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  1. @talktomeaboutprog Make a tea with lemon and ginger, don't put shrooms in boiling water wait for it to be 65% warm. Put Shrooms in and wait 10-15 mins no longer. Best to grind shrooms up and put in. Will hit you 2X more when Done with dry cured shrooms...
  2. when you choose to follow the heard you render yourself blind
  3. Very interesting to see how the royal family attempts to survive by employing Stage blue values in order to keep their power, the amount of stage blue Key words and value points said in this video is very interesting to see such manipulation used IRL
  4. I'm not 100% sure if Leo has spoken on this in the past (please link if he has), but I feel everyone faces Gaslighting, especially in the age of Social media. This would also help to prevent listeners from being dogmatic to Leos work, I really do feel this would be of big use to the many... (personal ask for help) > If anyone has advice on this I'm all ears, I've been hired by a Extremely charming gaslighter who I've had experience with in the past, and im afraid to go in the deep end again. his extremely smart and says his trying to help become great which im all for but this time around I want to be gaslit proof, any suggestions? - Any resources to interesting perspectives on this?
  5. @Leo Gura ive been eating 2-3 eggs per day for breakfast for over a year, is that too much lol ?
  6. What else did you expect from shrooms? The second you started to resist and reject the moment was the reason you started feeling trapped, Next time you trip accept your state completely, warts and all. in regards to the buzzing noise, try connect to it. Give it love and surrender to it. if you feel fear, let go and surrender. There is only Love.
  7. Im a pretty open-minded person, so if someone could clearly explain to me how I'm not my brain without being wishy washy that would be greatly appreciated. i get that I'm not my body or emotions but I don't get the brain aspect, how am I not just a self-aware brain? sorry if this has been mentioned already i tried searching but couldn't find. Much Love!
  8. @The0Self @axiom @RMQualtrough @StarStruck Absolute legends, Thankyous very much for your helpful answers. You are the people who make this forum so great! Much appreciated @Razard86 currently in the middle of his spiritual video which takes a while to integrate, I saw that video and hoped for community response to see how it can verbally be disproved that we are not the brain, ill eventually watch it.
  9. also if leos done videos on this please link, thanks!
  10. i honestly thought Jordan Peterson was more conscious then to post this let alone to ridicule someone like this. interested in hearing some opinions especially from this forum. is this the end of JP?
  11. just go out and do things you love, build hobbies that involve other people. naturally, like-minded people will who you can relate to will come. its a better option than seeking people who you have nothing in relation to...
  12. @Ulax have you done much self-forgiveness work? if not I recommend trying this
  13. also only you can answer this, meditate on finding the answer
  14. i don't think there's enough context to give the "right" advice, so with decisions like these its best to break them down: are you financially secure enough to decline his offer and commit to your more desired path? would the experience gained from his job offering help you in any way in your future goal? (if so it can be used as a stepping stone) if you agree to working with him how long are you tied up to the job? For me writing down your options and weighing the pros and cons always helps get a clearer picture. hope this helped
  15. this would be very valuable, this would be a ramp for stage blue people into self-actualisation work
  16. @Lorandt Aszom TRY THISS Day 1 Meditation Forgive Yourself // Forgive2020 Challenge - YouTube
  17. @SQAAD @Gregory1 You've misunderstood what @Leo Gura is referring to, When Leo refers to "i" he refers to himself as God. God is the only one awake, the only thing there is, there is no one else and therefor no one else can be awake. If you got mad at the new blog you've got a lot more work to do then once thought... Leo has become fully integrated.
  18. Hey @Leo Gura Have you seen Grahams Stephan's podcast "the iced coffee hour?"
  19. Looking to remove fluoride plastic and heavy metals, any recommendations on what to get? V
  20. for 3 years I've been drinking water strictly from spring water bottles as I want to avoid heavy metals, But recently I've found out that they contain a lot of microplastics which scare me as I've been consuming so much... so it would be much appreciated if anyone could point me to any methods to detox from plastic also yes I'm working to get a filter, just saving up first! (any specific filter your
  21. put your alarm on the other side of the room. Your body is still half asleep when you wake, you just need to get you blood moving to get that energy...
  22. wowowow this is incredibily helpful, thank you so much. I didn't think of MDing with mod, genius. very interesting ill have to look into this, thanks again ?
  23. So I've been recently reintroduced with Lucy and after a relatively big trip (250ug) I've found that other than opening my mind it's not as progressive as I believe LSD can be... (it could just be trip method but I'm still trying to find the perfect dosage) With that said, I've been interested in Micro dosing and have a few questions that haven't been consistently directly answered: - What is a good dosage to get into the Flow without getting all loopy or "big eyed" - how much UG does it take before your pupil grows, I'm in a position where I rather not let people know I'm tripping... - what dosage best works for you? - I've heard that micro-dosing should be done every 4 days, but wouldn't the tolerance get lower and lower each interval? (stupid question ik but I'm curious) if you have any resources about this topic could you please share? there's not much about this topic on this forum. - Thanks for any help
  24. BUMP
  25. His teased us on this a few times in a few videos, but I really feel that such video would help the many... I'm tired of consuming and am thrusting to create, any guidance on how to cultivate creativity is priceless. Even if Leo took a month off to focus on this without uploading that would be worth it. Surely I'm not the only one thinking this?