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  1. You are creating the difference and you are creating Osho ?
  2. Take the thoughts that resonate with you and let go of those other thoughts. Tune to the liking.
  3. You have already asked the questions and God has readied the answers.
  4. Psychedelics somehow show you your true potential. It is like in your daily life you create your theories, and then the psychedelics are like seeing those theories in practice. Like an affirmation. You understand your potential but you still have doubts and insecurities and so on. Psychedelics stop them and take you to oneness, to experiencing who you really are. They are amazing things.
  5. Yeah, I was talking about the common view on solipsism.
  6. Knowledge actually is discovering what already is within you.
  7. Yes, but by being densified on these meanings I let go of all the other possible meanings it could have had. That's what evolution is.
  8. You have to be infinitely lazy for wu wei. You have to disappear.
  9. Yes, it can be a 24/7 mode of being. Sounds to good to be true?
  10. What makes women look complicated is that they are infinitely simple as everything else that you cannot believe it, and it makes them look complicated and hard and so on.
  11. Because we are illusion makers. It is not the knowing that is the problem, it is believing that what you know is the truth. No. It only is an aspect of infinity. One of the infinite truths.
  12. Learning process can also be experienced as wu wei. It does not necessarily require effort and struggling.
  13. I think we underestimate what the idea of solipsism actually means. It actually is not a dumb idea that we make it to be. It does not say only I the body exists in a void and all else is illusion, because it is based on oneness, therefore brain also is a form of that void it is talking about. Brain and body also are the void.
  14. Other beings do exist but in their own vibrational frequencies. In their own dimensionless realities so to speak.
  15. When I am reading books and watching videos, it again is me hallucinating them, right? Creating a past in the moment. Like infinite intelligence creating the past in the moment.
  16. When I am in a dream at night, I can imagine a past that actually did not happen. Is what we call "the past" here the same? Me actually imagining something called "the past" which actually never happened?
  17. Do you feel like you are creating its history, like the process of it being shot and so on, in the moment. Bashar, for instance, says that it is like that. It was, in a sense, actually not shot yet, or a book not written yet, until you read it, in a sense. Like the idea of retrocausality.
  18. I have always been around certainly like you. But perhaps a fictional character also has been so.
  19. Like Leo said in his "Infinite Intelligence" video. It creating its past in the now, turning back in time and creating its beginning. In that sense like me creating the past of that book and video, the history of it, in the moment.