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  1. If there is no real reality out there, then there also is not an "it" that you're interpreting, there only is interpreting. The noumena Kant is talking about is not something, it is interpreting interpreting itself.
  2. I'm remembering my past, like I studied in this university and learned this and that and this and that, so is it all actually that, from the absolute perspective, I am imagining all of that now? Then that means that I can change my history and become someone who studied in another university in another department and become someone who has already known the other things, like the stories of people who took a hit on their heads and started to speak fluently in another language, that they didn't know, overnight. I understand that it is all, past present and future, consciousness imagining stuff, like, for instance, consciousness is imagining a language called English and a thing called a website and a concept and so forth, and yeah. I understand that at the ultimate level all knowledge and history and so forth, even this very world that we are living in is an imagination, and therefore, of course, at the ultimate, the absolute level, consciousness can be capable of doing such things like creating another universe and history and so forth. But I also understand that while it is, mechanically, sotospeak, possible for consciousness to experience such things, and in that sense, creating the idea that it has experienced such and such things, and so forth, like changing the past and the present and the future and so forth, but yeah, I probably cannot, for whatever reason, from my physical human perspective, experience such shifts, hmhm. So, if I imagine that I have actually studied in this and this and this and that university a programme which I have "actually" did not study, then probably I will not be able to imagine in a way that serves me well in "this world" that we are living in, so it will probably be like me lying or being fake, and so forth, because I have this belief within me that says I actually have not studied those things and I actually do not already, already, know those things. So perhaps, at the absolute level perspective, I'm imagining being someone who does not know those things and therefore am experiencing being someone who does not, already, knows those things, hmhm.
  3. What if you were a cat two months ago and then you slowly started to imagine that you are a human and gradually and gradually, and now you believe that you are a human and have always been a human?
  4. I think both question and answer might be an illusion, nothingness appearing as questions and answers, but it all is nothingness appearing, maybe maybe maybe, if you know what I mean, and this is nothingness appearing as a question and as an answer 😹
  5. Why and how do they exist at all? For instance the equation of d=tV. The distance is always equal to the amount of time you traveled times your velocity. What does "times", multiplication, even mean at all, and why this equation really gives us the true result? When I apply this equation, I always get the right result. If I travel for 2 hours with the velocity of 40 kmph, then the distance I took will always be 80 kms. What is this, why are mathematics and physics, in that sense, that frickin accurate? What the heck is this, this is frickin crazy.
  6. What if I actually am a person having a psychedelic trip right now? What if my entire life as this person that I think I am has actually started just a few minutes ago and I have created this entire history and timeline and world and self in that a few minutes? What if I have created every person and place and so forth, and this world itself and so forth, just a few minutes ago, what if it really is what is going on? What if this entire world really is pure emptiness, pure consciousness, I am, that has been imagined into being by me just a frickin minute ago?
  7. What a frickin infinite consciousness that is able to hallucinate all of this, all of this, all of this, in one frickin nanosecond, in the frickin here and now. Look at how powerful you are, i am. You're imagining every artwork, every discovery, the entire frickin universe within universe within universe in one frickin nanosecond, in the frickin here and now. Look at how infinite you are.
  8. Yes, I think you are right, and I think you are right, and I think you are right. I think I, as Source, am actually doing that right now.
  9. Yeah, imagine that I wake up in the year 2011 in university with my friends and I've actually tried a new psychedelics we have found and I've experienced this hallucination of 10 years there in that psychedelic trip. And I wake up there and they are asking me "how was it bro?", and I'm like "wtf is going on here?!", and then slowly realizing that all of this, the last 10 years of my life has been a hallucination trip and I'm slowly getting used to the idea that it was all a hallucination, and I'm, later on, a few days later, telling my friends about how it was. And they say "wtf man, that's frickin crazy, wtf man, ahaha", and I say "yeah" and laughing with them about the mindfuck that I have experienced. Now of course, I know, me waking up there in 2011 with my friends is also a hallucination actually, true, I know that, I know that, yeah. Me believing that I am something but the dimensionless, timeless and spaceless void, the nonphysical awareness, is all a hallucination, I know, yeah, but just think about frickin experiencing something like that, just think about that. Truly realizing that the last 10 years of my life has been a hallucination which I experienced in only, like, a 40-45 minutes of trip. Think about experiencing that. Think about that.
  10. Ouroboros is the idea of the snake eating its own tail, and yes, yes, I think I get that, yes, hmhm.
  11. Yes I totally get what you mean, it is all about definitions and the definition of something to be true and effective. Yet there seems to be a weird weird order of things, and maybe it is something like metamathematical and metalogical or something like that, like perhaps consciousness itself is the order, but that nature of consciousness, that quality of consciousness, of being orderly in itself is something I cannot wrap my mind around. And perhaps I cannot wrap my mind around it because... Yes I know I know. I know. This reality is something like a simulation, something like consciousness itself, I know. I understand that point. I understand. But then where are objects coming from, like, are they coming from somewhere or is coming itself also awareness, also consciousness, itself, coming into itself like the idea of ouroboros, in a sense? I feel like I am, as awareness, as the hmhm, all that is and the logic itself also, the mathematics itself also, the, hmhm, itself also. But how am I wrapping myself around reality by becoming reality and I am lost here okay, I am lost here okay 😹
  12. When you are having a dream at night, a vivid and realistic dream, what happens to your dream body, mind, and world when you wake up from the dream? Does that dream world continue to exist like a parallel world but now imperceivable to you for you now are in a different dream called the waking world?
  13. Yesterday I had a dream where I was walking down a trail and some mice were attacking me on my neck and shoulders somehow, and then I woke up, and that dream felt pretty pretty realistic to me that I still felt those mice on my neck when I woke up and I saw them run away from me when I woke up and came back to the "real world". I saw the mice running away from me in my room and for like a few or so seconds I saw them running around and then they slowly slowly disappeared into the figures in the room. It felt so real that I literally believed even when I woke up that there were mice in the house and it is something pretty impossible when I later on thought about it, so in that moment I felt like "oh, maybe everything actually is as real as the mice I hallucinated running around in the house that I believed were real, maybe my house and stuff in the house and people etc are not, in actuality, more real than those mice".
  14. Infinite nonphysical consciousness.
  15. And I think we solve Zeno's paradoxes by understanding that 0 and 1, meaning the infinitesimal, actually are the same.
  16. I think we really might be in a dream, well to be honest, I am darn sure that we are in a dream, that this is a dream.
  17. Actually what I'm basically asking is how do we solve Zeno's paradoxes? How is change possible at all, what do you think?
  18. So every socalled dream timeline and this timeline are all the same substance, aka consciousness, and so it is all here and now.
  19. ,then, mechanically speaking, I am able to create any dream that I prefer. There is no real world, there is no real history, there is no real timeline. There is no real others, there are no real forms. So if I can become who I really am, then I am, simply, able to create, manifest, any dream that I prefer, for reality and imagination are the same thing, for reality is, mechanically speaking, nothing but the imagination that I believe, deeply deeply believe, is real.
  20. Void voiding voiding voiding.
  21. How is there such a thing as thought also? And probably there is no such thing as thought also, but thought makes it seem like there is such a thing as thought 😂 Ouroboros, in a sense, alright, alright 😂
  22. Okay, but then how is there such a thing as a dream at all? How is one moment turning into another moment at all? How is there such a thing as an experience of duality and being at all? The thing also is I don't even know if I am saying something at all.
  23. Where are the dreams coming from and where does the other dream do when a new dream appears, and how consciousness is even able to move from one dream to another dream, and even from one moment to the other moment?
  24. I like 99.9% of it. But regarding a few things, I want some changes, but, yeah, yeah, I know, I know.