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  1. Do you think we create the forms of things in a changeable way like the size and weight and so on? Can we change these qualities of things like in Alice in Wonderland? Are things really like play dough, infinitely flexible, in that sense, like me becoming one inch tall if I truly and absolutely believe?
  2. Isn't EVERYTHING just concept and imagination including my body?
  3. It also feels like not just thoughts, but EVERYTHING is coming literally from nowhere.
  4. I think the idea that learning and growing must be painful is just bullshit.
  5. I think noone can answer me in a satisfying way.
  6. Can it be that we actually have not figured it out yet so we say the classic "well it is something God did, we can't know" etc.
  7. Don't misunderstand me please, I am not being argumentative, I am just as confused as f about this. And f being argumentative, it is not interesting at all to me.
  8. Where are they stored? How are they created? I am not satisfied with automatic answers anymore, sorry. It doesn't satisfy me anymore. How the f are they created at all? Why don't have the memories from future then, if past and future are just illusions? Where are these coming from?
  9. Jumping through past and future and past and future and all of that and weaving perfection. Wtf is this.
  10. Everyone. And it will be like that forever. And I like it.
  11. Hehehe. Delusions all the way and yeah what to do.
  12. Everything is thought and there are endless thoughts in existence. And where is a thought you're thinking, what's its location? It is frickin nowhere.
  13. The first video is such a comedy.
  14. We are trying to imagine all the way but without hurting anyone.
  15. Your perception of the dimensions shifts. Like Alice in Wonderland kinda.
  16. Feel satisfied and the belief that the answer is coming first. First comes the satisfaction, then comes the answer.
  17. It still is a subtle object. A subtle resistance.
  18. All time and space actually are imagined in here and now.
  19. When you turned back in time to the past and meet your grandfather, it is another idea then. Another person. Vibration etc.
  20. But it has a name and in the moment something has a name it is a duality. It is not other things, it is some specific thing.
  21. We are shifting from reality to reality in every moment. It actually is a pretty simple idea.