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  1. Can we say that here and there, and, past and future are dualities?
  2. Doubting the greatness of my desires.
  3. First of all, stop calling it devilry, it is just resistance. What you call evil simply is resistance. And yes it is not what you do that makes you feel this or that way, it is the degree of your alignment with the Infinite, with Source.
  4. Friend, of course we are more than willing to share our understandings with you, and one of the most important understandings I wanna share with you and everyone is that point. You already know all of these, it is just that you think you need "outer" agreement with your understanding. I wanna tell you that you got it, it is just that you're not aware yet that you got it. You don't need to hear our agreements because we are all FICKLE. We keep changing our minds. But your inner self is not like that. So go for THAT opinion, go for THAT agreement.
  5. And if the future is real in vibrational sense in that sense, then why not.
  6. And even further, I am the very one who has written all those books and created all of that.
  7. Omniscience. He is those books. I take that claim further and say I've read every book that has been written, but I don't remember most of it.
  8. Are what we are experiencing with our five senses thought also? Taste and touch and so on.
  9. Yeah I guess they also are awareness.
  10. There is no purpose other than feeling good in the moment. Feeling on in the moment. @Javfly33 It is just a habit. Meditate.
  11. Then you are thinking about it in a screwed up way, in a way your inner self does not agree with, and that's why you feel off.
  12. Depends on which god you're talking about and in which context. God is a duality.
  13. There are many bases in mathematics. Our daily base is base 10. Changing your base you can equate anything to anything, in a sense.
  14. Action is a vibrational thing. When you understand the truth, you understand that you never move ever. You never do anything. Your only job is to be in the flow, and the flow moves you in the way you want. That's wu wei.
  15. Each being is a story teller. Let them tell whatever stories they tell. Care about your own mode.
  16. Before your body was born, you were nothing, you were dead. So to understand what happens after death, look around. Dreaming realities is the nature of consciousness.
  17. In my opinion there is no, like, a formula of what happens after death. It can be different for each one.
  18. And quantum physics clearly shows us that 2+2=5. 1 electron + 1 electron = 1 electron.
  19. Well it usually makes you forget everything you know, all the stored database of your brain in a sense. You become spontaneity, no memorized etc knowledges.