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  1. I have completed my course from The British School of Etiquette is the only organization of its kind to be awarded internationally recognized accreditations by CPD, ILM (Part of City & Guilds), Investors in People and is a fully accredited Provider of Training Excellence, further cementing our position as the leading school for etiquette, manners, life skills and service training. Our certified training courses help you fulfil your personal and professional potential, paving the way for you to reach the pinnacle of your career.
  2. You must have heard a lot about emotional intelligence. But have you been ever able to figure out how to use emotional intelligence? Probably not. This is the reason why you have been unable to unlock that creativity that hides inside you. Yes, you heard it right. We all are having that creativity but it requires effort to unlock it. Now you must be wondering what is this effort all about and what must be done? Well, to make it easier, when we learn how to use our emotions easily to impress the mind or we move our feelings into space, we reach the next level. We got glimpses of creative ideas that are powerful enough to solve our daily problems. It forces the mind to use that higher intelligence to get the right solution to the problem. As a result, we are better able to judge the situation at hand and able to achieve our dreams and goals that couldn’t have been possible otherwise. But to use that emotional intelligence you are required to have wisdom.
  3. Get active. Physical activity can positively affect your mood and reduce stress.
  4. I was also addicted to the internet but from last three months I have started reading books, going to gym and spend time with my family.
  5. You can start from where you feel comfortable and confident.
  6. Mine is Egg. I really love eating Eggs.
  7. How many calories should I eat a day?
  8. What is the difference between entrepreneurship and business?
  9. Your vision is your most important dream or mental picture. It can also be a set of dreams and long-term goals. A vision defines the optimal desired future state; it tells of what you would like to achieve over a longer time. Moreover, you also watch the below video about how motivate yourself for a change:
  10. I think the best way to heal attachment of previous relationship is that you should focus on other things like your career, fitness and keep yourself busy.
  11. What are the sign when you finally fulfill your life purpose?
  12. The reason is negative people are dangerous as they can cause you extreme stress which could literally slow down your progress in your life and drain out your happiness as well your time. The negative people are not only dangerous for your mind but also dangerous for your physical body as it has been found in the research that people living with more toxic relations possess a great risk of heart attack. Negative people can enter your life by any mode whether it’s your manipulative boss, your pessimistic cousin or your spiteful friend as these kinds of people have access to everyone's life. They may lash out any time you ask you to change yourself, or they might feel insecure or maybe threatened by your achievements which they can’t have. So, it becomes very important for you to remove these kinds of negative people from your life. But along with that here you also need to realize some people might be negative in their behaviours but it is not necessary that they are actually a bad. Because there is no relationship in this world that could be counted as perfect. Many times you will be required to encounter a lot of difficult, demanding as well as undesirable people in your life. Thus, here you can learn with us how you would be able to tackle these kinds of negative people in your life with our British School of Etiquette. Cutting off negative people is not an easy task, especially if it's family members or friends. Sometimes it is, however, necessary.
  13. Aerobic exercise strengthens your lungs, heart, and blood vessels and can help you lose weight. Walking, swimming, and biking may all help reduce back pain. Start with short sessions and build up over time. If your back is hurting, try swimming, where the water supports your body.
  14. How do you build self-confidence, courage, and boldness as a grown adult?
  15. On the other end of the spectrum, simply thinking about what you truly love to do can help you find your purpose as well. Do you absolutely love musical theater? Your skills might be best put to use in a way that brings live performances to children who can benefit from exposure to the arts. Is analyzing data something that you actually find fun? Any number of groups could find that skill to be an invaluable asset. Consider what type of skills, talents, and passions you bring to the table. Then, brainstorm how you might turn your passion into something meaningful to you.