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  1. Lots of assumptions here. If you were to die where would you go? How do you know? How do you know if you go anywhere of if you reincarnate?
  2. 😂😂😂😂 Imagine this dude in front of the Tv totally tripping saying he is a television watching the television. I would laugh my ass off. Like I am now, with this comment. Sorry no offense man.
  3. 'me' isn't the universe. 'me' is created by your brain. Don't confuse 'little me' with Higher Self and and 'little me' which is addicted to a cellphone, ignoring the Universe. I = I am or higher degrees of consciousness = I AM = DIVINE. SELF. True Egregore. God is a religious concept for which we measure our pain. -John Lennon Wish is not love. Will is Love. Love is the will. Thelema 101. Just theories and more theories. There is nothing for you to do rather than what you're always doing? Like, have you tried turning off the phone for a week? Because it seems wlall you're doing is being addicted to a cellphone and typing on this forum.
  4. Wxperience is the real teacher. But many overlook it and ignore.
  5. We are talking about shared hallucinations, not actual stones that can be seen in a "shared reality". Stones can be seen as being there before you were there or could be seen as only existing as stones when the observer is looking at them (quantum double slit) and when not observed they are not stones but something else like quantum possibilities of a stone...but some still argue agains it.. even if you say you did, many will argue that you did not manifest the stone and the stone were already there before you came. So it will be your word against them. When we talk about actual thought forms thar can be seen in altered states of consciousness..I think it's a thought form that can be created in shared "hallucinations" from drug trips.. so that everyone can see.
  6. Have you read this one?
  7. I tried to integrate some teachings alongside quantum knowledge.. and ended up realizing something in my last trip. I think before we are born we were just consciousness and got to a point where you willed yourself into existence.. you were bored... begin to imagine the parents you wanted..thus collapsing the wave function.. consciousness around began to take form... and parents with the specitic details you imagined got attracted...then you are put in the world as a new born baby (illusion that is being manifested), your parents are just there as forms of consciousness that were used to integrate the conscious will that YOU wanted before your birth, but it's ultimately an illusion, it wasn't their choices.. they are just waves that collapse....they are types of consciousness...for example once your father dies he will take another form the Universe wants it to take... your father may even become a fucking chair. Because a "father" is a vessel for consciousness itself to be able to put manifestation to work. It is a "father" as long as you are in this illusory life. Once the father dies. It literally take another form as a wave of probabilities. People may ask..oh what about DNA ... that disproves this theory...etc.. well that is also integrated im the Universe's manifestation... why would you be born in such family with such DNA? Do you think this is some random shit? LOL.. it is actually impossible to be random. Mind (which is not limited and has the ability of Supreme intelligence and instant calculus) creates the best math for your creation. Your will is the Universal Minds Will. It's just that we cannot fully understand with our minds.
  8. Exactly. The 'you' dies when the ego/memory program dies. It's an illusion. I think the thought that creates the sense of a 'you' is correlated with memory. Without the memory of your past there is no 'sense of you' as a person... so 'you' is an illusion of memory and how you think about the memory. Once you "die" (I mean your body vanish, as you don't actually die how people tells you) then that memory vanishes and you get back to source of infinity consciousness and then probably reicarnates or not. It depends.
  9. How are you going to return as someone else ? There would be no such thing Leo is his own consciousness. But you gotta see that Leo and you have no real difference. You will not become Leo on your after life.
  10. No you aren't brotha But every human reincarnating is the same consciousness that were before. No difference.
  11. That would still be God's work anyway. I heard one time you say you and Jeff Bezos were the same, on a metaphorical and absolute level. You both ARE the same consciousness.. you and him vanish and the duality only exists in the mind of the observer. so why do people think billionaires are evil? Or are separate? People want to be one with the world but want to bash billionaires... aren't the ego the one who creates the difference between anyone and Jeff Bezos too? Just think for a second, if you were Jeff Bezos wouldn't you think like him? Probably the circumstances would make you think like him, experiences shape people and they transform the way people think but at the end of it all, all people's consciousnesses are the same. Experiences create ego and differences. That's all
  12. Mind is so intelligent that uses QM to show the illusory ego truth about itself. It does not hinge on QM.
  13. I think they literally cease to exist. I mean literally.. I think there will be a time where you reach a certain level of consciousness where you access a different m dimension where your parents literally cease to exist.. all others too. They vanish. There is a video on youtube talking about it... you simply vanish from this dimension and shift to a different vibration, you literally become all alone, no one to talk to interact. Kabbalah teaches it too I think
  14. True. I like that video you did explaining Allah. How you have to constantly remind yourself that you and Allah are not one...otherwise you snap back to illusion/maya I like that video so I constantly remind myself "I am not Allah" then snap back to illusion. Then I remind myself I am not Allah. . Then snap back to illusion....I am not Allah.... on and on... constantly remind myself I am not Allah all the time...
  15. So that means I'm not within you. Because I am NOT smaller than you.