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  1. "A movie actually worthy of your time: Life" God
  2. Or just have a good psychedelic experience, if you haven't yet, and it might also make it obvious to you that this reality is mental, that this reality is simply mirroring your awareness in every moment.
  3. I don't have anything but proof, and what I'd recommend if you want proof to meditate more, so that your awareness gets subtler and subtler that you begin to realize that the entire "world" is mirroring your thoughts in every moment. But you don't realize it because your consciousness does not have subtle awareness yet. So you can keep saying "well that's just woo woo" and keep creating same awareness.
  4. Your thoughts materialize here also, but you keep thinking very very similar thoughts, therefore they keep materializing into very very similar things.
  5. In the beginning there was no beginning.
  6. Wanting more details probably is the greatest trap, because there is no more details, everything is consciousness. We can create a long long long story etc about it, but it will be just another long long long story, another conceptual soup.
  7. Look around you, and then close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere else then. Realize that the only difference between those two images is that you believe that one of those images is more real than the other, and you call one "real" and the other "imagination".
  8. Everything is imagination appearing to be real and solid because of the focus consciousness gives to them, just like in your nighttime dreams. As you're relaxing and relaxing and relaxing into a different state of consciousness, into a different frequency, in that sense, you begin to densify different ideas, you begin to, effortlessly, focus on different ideas and make them densified, and then find yourself in that dream realm. What is going on here, mechanically speaking, is the same thing, so you can move from dream to dream to dream to dream that is different from the last dream you had, and in fact, you are doing that in every moment. But it is just that you dream a very similar dream to the last dream you had that you believe that it is a continuity, while it is actually more like a totally different frame after a totally different frame that just look so similar to each other that your mind perceives it as a continuity. Just like, in a sense, the idea of a movie projector, as the idea was also talked about in the movie "Fight Club" which you probably know of, looking at your profile picture Frames, in that sense, come one after another so fast, like 24 times per second, that it creates the illusion, the experience, in that sense, of continuity. However, mechanically speaking, you are able to insert a different frame and continue from that different frame, and that would be like the idea of you "shifting to a parallel world". These things obviously are possible for you to do, for everything is consciousness anyways, after all, but you probably cannot just do it overnight, you need to raise your level of consciousness a lot a lot first. Then you can create any world, any dream, any timeline, what have you, that you want, yea.
  9. God is hallucinating Quran and all other teachings.
  10. Most people would say the opposite, that they are the people in their dreams but not the people in this world, how are you turning that around in your mind is what I'm wondering.
  11. I was given birth by a chicken that was orange and blue color, and that chicken was created in a laboratory that was working on creating new mutant beings by giving those chickens all sorts of chemicals and stuff. After laying the egg that was me, my mother just disappeared into nothingness and i was sold to a woman called Zehra, and she took care of this egg (by the way it was a blue egg, because they were creating the male eggs as blue and female eggs as link, a classic sexist thing really). After being in a glass box for three or four weeks, the egg hatched and there i was, and Zehra took care of me, as my new adoptive mother, from then onward. And i learned that my real mother actually was a chicken about two weeks ago, and first i was shocked and i did not believe, i said this is a joke and laughed it off. But then they showed me all the evidences (and they were very powerful evidences which i will not explain in detail now), and now I'm just convinced about that.
  12. Isn't categorizing dreams as ordinary and extraordinary a pretty random distinction?
  13. Sure, of course i cannot do it on my ego mind level.
  14. Anything you can imagine, even to a very very slight extent, does exist in its fullness just like your socalled real world. Anything you can imagine is real because that which is real is that which is you are imagining anyways. And the answer to all the probable questions that might go like "is this also real, is that also real" is yes, yes, yes, because that which is real is nothing but that which you're imagining and believing fully. The only difference between imagination and reality is that you are believing that reality is real and imagination is not. There is no other difference between them. No difference whatsoever. So, surrender to your self, to love.
  15. Understanding is not a mental or verbal thing.
  16. If we don't add the huge huge huge importance of how we are feeling and what our emotions are telling us in every moment, we are fucked up and lost in an endless endless mind game.
  17. Thinking to myself whether consciousness can create an entire timeline with billions of years of history in just, like, one second, and I'm hearing a deep deep deep voice in my head saying "not only consciousness can do that, but it already is doing exactly that right now, and therefore, yes, it can create endless universes with their endless perceived histories, just like the perceived history of this universe, in, like, one moment, yes, it, of course, have infinite power and imaginativity and creativity, literally, not as like a metaphor or something like that".