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  1. Yes, I agree, even though the past actually is being created in the moment, right now, the momentum, in a sense, of the past that we believe was the real past is very strong. Even though, I think, it actually is imagination, it is a densified, condensed, in a sense, form of imagination, like gas turning to liquid turning to solid matter, the strength of the momentum of the "reality" is big. And if consciousness actually is creating the past in the now, for in actuality there only is the now, consciousness, God, we may say, has a strong strong habit of keeping creating the same "past". I think it's a habit.
  2. And if you really really really imagined that Hitler won WWII really really deeply, you can even wake up tomorrow to a world where everyone knows that of course Hitler won WWII. But you have to be imagining at a deep deep deep deep level, a deep deep deep deep level. It is because in the absolute level, you are beyond time and space and the entire universe, but on the relative level it is very very very very very very hard for you to truly be able to imagine that. You can even create a triangle that also is a square, for you are beyond logic and mathematics also, but again, on the relative level it is very very very very very very hard for you to truly be able to imagine that.
  3. Vibration is state of consciousness and how you are feeling is the indicator of your vibration. Reality is a mirror reflection that is reflecting your mind. High vibration simply means being in the receptive mode of higher imagination, feeling good, and therefore, by definition, having a dream that is more in resonance with what you want, with your core self. Vibration basically is an analogy that is likening reality to a radio, to a television, and it, in a sense, really is, and telling you that your state of being, your state in the moment, determines what you are creating, for creating is your nature, for manifesting in the form of a "reality" is your nature.
  4. And that's how, in a sense, we are "shifting" from one universe, one timeline, to another in every moment, in the moment, for the absolute reality is the moment. Space and time and matter and energy etc are the relative level reality, so the experience of the relative level reality is changing in every moment for consciousness "vibrates" in a sense, in a slightly slightly, often, way in every moment.
  5. It makes sense, because where is the past other than in your imagination? It exists in the form of memory which actually is just another form of imagination. And for reality is imagination that is being formed by your current state of consciousness, the past also is being formed, and changed, by your current state of consciousness. The past seems to be real, because it is an idea with a certain amount of focal momentum, like the present moment also is the result of your focal, mental, momentum in the moment. That's like existence, including past present and future, and here and there, is like a dough that is you, it is all different aspects, in a sense, of imagination, and therefore when you, from the here and now that is where you are, change your state of consciousness, or state of being, or frequency, dada, whatever you call it, then the entire system is being reshaped by you in the moment. It is frickin crazy really, but it also, in a sense, makes sense.
  6. Right now, in the here and now, there are dreams within dreams within dreams, forever, ad infinitum. Right now contains infinite dreams, infinite timelines, infinite universes, within itself, in the here and now. This timeline, this history, etc, is just one of the infinite timelines, infinite histories, within me, the one. This universe, this existence, is just one of the infinite possibilities within myself that is being actualized by me, the one. That's all, this universe, this body, this all, this is just one of the infinite infinities, both in time and space perspectives, within myself, the one. That's it, the only difference between this timeline, this dream, and any other timeline, any other dream, that I can ever imagine, is that this is the timeline, the dream, that I'm actualizing by my focus, and other possibilities are in a vaguer form for me. And if I focus, densify, crsyallize, those other timelines, those other dreams, then they will be "the reality", and this one will turn into the vaguer one. The now includes infinite spaces and eternal times within itself, to infinity, to infinity, to infinity. As the Quran, another imagination of mine, says "when He wills something, anything, to be, He just says 'be', and it just is". "He", aka "I", cannot be limited by anything, anything, at all. "He", "I", is just believing Himself to be limited, and in that way says be to being limited.
  7. I am in a dream right now, literally. Everything everyone says, every video and movie I watch, every book and writing I read, I am imagining it all in the now, in the here and now. Every sound, taste, sight, all, it all is me imagining, there is no past where the now is created, a process that brought this manifestation right now into existence, it is me imagining. My state of consciousness, my vibration, dada, determines what I'm imagining. The appearance that I'm imagining in the now, and there is nothing but the now, meh. What a loop it is really dude.
  8. You are creating a reality in the now, and then trying to make sense of it.
  9. Every dream you have is here and now.
  10. When you have a dream where you are interacting with people who you know from this world, they may be something like parallel versions of those people, and there probably are dreams within dreams within dreams in this dimension, in some way, as well.
  11. I AM BEFORE, I AM AFTER I am before, I am after The soul for all souls all the way. I'm the one with a helping hand Ready for those gone wild, astray. I made the ground flat where it lies, On it I had those mountains rise, I designed the vault of the shies, For I hold all things in my sway. To countless lovers I have been A guide for faith and religion. I am sacrilege in men's hearts Also the true faith and Islam's way. I make men love peace and unite; Putting down the black words on white, I wrote the four holy books right I'm the Koran for those who pray. It's not Yunus who says all this: It speaks its own realities: To doubt this would be blasphemous: "I'm before-I'm after," I say.
  12. I remember the video of Leo about Islam saying "you are Allah", and it was very very very impressive. Very very very impressive, and I appreciate him so much for reminding that really. There is nothing but that. Nothing but God. But Allah. Surrender to who you really are. Surrender to the lord of all that is. Surrender to Allah. La ilahe illallah. Only the one, the one.
  13. This is all just a computer game, a simulation, created by consciousness. This is all your imagination, every part of your mind and your world. The point is to get the joke and enjoy.
  14. Sorry if I sound stupid, like asking stupid stupid questions, and I think I kinda am, haha.
  15. @Leo Gura Hmm, then the entire universe is being imagined in the now out of nothing, and consciousness can imagine the entire universe in one moment only because it is that powerful and creative and imaginative and intelligent? Consciousness does not need a 14 billion years of evolution and becoming etc to be able to create the illusion of a 14 billion years of evolution, "it" can just create in one moment? For instance, when I'm reading the Lord of the Rings, I believe that it was written some decades ago by an author named Tolkien and the book is pressed and edited by publishers, and, like, I have a memory that 2 years ago I bought it and read it, and that's why the content of it is in my mind, but I, as consciousness, am actually imagining the entire thing and my memories of the content of the book etc right now in the moment out of, like, nothing? Creating that book right now in the moment out of nothing while I'm reading it now, and believing that this book is something that is coming from a process, from the past etc, but I actually am just dreaming it up in its full content right now, and I can even imagine a page on the book, for instance, that says my name and says "hey dude, how are you doing, you know that you're imagining this book right now yeah?". I mean we are talking about that level of an imaginaryness, yeah? Now, I probably will not see that written on the book, because I've constructed the dream in a very very limited way to create the illusion of continuity etc, I guess. And so I will, highly probably, not start to have a dream like that, I get that, yeah, but the point is it is possible, because we are talking about that level of imaginaryness, yeah?
  16. Yeah I get what you mean, I also am experiencing similar things, and I think the best thing to do is something like meditation or do some soothing talks with yourself or distract yourself in some ways like talking to a friend or watching a cheesy tv show or something like that. Let the negative momentum subside by doing these things and you will begin to receive better feeling thoughts and manifestations. So just relax somehow someway and let those thoughts disappear, subside, more and more.
  17. @Leo Gura I'm hearing you say "yes you fuckin idiot, yes deal with it, awaken, wake up" ?
  18. And constructs everything in the now? When i'm watching a video on youtube or reading a book, I actually am creating it, imagining it, right now, and my mind is creating a socalled history of it to make sense of it, even though I actually am, as consciousness, just appearing as it and its history and background etc etc, right now?
  19. Ibn-ul Arabi is imagination. Muhammad is imagination. Moses is imagination. Jesus is imagination. Joseph is imagination. Mooji is imagination. Rupert Spira is imagination. I am imagination. Quran is imagination. Bible is imagination. Space is imagination. Time is imagination. History is imagination. Evolution is imagination. I am imagination. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
  20. I live in a "Muslim" country, Turkey, and whether I'm Muslim or not depends on what you mean by that word.