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  1. @Rishabh R Did you mean you propositioned her after a few days or did you propose marriage? Propose in general is referring to the offer of marriage, while propositioning someone means you are asking them to have sex. Or perhaps you mean you asked her on a date? There are large differences between these words which makes it hard to answer your question.. If it was only asking her on a date and she rejected you, then she is probably not that interested in you, or she wants to play it cool. But I think she is serious about not talking to you further if you propositioned her online since she blocked you. To me it would be disrespectful to assume she is some kind of desperate girl who would meet up for sex without even meeting you first. Also keep in mind that their are many ppl online who like to catfish (meaning trick you into believing they are someone who they are not). There are men who do this, pretending to be women; older women pretending to be young; married women pretending to be single etc just to amuse themselves flirting with you. This person could have been pretending to be someone else and did not want to ever meet you in real life, so they panicked and blocked you. It may not have been anything you did wrong at all. Verify ahead by phone or by using facetime so you can be sure this person is who you think they are. If you've been blocked consider it good luck for you and just move on to other women.
  2. If she hated the sight of you, she would never have come over to say goodbye. Otoh bars and restaurants push their employees to be extra friendly, so if she was sending a signal, it was really subtle. That said, it never hurts to be friendly even if you aren't sure if she was interested. You could have been a little pushier and asked her what days she was there. She would get that you were interested. If she was interested, she'd tell you what days she's there. But if she wasn't interested, she would have said something vague like, "oh my schedule changes from week to week, I just never know." From that you'd have to assume she didn't care to let you know how you could meet up. Making dates is a game of strategy. Like chess or checkers, you gotta pay attention to what her next move might be and how to make your next move. No offense, Roy, but your game of strategy is kinda like taking a sledge hammer and smashing the hell out of all the pieces.
  3. Science reinforces the dualistic viewpoint upon which our delusion of a material world is based. Science looks for truth in the delusion thereby giving the delusion a false legitimacy. It is impossible to take science seriously and simultaneously dismiss life as material and dualistic. They are diametrically opposed belief systems. Either you see All as non-dual and One unified consciousness, or you embrace the findings of science and the materialistic delusion upon which it is based. You cannot do both at the same time.
  4. My husband has had this for years. When he got pneumonia, the ER doctor noticed his constant nasal drip and he just volunteered that Nasacort or Flonase OTC nose spray would clear that right up. He didn't say what may cause the constant drip, but we tried the spray and it worked. A spray in each nostril once or twice a day fixed it. But then my husband ran out and didn't tell me he needed it again. So he went without it for several weeks and the drip came back. There are so many reasons for sinitus you'd have to be a pretty good detective to track the exact cause down.
  5. In a perfect world, you and everyone else would have perfect parents. My parents weren't perfect and I haven't been either. They can only do the best they can with what they know, and if they knew better, they'd do better. From my perspective I see your parents as two sides of the same coin. Each of them is overcompensating for what they see as the other one's flaws. Your mom is a helicopter parent because she doesn't think your dad is involved enough. And your Dad is uninvolved because he thinks your Mom is over involved. They are both parenting by trying to make up for what they think the other one is doing wrong. And they are both unaware how much their back-and-forth is affecting you. I think your parents both care about you a lot and love you to pieces. That is why they are each trying to compensate for the other one so hard. They mean well toward you. They want the best for you. You are the apple of both their eyes. But they cannot see themselves the way you do. Your mother needs to feel she can influence you for the best. So she overprotects you and warns you and watches you, just in case. I don't see her as suspicious of you, just a little too protective. And your Dad doesn't want you to grow up being a Mama's boy, so he tries to show you trust by saying you should be left alone to make your own decisions. It would help if you could all communicate better so they will realize their mistakes and you can speak honestly about how you feel. Family counseling can be a great help in getting everyone on the same page. If you don't feel you can say you want to try it to their faces, why don't you write each of them a note explaining that you are feeling lonely and would like some family counseling so they can communicate better or at least counseling for yourself. Don't tell them you don't like their parenting. That will just make them defensive. Just tell them how you feel confused sometimes and need help figuring things out. Explain you'd like a professional to help make sense of your confusion. A loving parent won't turn you down on this. And if you want to have a strong relationship with them without feeling over or under parented the rest of your life, give it a try.
  6. I think this vedanta guru's answer to why men are so preoccupied with sex makes a lot of sense. He admits it is a biological pull, but more that that. He is not necessarily pro pick-up artist. But his view of sex drive is helpful in giving men insight into themselves and what it is driving men to desperately seek sex. To women the more desperate you appear the less attractive you make yourself to them. That is why the PUA method is not terribly successful. It's like trying a new diet to regulate weight every month and when you fail in the end you go on to try another. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting new results is defined as insanity. For developing consciousness, according to this guru, PUA isn't even a thing:
  7. Ego can be very nasty in it's effort to force you back under its influence. We often underestimate how vicious it is. I've had some very nasty things happen to me. I was in bed for 3 months with an injured nerve and went through 7 doctors who all diagnosed it as a hamstring pull. I could not walk except to the bathroom and back. I thought about suicide seriously because I felt I could not live the rest of my life in such pain. Finally I was led to a remarkable doctor who diagnosed it and gave me meds so that I could function again. The latest was when I broke my back at the beginning of April trying to lift my husband off the floor after he'd had a reaction to the second covid vaccine. This occurred right after having several awakenings in a short amount of time. Ego lashes right back when you've made any progrress of a spiritual kind. I wish Jeff the best and luck in finding a cure.
  8. Bob Marley said: "the biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman's love with no intention of loving her." That pretty much says it all. Note: He said "women" and not "girls." God does not intentionally hurt his own people, i.e. Himself. Then He would truly have to be insane. This is why Jesus said "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" because you are doing to yourself what you do to others.
  9. Woa, whispering into a friendzoned girl's ear? And saying something that graphic? Well, if you want to make her really really uncomfortable and ready to bolt, that would do it. Sorry integral, but I don't get the vibe that would come across as a welcome "compliment." First off there is the issue of her physical boundaries being encroached upon, meaning whispering in her ear is way too close for a friend to just feel comfortable with . You might wanna just back up a bit. Say something cute and not raunchy, like "I just wanna cuddle you like my teddy bear." She'll probably give you a look that says "yeah right," then you can say "well the cuddle part is true anyway. You're just too cute not to wanna." Give her a sheepish grin. "Can I get one? A cuddle?" If she flat out says "no" then that's a good indicator of what your chances are. She's turning down your first offer, so getting more graphic will do nothing to get you any further. And after that big reveal, she may distance herself anyway. So unless she gives you a cuddle, don't push it. Don't go for such explicit sexual terms unless you are already intimate. If that's a PUA suggestion it really sucks. Too much too soon is gonna push her away not bring you closer.
  10. @Preety_India Excellent post, Preety.
  11. In reality there is no personal person who is wondering what he should be like. I defer to Jesus who explained that in heaven (in the kingdom and we are all the kingdom) there are no marriages or giving in marriage. Those who have awoken to being one with God are neither masculine or feminine, thus no marriages are necessary or relevant. But in the relative consciousness the body/mind is disturbed by not having had a role model. Men do have a role during this particular dream experience. No one would know what characteristics are feminine if there were no males to provide a contrast. It is natural for the gender we refer to as male to be male as long as the body/mind is satisfied with that. Follow what seems natural to you. The brain is programmed to be the gender that the current body/mind inhabits. No, men are not just useful for sex. They take part in the co-creation of life on this level. But the male psyche, speaking relatively, is useful in analytical thinking, problem solving, helping to add ideas for new technology, being creative if that is the talent the body/mind prefers, they also give females a feeling of security just by their presense. Men do add a special flavor to the soup of humanity just by following their own path.
  12. @VeganAwake Oh oops, I'm sorry I answered the wrong person. It was Solarwarden who asked. Just ignore. It has been clearly seen here as well that there is no self, however I try to aim my advice to the level of the questioner. Just ignore, thanks.
  13. Solarwarden I had problems with the loving yourself aspect of awakening too. And also I found the idea that there is only the One depressing. But after listening to Alan Watts on Youtube, and flashing back to an experience I had of looking out into the greenbelt right behind our house and seeing the life in trees and bushes, weeds and rocks shimmering. lit from inside raising their limbs like arms up to soak in life itself, it dawned on me that we are Life itself, being God himself, living through us and all things. Suddenly I loved that life coursing through everything. I loved Life doing life, just doing life, creating and breathing life into all the various things you see around you. It's all you. How can you not love You doing what you do best. That is loving yourself.
  14. @AlwaysJoggin If she lures you to her bed, then rejects your kiss, she is either stupid or she is just doing it to see how much power she has over you. Either way, she is like a puppy playing with her new bone. She wants to keep the power she thinks she has. You need to forget her. Don't text her, don't take her phone calls if there are any, don't even text back if she asks you to answer. Just block her. You don't need her immature behavior in your life. Believe me, being in a relationship is a lot of work and compromise, but she is not mature enough to recognize that. She would make it into a hell for you. She has a lot of learning and growing to do, and I'm telling you, you have your own path so you would always be in conflict. Yes, she may treat you sweetly when she wishes, but that is because she is power hungry. That would always stand between you, each of you struggling to have power in the relationship. I'm sorry, but that relationship is doomed. She may never grow up and if you are stuck with each other it would be a big big mess. By texting you, she is holding out a reward and if you chase the reward, you are giving up your power. She likes that. She wants to control you. And that is why she doesn't answer back. She is entertaining herself, in her mind she sees you waiting and checking your phone until she decides to answer back. Don't put yourself back in the same powerless position again. Just give her up. She isn't good for you. P.S. In a relationship, it's like a dance. If she steps back, you step back twice. She took a big big step back, so your move would be to take two big big steps back. But in this case with this girl, it would only lead to more heartbreak if she came back. You don't need more heartbreak.
  15. Good job, very helpful.
  16. @AlwaysJoggin Try to think of it this way: you may very well have dodged a bullet. She dated you two weeks which was enough time for her to gather a little information about you. Maybe there was something that she didn't feel compatible with you on and didn't feel you and she would ever be able to compromise about. Or maybe as she said, in her family they change partners and in her mind she was becoming too attached and didn't yet want to settle into a steady relationship. I had a guy propose to me on our first date, and we were both young. I liked him, but a declaration of love and a proposal was way too premature in my mind. So I felt if I dated him, he would pressure me into something we weren't prepared for. Luckily he was in the military and was shipped out soon after. I had to eliminate another guy who declared he loved me, but he was a serious alcoholic and I didn't want to try to reform him so we could have a relationship. It's often not about you, but it's about her hangups. And I also know from experience that she will feel guilty for breaking it off suddenly and leaving you clueless and hanging. I've had it done to me, and I spent a week either crying or on the verge of crying. Tried to go out or at least drive around some and almost got in an accident because I was crying again and couldn't see. I thought I never would love again. But here I am years later married with kids and the past has faded. Consider yourself lucky to have so many chances with so many other girls you would never have met if you were still with her, a broken person. The universe merely cleared the way so that you can find the one who is worth your love.
  17. "The eye with which I see God is the same with which God sees me. My eye and God's eye is one eye, and one sight, and one knowledge, and one love." The above was written for a sermon by a priest who had true spiritual discernment, Meister Eckhardt in the 1300s. His sermons hit on truths like this consistently, but of course, the Catholic church threw him out for such heretical ideas.
  18. I believe there are a multitude of techniques and paths each unique for every person. Some work better for analytical people and some work better for emotional people. And then there are different cultures and family situations that are also an influence. But I also believe what Christ said when he said you can only reach the kingdom of God through him. He was not speaking about a physical body named Jesus, but the Christ mind which puts you in the same frame of mind as God, i.e. for all intents and purposes you are God once you have reached that level of spiritual development.
  19. You're familiar with the resistance that ego puts up as soon as it senses you are trying to overcome it, i.e. death for the ego? I think this might have been one of those backlash moments because apparently you are getting way too close to doing away with ego. It is the suggestion that without ego, you will just become a nihilist . But in reality, attaining God consciousness is not at all nihilistic. It is stillness, peace, calm and a sense of unconditional love. Don't give up over these desperate tactics by ego to stay alive or to stay in the background of consciousness and not in the foreground. Whatever you resist persists. So just keep going, but be discreet about announcing the progress you are making. Ego will fight back. Accept that ego was the author of this episode, accept your feelings about it. It will die a natural death.
  20. Tell me, do you feel real empathy for people who suffer great losses, or heart break? I do. But I don't consider that "being nice." I consider that being human. It's not a show I'm putting on. I just feel pain when someone else is suffering and I can't stand not doing anything to help. I think that is supposed to indicate a higher level of consciousness, maybe. Do you ever sense when people are just acting nice to show off what fine and admirable people they are? Then those people don't get it yet. Being nice, having kindness and empathy can be faked, but most people see through that. So if that is your goal, then don't try to force it. Your wish to be that is all you need. Your teachers in life will urge you to that goal and it will happen naturally. Life lessons give you wisdom and wisdom will endow you with your own personal learning curriculum. From as long as I remember I had a deep wish to love others more. I usually saw people as annoying and hated crowds of people. But gradually I learned lessons given me and I began to grow in empathy and compassion. Those qualities are really all there inside of your heart (or heart chakra if you like), but the obstacles need to be cleared away so they can be clearly expressed in your life. So just keep on and listen to the promptings of your heart. "Whenever the student is ready, the teacher appears."
  21. Well, you've run into a log jam it seems. From your description of how these experiences have impacted you, it sounds as if the ego is mixed up with your interpretation of your experiences. It doesn't take a hugely long time to see through the ego traps, but you will encounter what is called the dark night of the soul usually when you are close to realization. It sounds like you are experiencing it afterward. The ego will put up a struggle as you begin to push it into a corner. It never wants to be side lined because it senses it will die if it is seen through. You talk about your ideas of how you want to play out a grand plan you had. That sounds like it is straight from ego. You are very attached to your grand plan, also an ego quality. Letting go is something that the ego self must learn. And if you don't learn to do it, this back and forth will be a problem until you do. You see, it is hard to let God consciousness guide you with ego shouting in your ear. But practice whatever discipline you like to quiet the chattering ego, and you will begin to trust that your grand plan may not be the most grand plan at all. God consciousness, if you listen to that quiet voice, the insistent prodding of your still quiet gut feelings, you will come to see that, in the end, there was a better plan for you, better than any that the ego loudly proclaimed was your plan. Synchronicity makes an appearance when you let go of your control. Believe me, I learned this by my own experiences. I was probably one of the most headstrong people you could have ever met. I wanted every thing my way. When my assumptions all collapsed and the whole foundation of my little world caved in, I finally looked for another way and it all fell into place without my control of anything. Be patient. Give up the idea that control means you are getting guidance from God. The more control, the more ego is in play. Learn patience. It takes time and trials to learn patience. You have to curb the influence on you of the ego and wait for the little voice of sanity that will come through. Eckhardt Tolle (who wrote his book "A New World" about his awakening and how it changed him) had his overwhelming experience where he saw through the ego at a time when he was in a deep depression. Afterward he says he sat on a park bench for two years just discovering life in all its forms over again like a child and integrating his renewed thoughts into consciousness. He looked into other philosophies, a lot of Eastern philosophies like Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta and read "A Course in Miracles" and, I'm sure, more until he understood what he had experienced. It takes quite a bit of integrating before the puzzle finally falls into place and the overall picture emerges. You can't just do it in a few LSD trips. It requires patience, and maybe just letting things settle for a while.
  22. But all these discussions over karma or why God would love everything good or evil are just a waste of time. Once again you have been tricked by the Ego mind into believing such things are actual debatable topics, when all of it is a big lie. Nothing is true in this delusional dreamworld. You cannot rise above the delusional thinking of Ego without the realization that everything in a delusion is imaginary. You discuss these subjects as though they are hard fact when they are really only another story the Ego has spun for you to continue on in the same delusional state of mind. I recommend all of you who have not looked at the Tao Te Ching go listen to it being read in it's English translation on you tube. It take little effort as it is just about the length of an hour in which every one of your questions on these subjects are already answered. These are short concise answers or statements of truth. Tao Te Ching translates to "The Book of the Way" for those of you who aren't familiar and may have been an early treatise by the Buddha. There are, I believe, 75 statements of truth, some of them with examples of how these statements play out in a practical way. These are simple to grasp principles that answer the questions of why we have seemingly dual qualities in our dreamworld such as good vs. evil, strong vs. weak, light vs. dark, hot vs cold etc etc. I listen to it repeatedly to assimilate these simple statements. You want to incorporate them into your mind and personally I can't just listen once and then remember them all. So I listen to it over and over again until I can almost recite them along with the reader. Just give it room and time to sink in.
  23. Machiavelli, you are demonstrating how the ego fights any ideas that might open your eyes to it's completely imaginary existence. What you have is an ego problem. Ego btw is your body's personality that has run the show for who you are and are not in this dream world comprised of delusions since you first appeared here in the dream. Ego is the part of mind which is split away from the reality of who you are, i.e. unlimited God consciousness. What your ego keeps asking for is a quick and easy way to prove you are "special" in some way. It is a deep down desire to be able to show off powers, instantly gain riches, heal the sick, turn water into wine maybe even turn snakes into sticks and back again and become world famous. Jesus was tempted by the same Ego voice in the wilderness telling him he could have everything he wanted and own the whole world if he would just give in to the Ego. The goal of Ego is to make itself more powerful by being "special." It is even out to destroy you if you threaten its imaginary existence. Your mind is still split and it takes effort or suffering to heal your mind, throw off the ego, and surrender to God consciousness You have to desire the God mind and devote yourself to anything that leads there like you would desire water after having wandered in a desert with no water for interminable days and days. I sense by all your "yes but..." questions that Ego is still running the show. You can try Leo's shortcut with psychedelics. But most teachers and gurus emphasize first gaining the upperhand over Ego mind by way of meditation. I have read about and studied many spiritual teachers. Without seeing through the Ego tricks to suck you back in, it will be an uphill battle. You will be pulled in opposite directions at once, and taking a substance which btw is based on the idea we can escape a delusional state of mind by putting faith in the delusional idea that pills or substances which are part of this delusion can facilitate escape from it seems to me antithetical to the idea of attaining the lasting God mind, far far superior to our limited little ideas. Aside from that, be careful of shortcuts. Many very spiritual teachers warn that you will experience more suffering if you try to climb the Mt. Everest of spiritual growth without learning how to climb first from an expert in that arena.
  24. @Zeitgeist That's a scare tactic. According to recent research, we are true omnivores. So meat in our diet is not poisonous to us. But I've done carnivore before for about a year until I just got so bored I couldn't look at another piece of meat. I have not had any of the problems you are talking about. In fact meat is recommended as part of an elimination diet. The last month I've gone back to eating vegetables but not strictly vegetables. Vegetables have lectins which are toxic to many species including us, and for some people the lectins just wreak havoc on their systems. I don't understand why you are trying to sell vegetarianism so hard. What we eat should not be a political issue. It's a personal issue. What matters is if your body tolerates strictly veggies or not. If you are sick every time you eat them, then the choice is up to you to eat them or not. There is no meat party and veggie party that I know of, so there is nothing to debate. Yes, I am well aware that vegetarians and meat eaters constantly argue about it, and I don't see why, personally.