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  1. @Leo Gura Your answer would be very helpful!
  2. Here are the links that to the things that I am going to mention here: and So after years of psychosis and powerful emotional problems I finally found the solution to all of my issues by locating the cause. It wasnt' " brain and chemical" related at all as I found out that brains isn't really what we are. It's really just an organ like anything else in the body. The real you is pure divine energy living in this so called "physical" body. It´s very tricky to explain but I saw it myself. Everything is consciousness and the brain is just there to give you this illusion of physical experience. You can still think and reason after you have left this body.I am not really going to explain what consciousness is as Leo already does it very well but I am still very curious to know if Leo knows much about the spirit realm and how it's affecting us human beings. I have witnessed so many unbelievable things and it's very difficult to explain with language. What I have realised is that every mental illness on this entire planet is due to spiritual attachment, negative energy, spirits and dark forces. Side effects of spiritual illness can manifest in many different ways but common symptoms are: FATIGUE / LACK OF ENERGY CONSTANTLY FEELING COLD POWERFUL NEGATIVE EMOTIONS FOGGINESS / LACK OF CLARITY ANXIETY & PANIC ATTACKS DEPRESSION MOOD SWINGS BEING AVOIDED BY OTHERS INTRUSIVE / OBSESSIVE THOUGHTS RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS POOR MEMORY, CONCENTRATION FREQUENT ABDOMINAL PAINS OR HEADACHES SUICIDAL THOUGHTS HEARING INNER VOICES, SEEING IMAGES THAT AREN'T THERE INSOMNIA FEARS, PHOBIAS, OBSESSIONS STRANGE SKIN SENSATIONS, FEELING VIBRATIONS IN BODY ADDICTIONS ANOREXIA, BULIMIA FEELINGS OF BEING WATCHED, TOUCHED, EVEN RAPED Personality disorders. There is no end to this list and I can guarantee you that this is real. So what does @Leo Gura think about this?
  3. These pills dosen´t solve the issues. Have you actually tried medication? It does only mask the side effects by numbing your consciousness and of course there are small issues that can be resolved through therapy.
  4. What you don't understand is that the 3D world is connected to the spirit one so all of the shit that you see today is mostly a result of how unhealed we are. I am just presenting information for those who may benefit from it.
  5. And I fully agree with you. Most healers are fake and exactly as you described. But please keep an open mind that a few real ones does exist that most ordinary people cannot access. The stuff that I am talking about here is not something you can ever imagine. The healing is more intense than a bad trip on high doses of LSD. I am talking about real psychic experiences without ingesting anything. You are judging the information that I am providing just because you had som bad luck with spiritual healing and I fully understand your frustration. It's like comparing your content with Rupert Spira. There are levels to this so please keep an open mind. I have witnessed miracles and I am surr that you will too in the future if you don't give up on your search. Calling something BS without fully understanding it is a huge error.
  6. I want to say that everything that you just mentioned have been verified from my own experience so yeah, your theory is true! This is exactly how I managed my anxiety and OCD despite being attacked from all sorts of dark forces/entities without my knowledge. The bigger the attack the more you need to let go. I came to a point where I did let go of everything including my age, nationality and religion. After all this is how I became "awakened". I can tell you more about it if you are interested!
  7. Spiritual attachment is when a spirit or an entity get attached to your energy field. Everybody have their own personal energy field which is also called the aura. Sometimes cuts and holes, also called energetic openings develop in someones energy field due to loss of personal power which can happen when someone abuses drugs/alcohol or have anger/trauma issues. This attracts all kinds of forces, enities and spirits to attach which causes big issues over time.
  8. Because the stuff that I am talking about is not even known by ~ 95% of spiritual healers. This is some advanced stuff.
  9. Wow I was never expected to hear this kind of answer from someone like you. Looks like most people aren't really as conscious as they seem. Don't get me wrong, I still respect and value all of your knowledge and efforts but I do recommend that you seek more knowledge in this field and don't put all spiritual/energy healing work over an edge just because you were ripped of by some new agers/fake spiritual healers and gurus. What I am talking about here is gold. Something that ~99% of the population cant access. I am not talking about angel/reiki healing here. These are some cute stuff that could help with mood changes and minor issues. I do believe that there are maximum 10 healers in the world that knows how to use this method that I am referring to. If you experienced what I have experienced then you would understand.
  10. And I agree. It's not really that simple as every case is unique in it's complexity. Healing can take months up to years but it's 100% possible. It worked for me and many thousand people that I am aware of.
  11. Bro dont listen to anyone. Do what feels right for you. Everyone that advise you to not do it are just people with illuiosary paradigms. From my experience LSD and DMT will expand and strenghten your mind but only with the right intention and setting.
  12. God is infinite so it can be really everything you can imagine. At the end of the day, everything is God.
  13. I respect your opinion but that's not how the salvia experience work. Take care.
  14. Its really bizarre and weird feeling. You literally turn into an object. It's not like you identify with an object. You are the object itself. You do not think. It is what it is. It's like asking "how does it feel to be a human being" from the book's perspective haha. Really mind blowing! Its way beyond human langauge and thinking. The only way to find out is to experince it.
  15. Once again, your answers prove that you have never tried salvia. Not high doses. You do not even understand how the salvia experience really works. "Ego death is a" complete loss of subjective self-identity ". The term is used in various intertwined contexts, with related meanings. In Jungian psychology, the synonymous term mental death is used, which refers to a fundamental transformation of the psyche." You do not identify with "objects" when you are on Salvia. You die and then you become an object. This death is more intense than anything you can ever imagine. You do not think or see. You're just that. And becoming an object is only 0.001% of the whole experience. It really is an endless experience. Very sacred. The identification takes place after one has returned to the human form. Just like when you take 5 MeO.
  16. Do you even know what ego death means? Have you watched Leo Guras video about Salvia? He clearly explains that salvia is much more potent than 5 MeO and other serotergic psychedelics because on salvia you lose your identity completely unlike 5 MeO where there is still a sense of self. This shows that you have never had breakthrough on Salvia. I think you are mixing oneness with ego death.
  17. Microdose is just a weird body high. Its like the strongest weed you have smoked in a strange way. As Leo said earlier, there is no point in microdosing it.
  18. @Leo Gura Why not? I have used Salvia Divinorum extracts 10X-40X several times (10+) with no issues. some trips by myself at home, others with a tripsitter. All times worked great! As with all psychedelics, set and setting are important. Levels of maturity too. The most important thing is to respect Salvia because it is an incredibly potent substance. I myself have had experiences where I was transformed into a page in a book that some child in a kindergarten sat and flipped through. I have also had experiences where I have become furniture such as a chair, sofa or a bed. It's full blown ego death. Not as serotonergic psychedelic.
  19. This is something that has happened to me that I will never be able to forget! I've been to hell and it's not what you think. I am referring to hell experiences against your own human finite will. Not some some hell created by the ego mind. I'm not saying these ones are easy, these can also be very painful and cause suffering. I'm talking about something beyond your imagination and control, haha. I did not find much good content regarding hell realms here on the forum and that's why I want to share my experience. I've been to places I would not even wish for my worst enemy. I can not explain it better than Leo Gura; "Careful what you wish for. Degrees of suffering are possible the likes of which your mind cannot conceive." I did mention some of this experience in my previous post about paranormals, but now I will go much deeper. I have witnessed a total destruction of the human mind in every possible way. It all started five years ago when I went to college. I lived a fairly ordinary life, had good grades and hung out with friends in my spare time. I remember that I began to feel shifts in my reality but it was not something I focused on. I began to feel restless and bored. It felt like I wanted to travel the whole world. I had an incredibly hard time sitting still. Many of my friends started commenting on my behavior and appearance almost everyday but like I said, this was not something I focused on. I began to experience difficulty with my concentration due to the restlessness. It continued like this for a few months until the symptoms worsened. In the beginning I could handle this emptiness with food and luxury vacations abroad, but later I started going through really shady experiences. Many of my friends started hating me for no reason at all. It was not just my friends but all the people out there. I remember being beaten and threatened by completely random people on the street. There came a period where I did not even dare to to go out for a walk because I only attracted "bad luck". It was completely insane because I had not done anything wrong. Even my relationship with my own family started to fall and soon I was almost completely alone in this journey. There were some childhood friends who stayed with me but our relationship was never the same. After a while I was involved in an accident where I broke five bones. I was bedridden for months, not to mention the horrible pain from the surgery that I had. just when the foot had healed, I managed to break it again by another accident. I started having problems with the police and my house got robbed. It became so intense that I had to drop out of college. This is where my whole life took a turn. I started having massive episodes of panic attacks and anxiety. I was cold sweating and my heart was pounding so hard all the time. I started having problems with social interraction which led to social anxiety and extreme self-consciousness. My mental health began to collapse and I began to experience many "mental disorders" like OCD, excessive paranoia, worry, anxiety, depression". After a while, my physical health also began to collapse. I started having arrhythmia attacks and dizziness where I could faint. My heart could then beat 250 beats per minute and it felt like dying. I ended up in the emergency room and the doctors could not explain my illness so I was prescribed blood pressure medicine which helped slowing down my heart beats. I started suffering from other diseases such as POTS and gerd. All I told you was dancing on roses compared to what will happen next. This was just the beginning! My energy levels totally crashed and that's when I started abusing drugs. I started using ADHD medication like Adderal and Vyvanse to get through the day but it only got worse with time. The comedown I got with these stimulants was very severe so I stopped using them and switched to analgesic/painkillers. Then things started to derail. I was stuck in a substance abuse problem that made my situation worse, but after a while, I chose to quit cold turkey after an LSD trip where I had many realizations, including that I should stop running from my issues with the help of drugs and start dealing with them instead. I am a person with an incredibly strong will so I managed to go through the worst that lasted a few weeks on my own. My mind was a mess and the suffering got so bad that I had to self actualize everything. I started exercising daily to cope with the anxiety. This helped allevate the symptoms that I had for a while until it got worse. I started having frequent nightmares and severe memory loss. My energy levels got so low that I could not even get out of bed and I started hallucinating dark clouds and other scary shit. I lost my ability to speak and formulate myself. You absolutely do not want to know what my thoughts looked like at this point... INFINITE MADNESS is a good way to describe it. I was scared from things that did not even exist, but it was so real. After all, everyone creates their own reality. Mine was HELL. It is impossible to describe the darkness I felt. Its like describing God, words are not enough. Imagine a bad trip on psychedelic times 10 without the total ego loss. Remember, at that time, I only cared about survival. It was not like I was sitting in my bed thinking about how bad my life is, NO! I just wanted to survive the hallucinations and the low energy levels that led to extremely negative thoughts that could not even be stopped with all kinds of meditations. I was close to dying at the end. I did not even have the energy to scroll on my phone. I sat there desperately hoping this would end. Anyway, I was very lucky to survive through this. One day I wanted to try one of those chakra balancing session online but instead I found out that I had suffered from black magic / voodo. It was done by a women in my college for selfish reasons. The spiritual healer I contacted was also a psychic so he could clearly see what I was going through. I can almost say that what happened next was worse than the experience itself. Now it was time for the cleansing process. My spiritual healer explained that I was incredibly lucky to survive through this and that my situation was critical. He explained that many evil spirits were attached to me in addition to the black magic itself. I also had lots of blockages / negative energy that required intensive cleanse. The cleansing was on distance (Time and space is illusion) and the symptoms I had to go through were insane! The healing process was very very tough. It was full of hallucinations, visions from spirits, visions from past lives. It felt like I was on chemotherapy for several months. I had nearly all the symptoms you could think on nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, fever, muscle twitching, extreme pain, red eyes, severe insomnia, depression, anxiety, intense dark hallucinations and paranoia. This process lasted several months, Yes, I'm not kidding. Anyway, I managed to survive from this hell and today I feel 1000 times better than I did before this experience. This experience has made me so wise since wisdom comes through suffering. Life is so fucking easy now. Its infinite goodness of just sitting and staring at a wall. WOW! Sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistakes, English is not my first language. Much love and light. "Maybe you have to know the darkness to appreciate the light" ― Madeleine L'Engle
  20. @Leo Gura There are several degrees of awakening as you yourself have said. The thing is, all your answers come from the perspective of absolute truth. Do you really think it's practical to do so while we live in this dream? I understand that everything is a dream / imaginiative but the goal is to wake up from this dream. How can one then do that when there are dark forces that want to stop humanity from realizing God. Yes it is still a dream but it is also God's will that this dream still exist and continue its course. Just because someone knows the absolute truth does not mean that he/she can stop caring about everything that happens in the dream. It's very easy to talk about this from that position. But remember that realizing the dream does not mean that all your problems just disappear. Trying to avoid them will only destroy you more and more and leave you in severe suffering. What do you think?
  21. Its important if you care about the outcomes. Every cause have an effect. Its up to you.
  22. I can relate to "It will make you forget that love exists." For a period I could only see the world from dark glasses where I saw all the suffering that the whole of humanity goes through every second. Everything we experience is just a projection of our world inside of us. Its really scary!
  23. Oh sorry yes I meant "conscious". That's right. A person with low consciousness would suffer 1000 times more than another person with a higher degree of consciousness, although both suffer from the same pain. Remember that all reality is imaginitive so a person with low consciousness can dream up really scary things that only aggravate the situation. Nowadays I usually laugh inside when I see people getting angry / depressed by everyday things like breakup, fines or money disappearing. Haha man this reality is really weird
  24. Oh my good, YES! Everything I wrote down on this post was just a small summary of everything. I can almost write an entire book about this dark period. I've seen things beyond what a normal person could imagine. Especially at the end when I could not even get up from bed. No matter how hard you fought, you were stuck there. What happened there in the bed was a nightmare. You were not even allowed to be at peace even in your sleep. Before this experience, I was quite a religious person who rejected all non dual teachings. I was incredibly selfish as the majority of the people around the world. I thought I knew something about the world but reality showed me that we know absolutely nothing. The world we live in is a dream. You're a dream. The ego thinks it is in control but in reality everything that happens around you affects you and your destiny. Free will is simply an illusion. It is not we who decide our thoughts and feelings. They are just random depending on your state of consciousness. The more consius you become, the more you are in "control". But still its a dream which is dreamed up by the absolute truth. This experience showed me what an illusion we live in. An illusion that can be very painful for the self.
  25. I guess I was very lucky to try out the chakra balancing session online. Thats when I found out(I was told by the spiritual healer/psychic). I do not think it was a coincidence, after all, I do not think God would allow me to suffer this much longer. I was desperate gasping for air.