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  1. Life itself is the manifestation of desire. "Becoming" arises out of desire, and itself causes suffering. All that manifests is therefore imperfect. Only the Dharma is perfect. Only through Dharma can one end suffering. One must strive therefore to transcend the duality of existence/non-existence. TL;DR - you should not want to be alive, nor should you want to be dead. you should not want anything. It's not wrong to suffer, nor is it right to suffer. It just is. Buddhism seems to be a mind-twisting religion first class.
  2. There is wisdom in this. Thank you for posting
  3. When a good/peaceful setting is NOT an option, can psychedelics still be beneficial?
  4. I think people are selfish because form their individual POV they are the only thing conscious entity that exist. So it is actually expected that they act so.
  5. From Leo`s argument, Leo is the only Being that exist, so it is actually not wise from his POV that he is spending his time and effort explaining to others about this, I mean they dont exist consciously, so it is like proving to a dream character that they are not real. I think, if somebody really believed in solipsism, they wouldn't even discuss about it with others, because with the others are not there.
  6. Leo you are literally wasting your time and effort trying yo explain to a non existent dream character that they are in a dream. Its all about you, forget others man.
  7. If I be honest, I have to agree with you, to go 100% in. Consciousness is infinite, thus it is a possible possibility that a character within the dream, becomes lucid dreamer. I mean, we can imagine such scenario right? So at least we are conscious of the fact that it can be imagined, so it is possible.
  8. Thank you sincerely Globalcollective! Appreciate it lots and lots of times. Never heard of Mr Dispenza and Lyme Disease, will surely check it out.
  9. Yes, but I am thinking more about, through Consciousness to heal oneself. I see this pattern in spirituality where people take the "passive" mode, but why not the "active" one? Consciousness is an active and powerful process.
  10. There is no official diagnosis yet, Doctors are powerless in my case and cannot answer for the reason of the illness. Because of this, knowing the power of Consciousness, and the fact that reality itself is Consciousness, I am putting my hopes on the power of consciousness, there is nothing left to do really. In my case the health issue is a bucket of symptoms. Chronic pain and fatigue, + a "burning" sensation all over the body. And (I am not kidding), also my bones are shrinking/deteriorating. And almost constant lack of well-being, the body feels worn out as if it was recently beaten up by some thugs.
  11. Can one consciously get rid of a painful chronic 24/7 illness? And if yes, how could one get such state of Consciousness that could achieve such task? Or could someone please give me information of a healer that has such Consciousness state that could heal me? As a Conscious Being I also want to declare to the universe, so it makes sure that such suffering will not be experienced by another conscious being. Thank you in advance, whether you reply or do not, have a nice day/night. Namaste.
  12. Hmm interesting perspective. Could you please explain in a easier language, what do you mean Bro? thank You.
  13. Interesting answers Leo, thank you for them! Something to contemplate about deeper for now for me.
  14. Greetings to Leo and to other forum dwellers Leo, you said earlier that when somebody dies they dwell in infinite love forever, and that it is like heaven, because whatever they wish it materializes there. You also remarked that for example people who tragically died recently such George Floyd are in infinite love, aka. heaven right now. My question is, does this mean that the ones who are on earth right now are in a masochistic situation? I mean, there is literally individual heaven waiting for someone after death, in which ones all dreams and wishes can be experienced, then whats even the point of keeping surviving in a human form?
  15. I can assure you I can say the same thing from my POV, so does your mind exist?