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  1. "It's tricky" - Leo Gura, 21th century spiritual teacher
  2. The Big Bang Explained I found this crazy Kaleidoscope combo while editing Videoleap that fit perfectly Which is not really a kaleidoscope/fractal program at all, the effect start at about 40sec Best viewed on phone Made with Midjourney. And edited with Photoshop, Motionleap, Videoleap
  3. 3 normal dudes try 5meo without and psychedelic experience prior. 3 different experiences. They are also grown adults that have lived long lives before the trip
  4. I thought ChatGPT was trained only on data BEFORE midjourney took off?
  5. Calm down. AI will replace 50% of jobs, forcing politicians to give us universal basic income and 3 day work weeks, and moving all people into social fields to fill in the smaller work weeks. You will have more spare time for your own projects, find a group that will create indie games/movies for fun. Getting people out of the work grind is a good thing in the big picture. But society as you know it now has to die
  6. Less thinking. I create music and thoughts get in the way. I also notice how bad my ideas are when I'm trying to force something good. The best songs I've ever made were laid out almost complete in like 5 minutes completely "out of the blue", and I've had mediocre songs even though I tried forcing them forward for weeks. Notice how ideas just pop in when you're doing the dishes or walking around? When theres no mind. Maybe reduce distractions like devices, conversations with people and "being busy". Minimalizing your life to make space for creativity to start flowing
  7. I've gotten INTP again and again over the years. If i recall correctly @Leo Gura also posted he was INTP like 5 years ago, which may be why his teachings has always been so precise and direct for me. I guess we have built our egos up the same way, so when he deprogram and deconstruct it, we can walk the same way back
  8. I would research bioavailability and experiment with what food that is handled the easiest by your digestive system personally. Bioavailability is huge. Eggs for example, has BA of a whopping 91%, grains are around 30%. Not only will eggs give you more bang for your buck, but there is less collateral that ends up as trash and need to be processed out of your body. With high bioavailability the body doesn't have to work as hard to get what it needs and use less time on digesting. Carb-rich foods in general are more "messy" in this way. You'll get something out of it, but end up with more work than the energy you get. Fermented, cooked, pulverized foods helps the digestion process. Just an article (references down below):
  9. Probably 25, with all the brain development stuff. But if you stumble upon, Alan Watts or other non-duality material, and your mind accepts the ideas, you could probably be able to surrender more easily then the average person we're talking about here. But if you're going to delve deep into this stuff, it's probably good to live a "normal" life until you're 25 anyway, and see the limitations of pleasure and material success first, so you don't open up for more than you can chew while still building a fulfilling life story. "Beware of unearned wisdom" - Carl Jung
  10. Solipsism can't be true because it's too boring. God has infinite power and intelligence, with that it wouldn't just dream up one story at a time. It would probably dream a whole universe, take it for a spin, and then send probes down to explore itself. Each "part" could be explored from an infinite amount of perspectives (different ego storylines interpret things differently). Or it creates an unfathomable amount of waves and particles, and orchestrate and make them dance in such a way that you end up with the atoms forming stuff the way it is. If it was dreaming one story at a time, there would still be some part of it orchestrating a "storyline". If the point was just to create oneness merging into itself in infinite nuances of black and white, we/I would just have a egoless psychedelic fractal experience. This complicated web of separation is way more interesting and challenging.
  11. Or it could be an absolute surrender, resulting in perfect synchronization of body, mind and consciousness. The movements look like more intense mudras, energy flowing through the body without resistance or blockages
  12. I've been in and out of the vegan community, but ended up eating as much locally sourced, organic high quality foods as possible, I've taken a holistic approach. High-carb grain/bean/lentil diet mess me and many others up. After like 10 years of experimenting with nutrition and health in general, I've made a good diet that's plant-based, wild-caught fish once a week on heavy workout days, and with eggs (as I think we still can live in synergy with hens, even if we stop killing them after 35 days for meat). The industry around pigs and cattle is a fucking mess, and milk has poor bioavailability. Around 100g of protein/day in periods of high intensity with healthy fats, in a low-carb framework. I fast 20 hours a day, so the food I end up eating is more expensive per unit, but higher quality with better bioavailability, so I still end up getting more out of my money. Bioavailability is a HUGE factor here, as with something like eggs with an amazing 91% bioavailability you can eat less and get more out of it. Milk and grains with around 20 % BA cause 80% to make a mess in your body and end up just as shit instead of energy, including all the energy wasted moving the shit and gas that can't be used through your body. Even if the whole world went vegan and we left the nature to itself, there would still be fluctuations between the species which would also lead to suffering. Humans can be herders of the Earth and keep things in balance, and reduce meat eating to what the different animal herds need to be healthy. At the same time the amount of meat we eat today is out of control. Realistically lab-grown meat will be available before the governments can build the systems required for EVERYONE to be vegan. The vegan choices today are few, poor in nutrition and too expensive. It's not just the individual that has to make the change, but also the food industry and governments. Vegan "cheese" is full of sugar and other ingredients with poor nutrition and bioavailability. Many vegans become zealots and end up with just a new moralizing identity that becomes just as "wrong" in the opposite direction, holistically nothing has improved. Of course there is value in someone having an extreme view, then the conservatives comes in debating, and they meet on the middle and holistically you "advance". But it ends up being about what makes them feel good, and not what's healthy for the planet in the big picture. There is also the issue of variety on a vegan diet. If you're going to eat only locally sourced vegan foods in Scandinavia (where I'm from), I would end up with just potatoes, oats and celeriac, a bunch of carbs that would mess up our health. Not even 3% of land in Norway can be used to grow vegetables. It's not sustainable either to transport all the different types of veggies around the whole planet to all the different countries. The richer countries would take everything for themselves as we are not working together as one species yet. Some places the LOCALS can't even get avocados because the rich countries buy EVERYTHING, they can't even get their own food! New technology and "superfarm skyscrapers" with thousands of % increase in efficiency where each country can grow their own stuff might change this debate. And of course its the metaphysics, it's all just a gallery of consciousness, different states of consciousness. We should reduce suffering for ourselves, but as long as we treat the animals well and they live healthy lives, there is no great evil being done if a chicken is walks around chilling and blissing out, and then dies instantly. Vegans put this "human ego filter" on top of animals, like we're taking away their aspirations for the future and attachments to memories of the past. Taking away a mothers calf is one thing, just ending it instantly for a chicken or fish chilling out after several years (much longer than today) is another. Some vegan youtubers pose this dream where they grow everything themselves, but people do not see that this is only possible with a farm and near the equator, try that with 8 billion people living in all kinds of climates, good luck.
  13. Victim identity. Victim identity is the only thing that can truly make you waste your life. Just look at how some people with horrible childhoods or who are terminally ill go into absolute acceptance and go into absolute bliss. They were dealt the worst cards, but didn't keep the victim identity
  14. A future alternative that could be different to the typical nuclear reactor most of us know of