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  1. "He said, 'the human being is like a wise fisher who cast a net into the sea and drew it up from the sea full of little fish. among them he found a fine large fish and cast all the little fish back down into the sea, easily choosing the large fish. anyone who has ears to hear should hear!" Jesus, from the Gospel of Thomas
  2. Yeah, I also tend to think like that, in a sense.
  4. Well, my experience is that reality is consciousness. However, the question is can I even trust my experience? Can you even trust your memories for instance that tells you that there has always been such a thing as gravity, or can you just say that there is something like gravity for now, in this moment, and that it is the only thing you can be certain about? Well, then can you even be certain about your current experience, maybe you're in a dream right now, or something like that, yeah? Therefore what I'm saying is there is such a thing as experience, or to say it even better, there is such a thing as a mode of experientiality that you are experiencing. You probably won't just jump off of a building saying that "oh I'm not sure if gravity is real anyways", because on the practical level of being, at least, we are living based on our intuitions, and we, at least on a pragmatic level, take our memories, and knowledges of the world, like remembering that there has been such a thing as gravity all along, to be trustable. And therefore, in that sense, we are always trusting something to be true, because you, intuitively, feel like a certain mode of thinking and being, etc, will be the most beneficial for you from where you are. And by my experience, I "know" that reality is consciousness, and my intuition is the true source of knowledge, or at least the knowledge that is most "accurate" and relevant for me. And, yeah, it is true that at the ultimate level even consciousness is an illusion, maybe it is not even consciousness that is the source of being. Maybe what reality is and how reality works, in that sense, will never be known, for every explanation will be another story. But that would be an absolute chaos then where you are an absolute skeptic, so you'll, perhaps, go and pee on your carpet instead of the toilet, for you cannot even trust your senses. Or, when you get into your car, you will steer the wheel to the right when you are actually wanting to go to the left, because how can you even be sure whether causality exists or not, or whether your senses and mind are fooling you or not? So, look, you are here and now, found yourself in the world, with endless people with endless opinions about what reality is, all of whom claiming that their explanation is the best explanation. So, what will you do, who will you trust about what reality actually is? And I won't say trust your own intelligence, because you very well know that your intelligence also is fooling you. I mean, sometimes you think something makes sense, and a few days later you say "oh I was just bullshitting". So you cannot even trust your own mind, what will you do about that? These are, in my humble opinion, the important questions to answer, first and foremost. Because if you cannot be clear about these things, who cares if reality is consciousness or whatever crap? Whether it is consciousness, or not, or whatever shit, whatever story we might be telling, whatever "truth" we might be explaining, if you've not become one with yourself, or whatever you call it, then it is all just blah blah blah.
  5. Laws of physics are consciousness, they are the patterns of consciousness, and when I say "belief", I'm talking about a very deep level of your psyche, not like when people say "I believe this, I believe that". But you cannot understand this by mere thinking, because your mind will take you anywhere and convince you about anything that, it requires the experiential understanding of what I'm saying. So, philosophizing, in that sense, will help you just to an extent, but after that point you need to think about what thinking itself is, and, maybe, that can help you.
  6. Yeah, but it is a very very very deep seated belief that you, highly highly probably, won't be able to stop believing it, so far so that it will appear to you to be something that is just outside of you, just something that is "objectively" true.
  7. It is not the same with everything in life, for instance when you are thirsty, you wanna drink water, and you go drink it. You don't need to stop wanting to drink water to be able to drink it. You know, if we are talking about if everything is the same, then clearly not everything is the same. But what you said might work about things about which you have doubts and worries, you see. The key is the absence of resistance, really.
  8. The reason the Sun will, highly probably, rise again tomorrow is your belief that it, highly probably, will rise again tomorrow. This is what Hume missed and believed that there is a pattern just in itself with no guarantees.
  9. Well, that's basically Hume's criticism of causality, but he didn't see that it is consciousness that is responsible for the consistency, and Kant, as I understand him to say, kinda understood it, but not fully.
  10. Logic is not the highest level of understanding, there is a level of being that is beyond logic, where we can say that both statements that say there is an outside world and there is not an outside world are true.
  11. Yep. And in addition to Ibn Arabi, you may also wanna study Rumi, Suhrawardi and Mulla Sadra, they are pretty, relatively, awakened beings.
  12. Feeling is your "guidance" from your inner nonphysical intelligence.
  13. Don't think too much. Relax and meditate, and receive your answers from your inner intelligence that is far wiser and knowledgeable than your physical ego personality.
  14. It might be telepathy, or it might be you, somehow, resonating with each other in some frequency level.
  15. Everyone says something, there are endless beliefs and "knowings" going on, so you need to, finally, get the joke.
  16. All these answers come to you from the universe, it is all the universe giving you answers, and as you can see, they are all saying something different. And I'd say that universe is guiding you in a nonphysical sense, therefore it is an inner guidance that you're feeling.
  17. Old thread.
  19. Well, if it will make you feel better, we can say that many philosophers, like Descartes and Fichte, took consciousness, the I, as the foundation of knowledge.
  20. Well, I can say complicated intellectual things about that also, but won't it all come down to consciousness at the ultimate level? All the concepts will be known by your consciousness and justified, or not, at the ultimate level by your consciousness. Anyways though, yeah, there are many mind games to be played, I understand.
  21. I is the rockbottom and the substance, and everything. Everything ultimately refers to I and receives justification from I.
  22. To be honest, you're just running away from the question, consciously or unconsciously, but maybe what you're doing is good, maybe I should do that also, haha.