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  1. But every thought is a living, breathing thing in its own rights, because everything is consciousness. And you yourself are actually a thought of consciousness.
  2. Yeah. Otherwise God would be like a slave who "has to" do things.
  3. But if God has to experience everything, that also is a limitation to God, as though God "has to" do something.
  4. In my dream, I go to a course and the teacher teaches me about how to do something. If this is a dream, then we are actually never learning anything. We are spewing "new" stuff only.
  5. My neighbors are a frequency They are not "there" really They are not in a place Dimensionless Awareness Alice y People on tv are dimensionless wave People in dreams are the same Not in a spatial location In a mental location In a frequency Tv in a sense Radio like Mind like I imagine them differently in vortex Universe is not a real thing Universe is an imagination This is dream space Dreamed up space Dreamed up ones Consciousness Awareness Emotion These beings can be an imagination This really can be a hallucination This can be like consciousness This can be like dreaming
  6. Children are much closer to Spirit. They are far less messed up.
  7. I know what makes her closer to me The worse I feel the closer she is They are just selfish a*sholes I don't need psychedelics I don't need opinions Examples and so on That's imaginable
  8. That was a manifestation, I can do it There are many other good places There is nothing I cannot imagine This is a frickin good desire Don't demotivate me, bro I can think the thought I can want it
  9. People are vibrational indications I can make them go elsewhere I can make them leave They are my mind Hallucination If I somehow know it, they will go I do the opposite when I worry When I doubt, zombies attack Zombie ish why not thoughts Such manifestations dada This is that simple I just am Allah I say and it is Move away
  10. There is no such thing as a truth There is no real world etc etc There are no real people etc Arguing is so darn stupid It is ok if they argue It is fine with me People are frickin imagination Just say yeah yeah and relax It is the feeling that matters It is how I am feeling Don't try to dada
  11. It can be if in your mind those words mean less than God. That can be how you practiced the meaning of those words. So yes, in your definition, you must be right.
  12. I don't care if it is just a belief or not. If it feels good to me it is good for me. I don't care about "the truth".
  13. This is a vibrational universe. And I am tired of explaining people how they are their own points of attraction. If I feel not good, then I cannot attract good.
  14. Things are not that simple. You have no idea about how real "simple imagination" actually is.
  15. Our simple imaginations do not disappear like that also. They continue but become invisible to us.
  16. Yep. Everything is a dream. All reality.
  17. I'm not sure if the Buddha or anyone ever attained that state. We just hear stories about them, we don't know. Reality is an empty mental reality.
  18. It is actually pretty darn simple It is just another mind body Another self defender etc No need for those ideas For those realms He himself kinda is confused clearly Being mad at what he's creating y Mad at his own imagination ish This is very very absurd ish Another one like me kinda Another body mind entity Another patty entity This is so weird So darn weird He is imaginable in all those ways He also mirrors my expectation This can be a fun journey tho It kinda means that to me It is another feslegen ish Another reactive ing ish And it can be enjoyed It is my own thought My own view kinda He is indicating to me also in a sense He is not awakened like that also There is no such awakening No such enlightenment Same thing in a sense Hurting mode kinda Oneness of being Alignment etc In that sense Imaginary Clearly Darryl Being Imagination yet in its own being ish Individual and me also in a sense Kinda like ozge in a sense No need to know them That's not the point The darn etc point They are myself My own focus Inside ish It is so y They can be like parallel versions y Parallel and infinite imaginings y Parallel olympos beings kinda My expectations in a sense These are my own minds Parallel awareness meh Vortexverse maybe Amongst infinity Endless ideas Vibrations Digging y
  19. No more bs, when we're angry it is because we're feeling weak or something of that. And there is no permanent enlightenment. It is what I am doing in the moment.
  20. Feel the satisfaction of where you are right now.
  21. When we are in alignment with the source we feel good. As long as we are feeling good and positive, in that sense, we are good.
  22. Leo is right, I've been overcomplicating it.