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  1. Over the years it does seem as if his grip on materialism has eased a little, I listened to a podcast recently and he was talking about the no self experience/non duality, unfortunately he fits it in to the material paradigm. If I remember rightly his wife entertains the idea of consciousness being fundamental. Maybe he should listen to his wife more 🤔
  2. Leo, will you do an update on where you are on your journey? Like in your day to day experience? How much more awake are you compared to say 3 years ago?
  3. I always hoped I’d see Leo on joe rogan, but after watching the recent podcast I can’t see it doing much good. I’d love to see him talk to Sam Harris though, imagine if Leo opened his mind, surely some of his fans would follow suit? I mean a material atheist who actually realised he’s believing in a false ideology, that could be a key turning point in history.
  4. I’m not much of a county music fan but this is a cool song about reincarnation, I’ve heard Willie nelson believes in reincarnation, maybe smoking so much weed gave him this thought
  5. If you’re not willing to look in to it then aren't you being ideological? As much as mick west is a debunker he admits he leaves room for alternative theories. His website offers explanations to unusual phenomena. Of course mick is ideological and quite closed minded but his explanations are quite thorough and informative.
  6. Lets not jump the gun, there is some good evidence which shows this could be a conventional craft. In fact it looks very likely