience badly with weed. Although i am not against it as i know there are a lot off people that derive positive effects from it.This government of my country is not legalizing weed cause there are patients that arrive with "marijuana-psychosis" into the mental health clinics. It is a minority of the weed users but that seem to suffice as an explanation to why weed hasn't yet been legalized in my country.
  21. I can give to him that he is at stage turquoise, has mystical experiences and abilities on regular basis to some lesser degree and is much advanced spiritually than the average seeker to understand. He is definitely one of the most advanced people that is in the limelight. There is a occult law that makes the real advanced adepts to avoid the limelight. Sadhguru is here with us to serve and not focus on staying spiritually clean from the eyes of the ignorant crowd. It is better to focus on someone you can reach to the same level as the person. There are more advanced people than Sadhguru that the majority does not know about. Such beings are we not yet deserving to be guided from.
  22. This video explains exactly how an Ukrainian women told me about how she sees the Russian soldiers invading Ukraine. Either this is somewhat truthfull or just a stereotypical viewpoint that Ukrainians / Western people have about Russians.
  23. TikTok is also an OnlyFans pipeline. Influential TikTokers advertise themselves to young men to join their OnlyFans and then generate revenues by posting explicit content.
  24. Researching UFO on the net is a waste of time. Endless garbage of information and lots of closed-minded critics.