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  1. Where can infinity be other than in me, and what are parallel universes but parallel dreams you might have, other dreams you might have
  2. There are infinite probable universes and timelines going on in consciousness. It is creating the timeline it is in in the moment for history actually is an illusion dreamed into being by consciousness in the moment. Everytime it changes its vibration, even ever so slightly, it finds itself in another reality, in another universe, in that sense, that is a vibrational match to it. Now of course, at the ultimate truth there are no parallel realities, because at that level there are no realities at all. At that level, there only is the dream that is going on now, and it is itself. However, at the manifest level, it can be talked about, and rightly so, as shifting through infinite parallel realities in every moment. It is dimension within dimension within dimension within dimension in every moment. And all those dimensions, in that sense, are all here and now, for there only is here and now. Everyone and everything, in that sense, have infinite versions, because you can imagine them and it all is imaginary. No person is more real than a unicorn or a mermaid, or a dragon, really.
  3. I'm realizing that i am the multiverse itself bro.
  4. Hallucinating a world seems to be a neverending thing, therefore i need to care about how I'm feeling. Like i am in a new universe, a new, like, dream in every moment. And the dream seems to be mindless, in a sense. It is like there is no outer reality. I believe vibration. Parallel worlds. They're here. Infinite.
  5. Man, for i really want us to understand reality, i need to say this: feel your way into the knowing of God about all of this directly, because otherwise, if your frequency, your feeling, is not in an aligned state, then you can easily get lost in images and ideas and so forth. Now, many might say "oh this is a vibrational bullshit new age woowoo", but i don't give a damn, this dream is a vibrational, and emotional thing, and we need to be in tune with the frequency, the feeling, of God in order to know what God knows.
  6. It is Shankara and Pillai in a parallel dream.
  7. There only is consciousness. There only is that which is conscious.
  8. First of all understand that they also are the One creating their own dreams, their own physical realities. They, just like you, are creating their own realities and at some point their death experiences also. They just wake up from this dream and leave their physical bodies behind and just continue to exist as consciousness. They are not limited by the socalled constraints of death also for there has never been a real world, therefore noone can ever die. This socalled death literally is transcended when you understand that you actually are dying in a dream.
  9. He is fully enlightened and still working toward it.
  10. Says this and makes his enlightened laughter then.
  12. Not interpreting is the best interpretation, or interpret in a way that feels good, perhaps.
  13. I believe that everything is, yeah, imagination, and yeah, a dream, but there still is such a thing as habit bro.
  14. Show me one teacher who does not have an ego there. I'd say there just is none.
  15. The teachers themselves say that everything is imagination, and of course it also includes them since they are part of the "everything", but we still don't get it i guess. They say "we are imagination" but it is not enough for them to say that, what matter is "us" getting that without getting lost in the nonduality lingo also.
  16. Yeah, imagination and consciousness are the same thing in a sense.
  17. I think it is not useless but contextual and relative like every other manifestation. For instance, when i go to a cafe and say "can i have a latte please", it is useful there to put sound and syntax and meaning like that. Those words are describing my experience of my desire in a sense haha.
  18. We should know this and enjoy life based on this understanding.
  19. And you and i, in that sense, are imagined as well, there only is the frickin One that is imagining time and space and histories and all of that right now out of itself, out of nothing. And we are it. The void ?
  20. From my perspective, my individual perspective, my stupid perspective, perhaps, there is such a thing as time, like it took me 31 years to be me, and it took the evolution of species 4 billion years up until it comes to this point and so forth, but from the perspective of the absolute, literally, all of this happened within like 0 seconds, within like, in a sense, infinitesimal seconds, really? All of the evolution and so forth happened in, like, that? Is it like, literally, there is no process etc for "it"? This i understand to be true but at the same time I'm like, c'mon, it cannot be, there must be such a thing as process and time and so forth, that nothing can be that, truly, infinite, like nothing really can be that infinite at all, c'mon ?
  21. You that is seeing also is seen. However, don't try to get to the bottom of this because there is no bottom. The original seer, in a sense, is at a certain state, and it is, in a sense, like a stateless one. The mind can keep telling all sorts of stories but the mind also is perceived, it is another form consciousness is taking. Don't turn the watching thing into a torture also, it is a suggestion that is to help you don't get lost in the mind simply. The mind has no idea, therefore just relax really, just relax, and enjoy the show. Just relax, because your mind will keep thinking that the truth is a conceptual thing, so it will get lost in the concepts, saying this means this and that means that. But in truth, nothing means anything.
  22. You see, you probably are dreaming others around you and the environment you're in as less than great, and therefore you, probably, keep imagining and dreaming so.
  23. Isn't it fantastic, but also realize that you also are an imagination.