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  1. @Leo Gura That's a really substantial response, as usual, snide dismissal with no weight and the implicit admission of capitulation to his authority by refusing to acknowledge it with any engagement. God will break you of your pride before the year is done, do not say you weren't made aware of it because that would be a lie.
  2. Freedom is not global communism, the world is headed for global communism, wake the hell up already before it's too dam late.
  3. @Stovo Highly conscious people seek to elevate the conscious of others not keep them enslaved to psycopathic government control freaks and oligarchs, unwittingly that is what Leo is doing and ironically he is not "conscious" that he is doing it.
  4. @Leo Gura Leo in advocating for mass human slavery, you will find yourself having to face accountability for it. Also by spitting On chris you are actually doing yourself a great disservice, rather than being humble and seeking to learn from him. You whine on about how Sam Harris and others will never debate you, well lets be honest Leo you can lie and dodge this all you want but YOU WILL NEVER DEBATE OR HAVE A DISCUSSIION WITH CHRIS nor will you make a video on him, why? We KNOW why because you would be utterly destroyed and you KNOW it, you'll just keep throwing snide dismals at him from the sidelines not engage substantially. Humble yourself asap or the human race will be enslaved and the bulk of it destroyed. MARK MY WORDS.
  5. One final warning, if you advocate for the subjugation and fear based control of the masses while also not being able to jettison off to a private island to avoid compliance to coercion for commoners then YOU are included within them. So as your freedoms become more and more constricted over the years try to be consistent if you can and don't complain about it, if you can pull that off I'll be impressed.
  6. @BadHippie That's right, this is just the basic distinction between view and conduct. View is pure awareness, conduct is the constraints necessary to be enacted by a localized system that pure awareness is being expressed through (such as breathing oxygen, eating food ect). While it may appear that he's collapsing the distinction in order to say something profound to my "ego" really it's just a doge so that he can avoid confronting this issue with any depth.
  7. Your right, egregores feeding off the collective psychic energy of mankind is not a dogma, it's just straight up evil.
  8. 1 hour ago, Leo Gura said: Man that parasities in there real deep, I can almost see its hideous geometric structure ulcerating lesions across your soul. FWI It's not a conspiracy, It's all done out in the open and you will come around eventually
  9. @Preety_India Yes... That's the point...
  10. @Leo Gura Huh. Some leftist who has to augment his consciousness through overdose on psychedelics and remains controlled by a confused egregore which remains perceptually obscured to his cognitions vs Chris and a few of us who can naturally play chess with entire universes. Don't be shocked if I'm not impressed.
  11. @Leo Gura Your going to come around eventually.
  12. Notice how Chris mentions he has telepathy @Leo Gura? I wonder what else.